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BrOp's Age of Worms Adventure Path (OOC)

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I'm back! Thanks for NPCing Kerwin till I got back from Toronto. I'm catching up on reading now and will post in the IC thread when I'm ready. The pics are really great at adding color to the game. I think I'll make a small adjustment to Kerwin's background, making his father a miner and he tried to follow in his father's footsteps after the war.

Ranger Rick

First Post
Branding Opportunity said:
BTW, Ranger Rick, I was wrong when I said that you would start loosing hp if you performed a standard action. According to pg. 23 of the ECS, warforged do not have this problem when reduced to 0 hp. They are still considered "disabled" however. Also, as your initiative point comes before Fixit, you can only draw your weapon this round. The smacking of wolves will have to wait until next round. The next time you are in a similar situation, you might want to consider readying an action after someone heals you. Just a thought ;)

Well not a problem, and a moot point considering I was attacked again. Just when ever I can, let me slice & dice.


Branding Opportunity said:
I've added images from Dungeon Magazine to both the beginning of the OOC and IC threads. Take a look!

Fantastic mate, they're excellent. Looking forward to delving and finding more.




The man with the probe

Captain Tagon said:
I'm not sure how much I'll be around for the next few weeks, or if I am around how into any games I will be. Some major stuff is going down in the family life and now we're in the process of moving and a bunch of other stuff so my mind is kind of elsewhere. I'll post when I can, but if need be just NPC my guys or find a replacement.

Thanks for posting that Bront. I'll be happy to NPC him until his return, although if you can think of good uses of his skills, please feel free to mention them here, or on the IC thread.

P.S.: I posted the final round of the wolfie combat. Sorry it took me so long, busy weekend.

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