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CG's Dragon of Icespire Peak [IC]


Right at that moment, Fitz was returning from the outhouse. He ran into Mina at the door, caught the look on her face, and tried to distract her by saying, "Don't go that way, 'tis bitter cold out an' there's a bloke passed out on the roost. I'm sure if ye need it, there's a chamber pot in yer room. Fancy a game of dice? Just a friendly one, I seem t'be runnin' low on coin."

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Bella looks at Rynna. "That's easy. You wed the blacksmith's son, good provider and all that but hands like bark, too rough. Elves tend suffer from that unfortunate stature I referred to earlier. So I guess he's ended. That leave the lass there to be shagged. She's certainly easy on the eyes."


Have I really been on this site for over 20 years!
Mina looks at Fitz then looks around nowhere to run, Her tail flits about nerviously, "Sure, yeah let's play dice, you may have to teach me I didn't learn that game. It's a better game than Rynna's"

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Meadowlark was returning to the table with Serpa's meal (a bowl filled with undercooked meatballs rolled in a hot sauce, that he had eaten at every meal she'd known him so far ), when Mina stood up right in front of her, so that she had to shift her hand to prevent some of the food from rolling away. This seemed to embarrass Mina, who appeared to blush -- her cheeks turning a darker grey suddenly.

Meadowlark smiled at her, and with her wrist pushed a stray lock of hair aside from the front of her own face, before it promptly fell back from behind her ear. "The table's gone silent all of a sudden," she says to Mina, who bolts for the door. Meadowlark places the bowl in front of Serpa, saying "for the wee dragon" (but not herself seeming to be aware of the irony.)



Serpa looks up at the sound of Meadowlark's voice. He tilts his head slightly to the side for a moment, but then lets the thought go. He wasn't capable of a smile as humans understood them, but a slight nod of his head seemed to convey about the same message.

"How do you all seem to change color so easily? And why only in the face?"

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
"Some change easier than others. Sometimes it's emotions that do it, and sometimes it's exercise. If you figure out more than that, be sure to let me know," says Meadowlark.


Round 0

“Well, of course it’s a bloody stupid game, Mina!” Bethrynna said. “It was invented by a bunch of drunken humans!”

Rynna downed some ale as Bella answered the question. “Good answer. They’re all easy on the eyes,” she admitted with a smile. “I guess wed Jona, because at least he’s part elf, so my parents would object less. End the blacksmith, because my mother would be appalled if I shagged a human. And, well, I suppose Meadowlark is human, but not liable to end up with any trouble shagging her,” Ryn said, smiling brightly at Meadowlark as she brought food to the table. “Hello, luv!” Clearly the ale was getting to the elf a bit.

Bethrynna Liadon Character Sheet
AC 15
HP 20/20 HD 3/3d6
Spell slots: 4/4 1st; 2/2 2nd
Bladesong 2/2/SR
Arcane Recovery 1/1/LR
Arrows: 20
Rations: 10
Torches: 10


Have I really been on this site for over 20 years!
Mina comes back to the table with Fitz, she's looking down to not catch anyone's sight. She's not her usual self and acting timid.

"So you'll teach me how to play dice? Is it hard?"

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