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"Birds of a Feather"

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As the Group gets closer to the Watchtower they can see a Giant man in a Red shirt Walk out of the tower, his Dark hair slicked back and a chest as broad as a barn door. With a frown upon his face he calls one of the nearby hunters to him .
"We're done waiting, tell the men that we are giving it another hour, after that we go in ourselves."
"I'll get Right on it Gaston!" The Hunter nods as he runs off.
He then turns his attention to the odd Group thats walking towards him and puts up a bright smile.
"Do not worry dear travelers. We will have this sorted out and we will get you all to Kraven in time."

Back in the Bar
"It's not just the village! I've heard rumors from travelers that took the long way round that Kraven and even as far north as Deadwing Retreat has trouble with the Forest... wouldn't be suprised if its like that Allround." He takes a swig from his drink
"Thats all I know really."


Ramiel will approach Gaston. "I believe my new friends and I might we'll be able to help with your situation". Pointing to Amicus he says, "Amicus here is quite the scout I am told" Attempting to persuade Gaston to let us join his group to scout the forest.


Evi thanks to two men, buying them another round for good measure. "Thanks for the company lads, have a good one."

Leaving the bar he sees the other adventurers gathered around and moved over to join them. As Gaston reassures everyone they will get to their destination safely, Evi pipes up.

"Gaston, I have heard that Kraven and even as far north as Deadwing Retreat have been having issues with the forest." he nods to Ramiel. "It might be prudent to let us in on what is going on here, it looks like you have a bunch of people willing to help."

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
At Ramiel's introduction, Amicus looks down (further down), and rubs his hands through his hair.

"Yeah. That's right." A meek smile.


"I am quite adept at sorting things out" Aes pronounces, not looking at anyone in particular, and not entertaining any discourse on the topic. After, she studies the forest edge, and other townsfolk, a fork tongue licks at her snout for an instant.

Her attention falls to the nearby gnome as he pitches his voice to be heard, her mouth forming a thin line which could be mistaken for a smile as an eye narrows on him.

Looking toward Ramiel, "Small packages are often the most rewarding."

Gaston turns to Evi with a concerned look on his face. "Where did you..?" he sighs and takes in the group that is gathered around him "Never mind... yes, there have been more reports about trouble with the forest. It has always been a tricky place to navigate but as of the past few months it has gotten even worse, with travelers beeing stuck in there for days. others never making it out." he reaches inside the guard tower and throws a quiver over his shoulder. "Even I myself have gotten lost a few times and that hasn't happened since before I became the Huntsman Master of the village."
The wind slowly starts to pick up, rushing through the green leaves of the forest in a soothing rustle, at first.
"I suggest you stay close. If you still feel like helping in an hour or so, I plan on going into the forest myself with a few others. I have an idea what might be causing this." Ever so slightly the wind starts to pick up, or atleast the sound, untill it almost sounds like the forest is roaring. At this point you can see Gaston's face turn pale before he looks towards the forest in shock.

It is at this point that Evindal, Amicus and Thael all feel a almost crippling chill run across your spine, something you have never felt before.

"Something is wrong." Gaston says as he grabs for his battle axe "Very wrong."
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"we should go with you, there is safety in numbers" "please alert us when you are ready to go" says Ramiel. He then finds a tree close by to sit againts and rest until called upon.

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