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Chicago Gameday 28 is Feb 26th: PLAYERS SIGN UP NOW!

Mark CMG

Creative Mountain Games
Slot 2, Game 6, puh-lease (D&D 3.5, "The Mines of Verhaven", strider1970, Table C).

You've outdone yourself with the pics, again, Buzzaroo! :D

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Der Spot

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Well Buzz, I would've maybe tried the Dresden game to see what it's like, but....

Why don't we put me and Puffdebbie down for both of Ninjacat's games? I'm kind of scared by what I've seen of Smallville rules, but I've got to see the insanity for myself.



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Good day, all! Looking forward to my first EN World Games Day.

I would like to sign up for:

Slot 0: Breakfast!

Slot 1: FATE, "The Four Towers, Part 1: An Fearas Meilt", ekb, Table F

Slot 2: Smallville RPG, "Mutant X: After the Assault", Ninjacat, Table B

Thank you!
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After reading some fantastic work in the Smallville system, I want to try it- so I'd like to sign up for Ninjacat's game in the Afternoon and Danger Patrol in the morning.

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