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CG's Dragon of Icespire Peak [IC]


"Well enough fer us all t'drink though, eh?" said Fitz with a big, infectious smile as he held up his mug, drained it, and added, "Awright then, here's me off to take a ... a wee. Haw! A 'wee'!"

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Have I really been on this site for over 20 years!
"Does he have to tell us every time?" She finishes her drink and looks around the tavern, "I really hope we find work soon, I'm sure these people are getting tired of me singing the same songs over and over."


Serpa watches Fitz swagger off and then seems to make a connection.

"I don't want to be the dragons that 'wee'..." he says uncomfortably.


Have I really been on this site for over 20 years!
"Even dragons have to don't they?" She ponders for a second then gives a slight shudder. "Still I do agree, I don't think that's the name I'd like to go by."


Looking over his shoulder, Fitz called, "Aye, I think ye've ruined it fer me, as well. I had meant small, of course. But now that I think on it, we shouldn't call ourselves 'small' either! We'll figger it out, I'm sure."


Round 0

Bethrynna chuckled at Bella’s joke. “I think you might just fit in,” she said, sipping her passable ale. “I suppose I should introduce myself, too. Rynna Silverfrond,” she told Bella.

Rynna looked around the tavern. They’d been here long enough to get to know most of the regulars. “Mina,” Ryn said to the tiefling bard, “Shag, Wed, or End.” Her eyes scanned the crowd. “Rayne the blacksmith’s son,” she said, spotting the young, muscled, fairly handsome human male drinking with his friends, “Jona, behind the bar,” her eyes went to the half-elf at the bar, “or…” she scanned the crowd again, “that new waitress, what was her name? Meadowlark.”

Bethrynna Liadon Character Sheet
AC 15
HP 20/20 HD 3/3d6
Spell slots: 4/4 1st; 2/2 2nd
Bladesong 2/2/SR
Arcane Recovery 1/1/LR
Arrows: 20
Rations: 10
Torches: 10


Have I really been on this site for over 20 years!
OOC: That's just mean

Mina looks to Rynna when she hears her name called.

“Shag, Wed, or End.”

Mina rolls her eyes she's heard this game before from the other bards in training, she's never liked it.

“Rayne the blacksmith’s son,”

Even though Mina was going to protest she can't help but look when Rynna points out the young man., Mina gives a almost imperceptable shake of her head.

Mina doesn't turn her head this time lost in thought.


Mina quickly turns head to Meadowlark, then to Rynna, she's visibly shocked and confused. "I... You can't... It's a stupid game, I think I need to go to bed." She gets up from the table and starts toward the stairs, but quickily spots Meadowlark in front of her. She freezes and not sure where to go she heads for the door to go outside.

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