"Birds of a Feather"

After about an hour, which seemed to last a eternity, mostly thanks to the feeling that the Forest seems to be creeping closer with every passing moment.
Gaston finnaly Comes upto everyone, "We gathered a few able bodies to help Go into the Forest. All others are going to take the long route around. To get to safety." he then walks towards the edge of the forest, extending his hand those in tune with Nature can feel a slight glow comming from him.
"I think i found a path. When your Ready to go say the word and We're off."

OOC: everyone gets a Short Rest. When everyone is accounted for we'll Move out.
With you is Gaston, 3 Hunters and 4 Villagers.

My apoligies for the sudden absence.
Apperantly I was allergic to a certain Antibiotic and have been wacked out for the past weeks.
Hopefully everybody is still game to continue.

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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Amicus stands around, being more comfortable outside than in. He wipes his lips with a small kerchief.



waiting for the others at the forest edge, Aes kneels and contemplates the previous battle. and prays for guidance in upcoming events. Rising as the others gather near, "Ready."

The dragonborne gives a side-eye glance, and tips her snout acknowledging the gnome with a wink.

OOC: welcome back, glad you're feeling better.

Short rest: gained Channel Divinity back

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Amicus tries to play it cool, casually lifting his chin with narrow eyes when Aes acknowledges him. In fact he's grinning ear to ear, nodding his head in an exaggerated up-and-down motion, happy to have been accepted.

Steve Gorak

"My clothes have holes they didn't have when I first arrived here, but I don't, and am indeed ready" Thael says, as he joins the acknowledgements.

OOC: Glad to hear you are ok!

Thael rests to recover hp. He will stop once he is at 2 hp of his max

1st hd [roll0]
2nd [roll1]
3rd [roll2]

Edit: only the first two rolls are used, 1 he is left, and Thael is at max hp
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