D&D 5E Bugbears And Borderlands Pre-Launch!


Many of you probably saw this coming :) The launch of Bugbears and Borderlands is coming soon!

What is Bugbears & Borderlands?​

Bugbears & Borderlands (B&B) is a true Basic version of 5e, incorporating a "go-forward" philosophy. This means that the design features in B&B are incorporating the anticipated changes we expect to see in 2024.


What makes B&B different?
After all, there is a current Basic official version out there. When looking at that version, it's 180 pages of small text, and doesn't even include any magical items! It is pretty much all of the complexity of the main game, but very limited on character choices and options at character creation. In my humble opinion, that philosophy is backwards. The rules should be streamlined and simplified as much as possible while capturing the core of the game, while also allowing several character options at character generation. That's what B&B does.
It also gives plenty of advice for new GMs. When you take a new group of players not familiar with the rules, it's important to make the GM's job as easy as possible. The entire point of the game is to have fun with friends, and too much complexity is a roadblock towards that goal for newer players.

So it's a game for new players or younger players only?
Not at all. A huge inspiration for this game was Tom Moldvay's Basic version of the game back in 1981. That edition was genius, and how I started myself. While being very user-friendly towards newer and younger players, it's for anyone who prefers that playstyle. As B/X showed back in the day, it was so well-designed that even after we became experts in the game, we still came back and enjoyed the Basic version. It's great for one-offs or pick-up games! Some of you old schoolers may recognize the art on both covers, and the homages they are making :)


Keep it Simple​

The purpose of this Kickstarter is to keep it as simple as possible. In this era of endless add-ons and stretch goals, this campaign is keeping it truly simple. You'll get either digital or hard copy options. That's it. No added risk by promising more complex stretch goals. This also ensure that when the campaign ends, you get your rewards right away. They're already written, so no risk of not getting what you pledged for!

You may note the reward levels. That's no typo. You can get the core rulebook PDF for a buck. Think of it as less "I'm here to make money on this" and more "thanks for your support as it helps me keep producing this stuff."

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The High Aldwin
Well, my only issue with this is will it really be a 5E primer or is it your own thing?

If it's your own thing, I don't really see it as a "true Basic version of 5E".

Looks great!
Thank you for not adding tons of stretch goals. Currently waiting on a KS that's 8 months late because they added on a card deck in a custom box as a stretch goal.

Tales and Chronicles

Jewel of the North, formerly know as vincegetorix
You had me at soft-cover!

(You had me anyway, but its still great to see there's still interest in making soft cover version of gaming material; so much lighter!)

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