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"Birds of a Feather"

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Amicus sees Red Cap approach, and closes his eyes.

When he opens them he is staring down on the deranged gnomish creature, falls on all fours, and and snarls with huge fangs. He is hungry, ravenous, since his stomach has just more than quadrulpled in size.

Amicus-as-gnome might have run at this point, seeing if he could get away. Amicus as direwolf instead circles round, getting, pinning Red Cap on either side.

OOC: Action: Wildshape into dire wolf. (now Large, with 37 HP. AC 14).
Move: to pin Red Cap with Thael (so if Thael stays within 5' of Red Cap, Amicus will have advantage on next round's attack).

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As the tension was rising, Vaex climbed into the watchtower to get a better point of view.
From there, he could easily see the creatures sprouting out of the ground and the poor hunter who tried to face them. They were coming from everywhere.
Those infected plants looked like invoked creatures. There was no point taking them down one after an other. Vaex wondered how they would react without their summoner.

Picking his target, the arcane archer focused his attention on the red cap.
"Go get him, Quill" he whispered to his raven.

As he bent his stringless bow, a glowing dark arrow appeared a few second before the shot.

OOC: Sorry for the delay, back from short trip. Here is my init:
Initiative : 1D20+2 = [6]+2 = 8
Bonus Action: Hex on the RedCap
Action: Eldritch blast + Hex on Red Cap:
2D20.HIGH(1)+6 = [14, 8]+6 = 20
1D10+4+1D6 = [6]+4+[3] = 13

The RedCap has disadvantage on Str checks vs the Dire Wolf.

Movement: to RedCap
Action: Help
Movement: takes some distance
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Seeing the action play out Ramiel will move to 20/R and as his action fire his hand crossbow at the Redcap.

Ramiel will hold his bounus action until the Redcap attacks and will use cutting words to reduce his attack

[MENTION=6805410]Fradak[/MENTION] & [MENTION=6911206]Mike291[/MENTION]
The Redcap has walked into the Illusionary Wall of Thorns that was thrown up By Thael. As such neither of you have LoS on him.
[MENTION=23484]Kobold Stew[/MENTION]
As Circle of the Moon you can change as a bonus Action So you still have your main Action


OOC: If we can see the RedCap interact with it, shouldn't we understand it's an illusion and then see through it?

Any way if Vaex can't see Red Cap, he smokes the Needle(T11).
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OOC: Its a 15' Cube, and he moved in on the other side of you guys. As such you wont have seen him Go in.

You can still use the Rolls you Made, Just on Different targets.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
OOC: Thanks! Sorry for my error.

Snarling, Amicus-as-wolf positions himself for a bite. Snap.

OOC: Move if possible to get advantage through pack tactics.
Attack: [roll0] (or better of that and [roll1] if pack tactics applies). Damage if a hit [roll2] piercing, and DC 13 Str or be knocked prone.

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