Chicago Gameday XII is over... share the memories!


GORAK said:
By the way, I will be coordinating to have the:
Aurora D&D Meetup Group
Wheaton D&D Meetup Group
come to Gameday XII for their monthly meetup date to help bolster the few remaining Meetup Groups left in the Chicago area since the largest one, The Chicagoland D&D Meetup Group was dissolved a couple months ago. Hopefully, it should help to make for a large player turnout.
Booyah! Thanks, GORAK.

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William Ronald said:
This is a good idea, and I will contact COWS (Chicagoland Order of Weekend Screwballs), a local group that runs RPGA sanctioned events. Although WindyCon is that weekend, some people might want to swing by for a game or two.

Edit: I contacted COWS, so at least the members will have an e-mail directing them to this thread.
Booyah! Thanks, WR.

pvt. patterson

First Post
Game 5: Against the Giants
D&D 3.5
Game 6: Who Ya Gonna Call?
D&D3.5/Iron Kingdoms
theys are me choices(and if other peeps want my seat in the first one, i will go to game 3?)

William Ronald

I am not approving either of the first two player requests, and I see GORAK will be in another game in slot 2. So, who is up for my game? Or is interested in a few more spoilers?


First Post
Shiney! Waterdhavian, Nazriel, Pbartender and Der Spot: welcome to the 'Verse.

Oh, Buzz. I will have a few extra PCs for my game. This way if I have anyone walking up all last minute like, I have some possible room.

I like to have a open game, anyone and everyone is welcome to come try out my games, and if we have a few walk ins it's nice to be able to do that.

Trax t'lera

First Post
Hi, This'll be my first Game Day, and I'm not sure I can make it there by 9:30 in the morning. So please sign me up for: Slot 2: Who Ya Gonna Call?
If I do manage to drag my lazy bones out of bed and get there earlier I'll see if there's an opening in one of the other games.



Creature Cataloguer
i may come out to visit, but i don't expect to be gaming. when it comes in, i'm going to come pick up Dragon #337, which has an article i co-wrote! :D


First Post
Dang, I also need to mull over whether I want to play as the Doc in FCWesel's game again or not. I actually had quite a good time talking my way through some encounters and giving out "Happy Shots" to the bullet-riddled grunt types. :D

Oh, and Buzz, I should have another poster to throw into the prize bunch. Not on the same level as the Vader "Who's Your Daddy" Poster I brought last time, but whether it is below or above that level is in the eye of the beholder. :)


wildcat*, pvt. patterson, Trax t'lera... [highlight]Done![/highlight]

Welcome to Gameday Trax t'lera!

*Via email; wildcat was having computer problems. :)

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