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"Birds of a Feather"

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
This is what I came inside for? Amicus asks himself.

"I'll see you at the forest edge."

The word has no sooner escaped his lips when his stomach sinks and the chill runs across his spine. Sweat suddenly soaks his shoulders, though there is no heat.

"Maybe someone wants to wait with me," he adds meekly.

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Aes moves apace the others, instinctively puts her shield to fore as the roaring begins.
"by Io, what manner of trouble is this?"

Steve Gorak

This is what I came inside for? Amicus asks himself.

"I'll see you at the forest edge."

The word has no sooner escaped his lips when his stomach sinks and the chill runs across his spine. Sweat suddenly soaks his shoulders, though there is no heat.

"Maybe someone wants to wait with me," he adds meekly.

OOC: I've been away on vacation and completely disconnected. I'm back, and all caught up, so I'll just jumb back in

Thael had remained outside, looking at the movement of folks. There definitely was something going on, and he was ready to partake. Seing the small gnome go at the forest edge, Thael approached in a friendly way, and sat next to him. "How the mighty adventurers await for their destiny!" Says in jest. He then proceeds to create some images of small multi colored fish swimming around his arms for his and the gnome's amusement.

OOC: casting of silent image (at will, from the mistly visions invocation)

With the forest roaring all around everybody in the village starts to feel even more anxious then they already where.
"Get everyone inside! Now!" Gaston yells out to a few of the hunters, which then quickly start sheppering the villagers and elders into the Stuffed Quiver and other buildings. you can see the other hunters start prepping for something to happen. anything... yet still, something feels off.
and after a few seconds you all realize what it is. as loud as the roaring was at first, it is now dead silent. You can feel the wind, but not a single sound emits from the forest. untill...

"someone! help!" a founded human comes rushing down the path that leads out of the forest, battered from head to toe and bleeding profucely.
"Gaston! You were right! its He...." before he could finish his sentence the loud thumping of heavy boots can be heard before a large curved blade pierces his chest and he slowly slumps to the ground, Dead. Standing ontop his dead body stands what looks to be a gnome gripping a giant blood soaked sickle and a deep dark red cap ontop his head. He raises the sickle above his head as a insane cackle comes out his jagged toothy grin.
"Ndengina sen ilya!"
with this the forest comes back to live again as several wooden creatures burst out of the forest.

OOC: Roll Initiative!
its party time ;)

Ally Initiative:
Gaston [roll0]
Hunters [roll1]

Monster Initiative
Redcap [roll2]
Vine Blights [roll3]
Needle Blights [roll4]
Twig Blights [roll5]

each square is 5'
Battle at the forest round 1.png

Evindal&Thael, you two are the only ones that understand what the creature yells. and its pretty simple
[SBlock]"Kill them all!"[/SBlock]

OOC: now i would like to keep everything in order as the Initiative dictates. so please try to wait with your actions until the person (or monster) before you has had a chance to go. hopefully this will keep everything smooth

Initiative Rolls
Amicus Brief [roll0]
Aës [roll1]
Evindal Emmirel [roll2]
Kert [roll3]
Thael [roll4]
Ramiel Starfall [roll5]

OOC: So here is the order
Needle Blights
Twigh Blighs
Vine Blights

Evidal + Kert
Emicus, Aës & Ramiel

for those of you on the same Initiative Count you can decide on your own in which order you would like to go.

and on that note
May the Odds be ever in your Favour...
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Steve Gorak

Thael reacts quickly at the sudden onset of battle. He draws a dagger, and then invokes the power of the fey. Scores of thick and heavy vines grow silently from the ground and surround Amiscus and Him.

OOC: Cast silent image (misty visions invocation) in the area v-x 19-21 of thick-trunked leafy vines in the shape of a 15 ft cube wall. Creatures must use their actions to do an investigation check (DC 12) to see through the illusion. Note that amiscus is inside the illusion, he therefore interacts with it, and can see through it (so can Thael).

Move: none

item interaction: draw dagger

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Amicus is happily looking at Thael's floating fish, and providing illusory hoops for them to swim through, when suddenly the shouts ring out from the forest.

He sees the other gnome (is it a gnome?), and of course he understands what it is the creature says...

"Ndengina sen ilya!"

OOC: it just looks like a gnome, a really ragged evil gnome. sadly you do not understand what it is yelling (its in Sylvan)

as the thick vines sprout from the ground the gnome sized figure jumps back and tilts his head. moving aside to inspect this strange wall that just emerged.
while he does, the tree like creatures continue their advance, three pile in to the hunter abit further too the side as he gets pelted with needles the two little creatures tear him apart, leaving only a bloody mess behind.
while most others charge in further towards the village, seeming determined to reach the villagers trying to get to safety.
some however have set their sights on the adventures that have come to the defence of the village.
a small Twig Blight makes a quick turn on the spot and charges straight for Thael and attacks him with its tiny claws.
while two of the Needle Blights raise their spiky arms and fire needles at Aës & Amicus. Apperantly not impaired by the illusion of vines.
meanwhile seeing his little ally run straight through the wall of vines the Red Cap walks up to wall himself and tries to touch it. as his hand passes through the vines turn transparant for him and he sees Thael & Amicus standing inside, with a renewed grin on his face and his sickle drawn out he threathingly walks up to the two.

Needle Blight attacks;
vs top hunter 1D20+3 = [11]+3 = 14
dmg 2D4+1 = [3, 4]+1 = 8

vs Aës 1D20+3 = [1]+3 = 4
vs Amicus 1D20+3 = [12]+3 = 15
damage 2D4+1 = [1, 1]+1 = 3

remaining Needle Blights use Dash action

Twig Blight attacks;
vs top hunter
1D20+3 = [13]+3 = 16
Damage _: 1D4+1 = [2]+1 = 3

_: 1D20+3 = [10]+3 = 13
damage _: 1D4+1 = [3]+1 = 4

vs Thael 1D20+3 = [3]+3 = 6

Remaining Twigh Blights use Dash

Red Cap Actions;
uses action to pass through illusion and walks up to Thael&Amicus

Vine Blights;
use Dash to get closer


Round 1.png

Creature Stats
Redcap AC 13/HP50
Twig Blight AC13/HP5
Twig Blight AC13/HP5
Twig Blight
Twig Blight AC13/HP5
Twig Blight AC13/HP5
Twig Blight AC13/HP5
Twig Blight AC13/HP5
Needle Blights AC12/HP12
Needle Blights AC12/HP12
Needle Blights AC12/HP12
Vine Blight AC12/HP26
Vine Blight AC12/HP26[/sblock]

Ally Stats;
Gaston HP60/AC12
Hunter (Top Hunter) HP0/AC13
Hunter HP12/AC13
Hunter HP12/AC13[/sblock]

Player Stats
Amicus Brief - HP12/AC9
Aës - HP29/AC19
Evindal - HP32/AC17
Kert - HP21/AC15
Thael - HP21/AC15
Ramiel - HP17/AC12
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“He said: kill them all!” Evi translated. “I’ve got these ones!” He yells pointing his long sword at the three creatures threatening the villagers.

Nimbly he races across the line of march of the three creatures, swiping his sword at one.



the creature dances aside from the blow but Evi stands resolutely in the way.

ooc: move to g26

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