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D&D General BG3 Massive Spoiler Thread


I'm selfishly relieved by this as I think that this means that there are better chances that Larian will return to their in-house Divinity franchise sooner rather than later. But hopefully Larian has now built up their reputation and coffers to do what they want.

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So completed Honor Mode run without blowing up Gale. I did romance him though. New God of ambition and his wife who will chose her domain.

Redeemed dark urge and divine ascension.

Playing as Gale next romancing Karlachbis the plan. Wife also completed her honor mode run Karlach died. It was her first HM run she blew up Gale. She has previously played as him.


Reeks of Jedi
I'm probably wrong but I can't help but feel this is tied to WOTC's business practices over the last couple of years.
It's a massive loss for them and us the player, but fair play to Larian for doing what they want to do.

Larian mentioned that WotC fired everyone Larian worked with over there. So yeah I’m sure WotC business practices have something to do with it

“Many of those employees were my friends, creatures I had known from nut and acorn; many had voices of their own that are lost forever now.”
Swen seems more Tom Bombadil than Treebeard to me but that's amazing.

Larian mentioned that WotC fired everyone Larian worked with over there. So yeah I’m sure WotC business practices have something to do with it
Yup - he both very directly and clearly said that, and more recently has talked about how people get fired because of corporate greed and short-sightedness, so he's essentially talked about it twice, which means it's a major deal for him.

Combine that with WotC being extremely evasive when being asked if Larian is working on another D&D game (where it would be hugely positive news for WotC if they were, to the point of likely boosting Hasbro share prices a bit), basically giving the old "Larian are great, we'd love to work with them more!", and I think it's likely this is Yet Another (TM) relationship with a digital partner that WotC has managed to destroy - the previous biggest ones being BioWare and Obsidian. BioWare created the Dragon Age IP in significant part explicitly because WotC were such pains in the ass, and Obsidian likewise stopped doing D&D IP games in part for similar reasons (the other part is that WotC want a % cut and also ultimately own the IP, so can pull it, and also get all the money from merch/licencing, where if you own your own IP, that's not the case).


Wife's started new dark urge gae as a Paladin. She's planning on redeemed dark urge. She's discovered the hard way about oath breaking trying to assault Alfira so se doesn't die.

Major PitA on honor mode doing that so can't help. She not in HM so there's that.

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