D&D 5E Blue Dragon "monster minions"


His humanoid cult is set in stone but I think we need some "monsters".

I am designing a lair for a blue dragon and looking for some ideas for "lightning" monsters. I am planning on reskinning, and dropping the power, a remorhaz into a eel. Sorta like an electric eel....

I also am going to reskin a hell hound into a lightning (insert l predator here).

Also thinking about some lighting shooting spiders and small elementals.

Just looking for some ideas, thanks in advance.
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They're not in fifth yet, but shocker lizards are always great.

And where there's lightning, there's a shambling mound just waiting around the corner.

Storm Clerics are also good. What about a dryad whose tree was struck by lightning, and now she's a bit unhinged? A mimic that's stuck in the form of a lightning rod? Or a faraday cage suit of animated armour (it tries to trap you inside, so that other people get advantage on lightning attacks against you). Nothics with lightning rays could be fun. Or a group of kobolds with a lightning wand of some sort.


The flesh golem is a fun option. Pieced together from the dragon's previous victims, which can add a dose of either comedy or horror depending how you play it ("Oh no! It has the head and chest of Sir Riggsby the Knight Valiant... the arms of Talia the Elven Archer... and the legs of Wiggles Hairfoot the Halfling Rogue!"). Most importantly, it regains HP from lightning attacks, which makes it easy to repair after defending the dragon's lair. The perfect blue dragon guardian, really.

I'd also consider variant air elementals (simply add lightning damage to their attacks) and similarly re-skinned mephits.


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I always use various reptilian themed critters with dragons, almost like they are their lesser cousins. Blue kobolds and lizardmen could have interesting lightning powers, perhaps something they can use in a group when a few are present . . . maybe even a blue wyvern.


Blue dragons do not need to surround themselves with lightning themed allies - in fact, they're smart enough to know they're better off with some allies that are not immune to their lightning in case they need discipline.

However, it is always fun to have shambling mounds in their service...


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Behir's are already in the game. Also they hate dragons.

Flipping through the 5E MM... Ah, yep, there it is. I didn't recall Behirs hating dragons in the MM II; maybe they did. I'd say though, that they could be used however the DM wanted. Keep it hating dragons, but serving the dragon just the same - why what is its motivation to serve something it hates? Maybe it can be turned if the PCs can discover the leverage the dragon holds over it.

Since your Blue Dragon boss has a Cult, maybe you should be thinking of "pets" or creatures the Cultists could wrangle. Though granting your Cultists resistance to lightning wouldn't be a bad idea, call it the Dragon's Blessing, you'd be better off not limiting yourself to strictly lightning themed monsters. Just think of some creatures that would benefit the Cult you're building. For example, your Cultists could have pet wolves (pack attack + prone) just as guards and sentinels. Any low CR creature with Pack Tactics and a Trip ability is a good addition to groups and mobs. Rather than a cult led by Priests make the cult leaders Druids. A cult leader Druid could then have a Shambling Mound as a pet. Lightning powered plants would help a Druish cult that worshiped a Blue Dragon. Dust Devils (flightless Air Elementals) are one of the effects of the Blue Dragon's presence in an area. Druids have an affinity for elementals. It should be quite easy to have the two work together, turning the Druids into eco-terrorists. Perhaps this is what led them to the Dragon in the first place. Continuing with this theme you could include some Dust Mephits to harry the adventurers and pad out an encounter with thematic variety. They're low CR and have three different abilities to mess with the PCs. All-in-all, there's quite a few ways to add minions that have a thematic Cult without too many houserules or DM monsters.

Edit: You could steal some of the Cultists and creatures from the Princes of the Apocalypse campaign adventure and supplement. That mega adventure deals with individual cults of the four elements. With that in mind, there's probably plenty of resource material in there to plug in your own adventure. Either way, post a follow up to share the results. We all like to read what other DM's have created.
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"Tribal warriors" Reskinned as dervishes loyal to the dragon for the benefits they believe it provides for their extended families.

If you have the Princes of the Apocalypse book, a cabal of Eternal Flame Priests exchanging service for the knowledge of a City sunken beneath the sands they believe holds lore pertinent to their faith.

Younger dragons.

And so what if the MM says behirs and dragons don't get along, it's your game. A clutch of behirs raised by the dragon to be shock troops sounds fine to me.

Mezzoloth are great foes. thier cloudkill can really mess up folks and Dispel magic is sooo helpful for those overconfident in their buffs.


I really like the idea of a type of spider that weaves a web of conductive steel like substance. It is drawn to sources of lightning and normally makes its webs in the tallest trees of the tallest forests to try and catch as many lightning bolts as possible. In nature it has an egg sack in the middle of its web, the eggs get empowered with elemental power from each lightning strike, it is sort of how they feed their young. They still eat anything else, just that electricity supplies their magical abilities, which allows them to hunt.

Imagine a web of tough conductive steel strands around the lair of a blue dragon. That makes it really tough, as if you are standing in that stuff, or get caught in it, you really can't avoid a lightning attack. The spiders can zap you up close and personal, or send charge through their webs to stun you. While you are stunned they wrap you up in steel-like cable for later eating. If you are wrapped up and they decide to zap you, it is auto-crit time.

With a blast of its lightning breath, the dragon can hatch the egg sacks, releasing a swarm of smaller and highly charged spiders. This lets you use a swarm, as well as the giant spiders. They could be summoned as a lair action.

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