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D&D (2024) Cantrip using Monks only using unarmed attacks with bonus actions

I realized that it might be something viable for Monks who get access to cantrips, especially with Chill Touch going back to a touch attack and Chthonic Tieflings apparently getting it as one of their free spells. Obviously they'd use Wisdom as the spellcasting mod for Fiendish Legacy. At some levels it just might be better to use Chill Touch all the time, and only make Unarmed Strikes through their bonus actions, whether they're using flurry of blows or not. Once they get a second attack, well Chill Touch still might be viable though making 2 attacks instead means they're going to hit more often even if they might do less damage. For Infernal Tieflings (Fire bolt) and Abyssal Tieflings (Poison Spray) though would be viable especially if they want to mix ranged and melee attacks.

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I think the lack of +mod to damage is going to be telling. The Monk's Unarmed Attack starts at an average of 6.5 damage, versus 5.5 from Chill Touch. Then at level 5, Unarmed Attack is probably an average of 17 damage, whereas Chill Touch would be 11. And so forth.

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