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CG's Dragon of Icespire Peak [IC]

Charwoman Gene

The man with the backpack is joined by a half-elven woman. She says, "Meryn, we didn't expect you back! What happened to Phandalin, 'town of golden opportunities'." "Ah. Shayla, good to see a friend. My cobbler business was going good, just the whole place has gone crazy again, dragon out of the mountains spurring all sorts of ruckus, place needs some stout-hearted souls to set it to rights again."

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Serpa was starting to gwt bored with the dice rolling already and had started to finger hismulet once more. But then his gaze was drawn to the movement of a new arrival. He still had a bit of a feral instinct in him and anyone he hadn't specifically 'sniffed out' as it were was a potential threat to him.

The woman had sat down next to another stranger, and Serpa was just about to relax his guard when he heard the word 'dragon'.

Serpa's tribe had resided underneath this human city for far too long to have a distinct lore about dragons. But even they claimed to be descended from them, and even essentially worshiped dragonkind as if deities. And the mention now was enough to get the little kobold's attention.

Reaching up, he tugs on Fitz's tunic lightly to get the man's attention. Then whispers, "Dragons! They're talking about dragons over there..."

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Meadowlark, delivering a round of beers and a single cider (in a stemmed glass to the half-elven woman) leans over the table and says, "You'll forgive me, m;lady, but there's a group at the next table who might be able to help you out. I suggest you speak with them."

Having placed the beverages down, she draws a small towell from her waisband and wipes the table in a particular spot, which appears no cleaner than she did before she began, but it's the thought that counts, isn't it? A coin that had been left on the table for her has been slipped away discreetly.


Round 0

Bethrynna leaned back, sipping her ale. Her eyes clocked the two newcomers only briefly before her gaze was broken by Meadowlark, the tavern wench, bending over to wipe the table. Ah, now that was a nice view. She wouldn’t mind a little time with that Meadowlark, she admitted to herself, even if she was human.

Then the two strangers looked over toward their table, and Rynna raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

“May we help you?”

Bethrynna Liadon Character Sheet
AC 15
HP 20/20 HD 3/3d6
Spell slots: 4/4 1st; 2/2 2nd
Bladesong 2/2/SR
Arcane Recovery 1/1/LR
Arrows: 20
Rations: 10
Torches: 10


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Fitz waved the annoying bookseller out the back door, toward the outhouse, and he yelled after, "The door yer lookin' for is the one with the moon onnit!"

Then he turned as Serpa tugged at his sleeve and he nodded, "Aye, dragons. I like the sound of 'golden opportunities' t'be sure."


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Mena looks up from the dice game.

"A dragon? Like a real one? I'm just saying dragons tend to be a lot bigger than dire rats"

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