D&D (2024) Check Out D&D's New Gold Dragon Redesign

Gold dragons no longer have wings--just like they used to be!


In the new 2024 edition of Dungeons & Dragons, WotC is redesigning its iconic dragons. ComicBook.com got a close-up and personal look at the brand new gold dragon, with a gorgeous art piece by Chase Stone. The dragon is, as can be seen, wingless--or at least with greatly reduced wings--in a nod to older editions of D&D--in AD&D 1E, gold dragons were more inspired by Asian dragons, but gained large wings in later editions. ComicBook's Christian Hoffer spoke to WotC's art director Josh Herman, who said "The wing change was really to give it a little bit of something extra, but also hopefully make it clear that they don't need their wings to fly all the time".

You can read the full article and interview here.

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Dragon Lover
Also, if dragons are going to have these huge, long tails, we should mechanically be able to grab and swing them by them.
This is definelty something I'm doing for my Gold Dragons, giving it a Whip like attack that can strike opponents a great distance and either pull them closer or throw them across the battlefield. I can also see a Gold Dragon using the long reach and the thicker part at the end of its tail as a magical shield to protect itself or allies from attacks. Or maybe those wide tail fins and spines can be super heated with the dragon's fire power that can slice and sear enemies aswell like a 1,000 degree knife. I can also see the dragon having a recharge attack where it dances across the battlefield like a ribbon dancer, striking anyone in it's path with searing slices.

The art alone gives me so many ideas.

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Then make it happen! You can't expect them to stat everything a dragon could possibly do - that would take a multiple page statblock! I am statblocks are just a reference, a starting point for our creativity - don't be limited by them!
Why would a dragon have a statblock that includes something a PC does to it?


A suffusion of yellow
Front-end of the creature is cool (including the moose horns), but tail is excessive, either they should have shifted hind legs or shortened the tail - also less frill on the tail.

Btw I love tien lung
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Queer Venger

Dungeon Master is my Daddy
Eh, I don't see the need to redesign them again.

I like the look of the new design better on the ground, though. In the air, the design looks confused and chaotic. I think I actually like the 3E design better, and I definitely don't agree with the supposed reasons behind the redesign. The chromatics definitely already had unique tell-tales to them. It's always been the metallics that get mixed up together, outside Gold and Silver dragons.

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hmm, its the same design, just this one is stretched out.

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