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Blood Red Skies vs. Wings of Glory vs. Aeronautica Imperialis

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40th lv DM
Of those 3 I'd say Wings of Glory.

Blood Red Skies - when it came out we gave it a demo at the local shop (Warlord sent us a free set to run demos with).
It played terribly & the planes are dinky small and need painting.
Nobodies played BRS since or shown any interest in the new MiG version.

The models look fantastic. And I'm reasonably sure it'll play ok (most GW games do)
They also need assembly & painting.
But the real negative on this one is the co$t..... Good God.

Two other fun airplane games:

Axis & Allies Angels 20
1:100 scale WWII planes. Pre-painted.
Easy to play, quick, fun. About the same lv as Wings of Glory.
It's out of production & was "collectible" (meaning that different planes had different rarities)
But sealed cases, starter sets & single planes are readily available on Ebay. And none of the planes, whatever thier rarity, are particularly expensive.

1/72 (?) Scale WWI bi-planes. (So about 5 inches long)
Each player has a control panel used to plot their maneuvers, shooting, damage.
A "proper" game of this involves wooden control panels & planes from various model companies (Revell, Airfix, etc). Assembly, painting, possibly minor wood working if you make the panels your self required.
Easy, fast, fun game.
Variants exist for WWII, jets, & Battlestar Galactica.
Because of its scale, easy to teach rules, & fast play, this is a great game to play at a con with about 10-12 players.

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