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*Thatroe steps into view, then makes his way towards the Tavern door. He then stabs his knife into the entry way, but the knife is not alone. Blood pours down the wood, but is provided by a cruel action. Pinned to the door is a ferral cat and in it's mouth, clenched within the jaws is a parchment. The words on the paper read, "Mechanical Crow."* He cackles as he cries out, "Come to me... Blood! Gith it is ours!" *Thatroe leans towards the parchment, pressing a bloody palm to the paper to hold it in place. He then pulls out a quill, pressing it as well to the paper. This inhuman character then adds to what was already present, "We send out this challenge to the little marbles that roam about unharmed!" He then leaps into the air, quickly catching a breeze.

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* The Tavern itself shudders when struck.. as if the blade and blood ticked someone's nerve.. blood turns black save for the handprint...which merely becomes more detailed and actually on both wall and paper to stay ( at least for now )... in perfect, fresh hue *

* Hearth Pit> bubbles over with irridescently flayming liquid.. strangely burning nothing as it flows to the floor.. gathering in a ring 3' in radius of the hearth... the liquidian masse gathers itself.. molding almost like a huge amoeba into the form of Qij'idi.. final gesture arriving with a flash of light. *

* travels, without moving to just in front of the notice by the door *

. o O ( This looks promising... How little he realizes what's in store for him... ) * strokes goatee - pulling out a single black hair... shapes it perfectly straight then places tis in the ferrule.. where it vanishes into the blade *

. o O ( We shall see how he handles this one * chuckles deviously - even for him * )

* whole blade and all " attachments " glimmer for a moment with a haze of silvery blue light as Q vanishes *
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Oriza appears in a burst of dark red light, her usual entrance really. She peers about a moment, a soft yawn escaping her lips as she does so. Seeing the tavern near empty, she stalks off to the bar though abruptly pauses when her gaze spots something a little off. A brow raises now as she changes her direction, heading instead to the door. She blinks a couple of times as she sees what was tacked with the blade, her lips pursing some rather distastefully. She passes a glowing hand over the door now, but being ever so careful as not to touch any part of whatever message was left in there. She rolls her eyes then.

'Ah well, so much for hoping that thing was gone.' She thought as she shrugged, almost to herself. She doesn't let her gaze linger for too long though, bloody cats aren't really her thing.

Clearly having no intentions of drinking with that message tacked up in the same room, she motions to the construct, "Lady Siani surely won't like that in her tavern... should get it cleaned up. I'd doubt people would appreciate walking in and seeing that as they go through the door." she says before disappearing in a burst of dark red light.

'That is why I don't even bother with damned doors.'
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*steps into the tavern and upon seeing the cat and reading over the note he tacks up a reply*
Dead cats, are out of season my friend and quite distasteful, surely you can do better, I would however say that it was creative, and I like to reward creative minds. Come find me,
Milosh Drown

Oriza appears in a burst of dark red light. She stretches some and looks about a moment though her gaze settles on the door curiously. Upon seeing a new reply, she saunters over and a groan leaves her lips.

'What in the bloody nine hells is Milosh planning?' She thought after shaking her head at the new reply. 'Thatroe and Milosh... not to mention his little pet... well this should be loads of fun. Wonder what Tyrian would say on the matter.'

Oriza takes out what looks like a black rose thorn from her component pouch now which she then tacks over Milosh's message. Thorned vines creep from it now, aiming to cover the previous message underneath it.

She sighs and shakes her head, making her way to the counter for a drink, "You really need to watch your other patrons, beeg."


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