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CG's Dragon of Icespire Peak [IC]

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"Dunno why he'd think that his house'd be safer than the town hall in a Dragon attack..." mused Fitz as he waved to the others to follow, "C'mon folks. We'll just have us a few words with His Lardship before we sets out, like."

Charwoman Gene

You easily locate the house you are looking for. When you knock on the door, a voice cries out, "If you’re a dragon, know that I’m far too thin and bony to make a good meal!"

Fitz turned toward Bella with his face contorted as he tried to hold back a bark of laughter. He controlled himself and said, "Aye, Townmaster, I bet you'd not be good for eatin'. We're folks, sure enough, and we're lookin' for a few answers about the job board, we are."


"First, are you going to open a door? Only a dishonest man refuses to show his face." Bella says.

"Second, do you have any kind of map or directions to these locations you are hoping people will travel to? Where is the mid-wife's home? The dwarven dig sight? The gnomish enclave? Kind of hard to deliver a message if you don't know where to go."

Fitz barked laughter and nudged a 'good one' elbow at Bella. Then he called out, "Magic things is valuable, right? How da we get the gnomes t'give over a dragonslayer without we have the coins t'pay 'em? Do they it to ya, or summing?"

Charwoman Gene

"Erm, let me get you an official document authorizing you to request aid of them. They owe us they wouldn't be able to establish their mini kingdom without our aid." There is some shuffling and scratching and eventually you get a letter authorizing you as deputies of Phandalin, and giving you authority for 1 week, as well as a reasonable map.

1: Dwarves, 2: Midwife, 3: Gnomes

"Right, that settles it then." said Fitz after looking at the map. "Let's visit the 'wife on the way t'see the gnomes. We'll ask her to make for town right quick, then we move on t'see if'n the gnomes'll help. We can see t'the dwarves by-and-by, if all goes well with the rest."


Sythaeryn stared at the door nonplussed, this man should be out doing something to protect his people, not hiding away in his home. But none of this was his business, and so he kept silent on the matter. Still, he decided that he needed to know more about this 'dragon' so that they could properly prepare for an encounter with it.

"Can you tell us anything about this dragon, or perhaps direct us to somebody that can? Perhaps if we can determine it's age we can decide on a way to deal with it. Any details beyond it's a dragon and white would help."

Assuming we get any details I'll go ahead and roll Nature: 1d20+1 7 LOL. Forgot that he's none too bright and Nature doesn't KEY off of Wisdom... It's a dragon, and white.

Charwoman Gene

"Our best guess is it is a white dragon about the body size of a large horse."
Intelligence(Nature or Arcana) DC 12.
young white dragon

Steve Gorak

Ulrik is content that they will warn the midwife first. He knows little about dragons, but he knows that white ones are bad. He also wonders if he would prevail if he wrestles one that is as small as a horse... Time will tell!


Charwoman Gene

You follow the map south to Umbrage Hill.

Built on the slope of Umbrage Hill is an old stone windmill surrounded by an iron fence. A large winged monster with a spiky tail is trying to knock down the windmill’s front door. A woman appears in a second-floor window, waves at you, and yells, “A little help?!"

Enemy Initiative: 1D20+3 = [6]+3 = 9

Initiative: 1D20+3 = [7]+3 = 10

You are about 120 ft. from the windwill, and you all can take actions before the creature.


Since the woman took away whatever chance they had at sneaking up, Bella decides to start with force. "Get back foul dragon," she shouts. She isn't sure it's a dragon or not. And she even less sure if she hit the thing. She immediately attempts to find something to hide behind.

Arcana (Be that the dragon?): 1d20+0 3 (could be)
Eldritch Blast: 1d20+5 13 1d10 5 (miss?)
Stealth: 1d20+5 15 (May or may not be allowed, I know.)

COMING SOON! Halloween Horror For 5E