Casting Characters In A Multiverse


I was just having this thought in regards to the next Wolverine after Hugh Jackman even though this movie plot is locked down at this point. But I think it would be interesting sometime to see a studio try to take advantage of the multiversal nature of their property to do a supercharged screen test by including the contenders for a role as versions of that character in an actual finished film or television show. Loki had plenty of variants together in once place - you could totally see who pops by just showing the audiences the options, though this is probably a trick you could only manage once or twice at most.

Like there have been rumours about Daniel Radcliffe being a contender though he says he does not want the job. Perhaps you could sell him on this sort of test though, like, "Hey, just come in and try it out for a few scenes and give yourself a chance to change your mind." Personally I would really want to see Brendan Fletcher play a Wolverine variant as he is a small Canadian from BC (which is pretty close to the Yukon, of course). And you have seen him already a million times in small roles, just not as a lead. If you actually put them all on screen maybe you would get the best possible read on who was the best fit to play the iconic character going forward.

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Trust the Fungus
We already got the movie where Peter Parker was played by Tom Holland, and Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Maguire.

Now I want the movie where Tom Holland plays Peter Parker, and Ben Reilly, and Kaine, and Jessica Drew.

And the only actor I want to see as Wolverine in the MCU is Dafne Keen.


I could go for a Laura Kinney Wolverine in the MCU I suppose, though that would certainly be bringing in the mutants later in the story than is traditionally done.


This guy from all those informercials. The thing about 202 being his fault is from the picture I stole it from and nothing to do with anything I'm posting.



He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
A fun idea, but I certainly do not want actors who dont want parts just testing it out.

James Gasik

We don't talk about Pun-Pun
So what you should do is, simultaneously cast a short guy to be "Classic" Wolverine, get a tall guy with a soul patch to be "Ultimate" Wolverine, keep casting Hugh as "Old Man Logan", get another guy to be "Daken, Son of Wolverine", and hire two more actresses so we can have a movie with X-23 and her sisters (because I could use more Honey Badger in my life)!

And then everyone can pick their flavor of Wolverine and fight with other fans about why theirs is superior and everyone else's sucks!

Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
Like there have been rumours about Daniel Radcliffe being a contender though he says he does not want the job.
Season 4 What GIF by The Office

I mean, if we are talking multiverse - imagine the world where the Marvel Universe and the Harry Potter-verse ARE THE SAME WORLD, and Harry just grew up to BE Wolverine

(of course, Galactus laughs at Voldemort - until Voldy's avada kadavra curse WORKS and Galactus tumbles away into the sun)

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