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Chicago Gameday XVI planning thread - Feb 24th: Head to the sign-up thread

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[highlight]This thread is for planning purposes only. A separate thread will be created for player sign-up closer to Gameday. A link to that thread will be posted here.[/highlight]

This is the planning thread for Chicago Gameday XVI. If you're interested in running an event for Gameday, or just have planning help to offer, this is the thread for you. If you're confused, learn more about Chicago Gameday.

[h1]The Time and The Place[/h1]
Gameday XVI will be on Saturday, February 24th. Events start at 9:30am. Gameday XVI will be hosted by Games Plus, a.k.a., Earth's Greatest Game Store™.

If you would like to run an event for Gameday XVI, please post your event proposal in this thread and indicate when you would like to run it. An event title and short description should be provided for use in the sign-up thread. You don't need these in order to volunteer an event, but I'll need them eventually.

Gameday has two event slots that are 4-5 hours each: a morning slot from 9:30am to 2:30pm, and an afternoon slot from 4:00pm to 9:00pm (and beyond). We try to run 6-8 events in each slot, with 4-6 players plus GM in each event. GMs may request more/fewer seats in their event.

If you do not have an ENWorld Community Supporter account with Private Messaging enabled, please make sure I have your email address. Feel free to email me.

A player sign-up thread will be created in a few weeks. Once the sign-up thread begins, GM volunteers have until one week before Gameday in which they may remove their event from the schedule. After that point, the schedule is set in stone, and you come to Gameday prepared to run your event, regardless of whether anyone has signed up for it.

Pre-approval of player sign-ups is not allowed. By volunteering to run an event, you're agreeing to run it for whomever signs up.

[h1]Current Event Lineup[/h1]
  1. Agon (Reidzilla, table by the door)
  2. BD&D (FCWesel, private room)
  3. CoCd20 (Trevalon Moonleirion)
  4. D&D3.5 (rowport)
  5. TBA (Cerebral Paladin)
  6. Minis Table (Mark CMG)
  7. D&D 3.5 (TracerBullet42)

  1. Iron Heroes (Pbartender)
  2. D&D3.5 (Mark CMG, private room)
  3. Spirit of the Century (FCWesel, back table)
  4. M&M2e (Ninjacat)
  5. Gamma World 1e (buzz, table w/ whiteboard)
  6. Don't Rest Your Head (Nev the Deranged)

Gameday features a prize giveaway between the morning and afternoon slots. If you have a connection to a game company or other organization and can obtain prize donations, please let us know so that efforts are not duplicated. Otherwise, all prize solicitations from publishers are handled by myself. GMs and attendees are also welcome to donate prizes from their own collections.

If you have suggestions, recommendations, or ideas for enhancing the fun of Gameday, please feel free to post them here and we'll open up discussion.
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Hrm... Buzz, why don't you put me down for an evening slot.

I think it'll be Iron Heroes again, but I need to decide exactly which 1st edition module to pit them against.

95% sure I should be able to get home from school for that. And while I'm at home with all of my RPG stuff handy....

If I were to run something, what do you, my fellow gamedayers, feel would be most fun:

*How about some d20 Call of Cthulhu or D20 modern...I've had an idea brewing in my head for a while that I think would be fun...

*Some good old fashioned (well. not that old) D&D 3.5. The new Ravenloft looks pretty fun.

*Orrrr. I'm not totally opposed to another Feng Shui romp, though I'd rather do something else fun.

Oooooh. Pbartender!. More IH fun. Me = excited!


The Isle of Oryonica
Agon RPG

Your band of heroes has just landed upon the shores of an island as perilous as it is beautiful. Beasts roam the land as the neighboring cities fight over the mystic pools of enchanted water and cursed fishermen weep in despair as their families go hungry. What better place to seek adventure!

Join the band of Greek heroes as they strive mightily to appease the Gods and carve out a legend of their own. No XP necessary. Just bring lots of dice and a thirst for heroic Greek adventure!

Morning slot, 6 players, table by the door.
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Mark CMG

Creative Mountain Games
Slot One - Minis Painting Table participant, probably, though if that doesn't get enough sign ups, I might be talked into playing a board game of some sort.

Slot Two - (private room, please, with six seats available) I'll run a D&D game for 7th to 10th level characters. Details to come later . . .
I seem to recall at the last gameday, I was somehow forced to promise to run Synnibarr at one of the 2007 Chicago EN World Gamedays. Alas, I will have to pass on this particular Gameday, as my son has a basketball game that morning. And I just can't see driving down for only half a gameday. ;)

Sqwonk and I may do something together at a future gameday (he mentioned it at our home game after the October gameday last year, but we have done no more planning that discuss it for five seconds). That, too, will have to be at the early summer/late spring gameday (or even the fall gameday). Grade school basketball, I curse you! :p

Have fun--and don't take any wooden....uh....silver pieces!


Barendd Nobeard said:
Alas, I will have to pass on this particular Gameday, as my son has a basketball game that morning.
You need to just hire a body double.



I will be running two events.

I would like the private room for the morning slot, and will take the tall-table in the far-back part of the room (by the back door) for my second, afternoon game.

What I will be running, I will post later.


FCWesel said:
What I will be running, I will post later.
Ooo! Mysterious.

The real question is... am I going to run something? Maybe if my copy of Wild Talents gets here in time...
I'm still pondering my availability (need to check various syllabi for courses at school) but for the time being, here's my tentative game for the morning slot...

Summer Road Trip
d20 Call of Cthulhu

It'll be a summer that you'll never forget...if you survive.

You've made it through four years of high school, if not longer together, and this summer was going to be your last blast before you all went your separate ways in college. You set out from home in a van with your five best friends for a two-week roadtrip full of drinking, having fun, and laying on the beach, and didn't have a care in the world. Then the thunderstorm came--one of the worst you've ever seen--and your van went flying off the road and into a tree.

Your van is totalled, your cell phones don't work, and the storm has drenched you to the bone. Even worse, you have a terrifying feeling that there's something hidden in the woods, watching you. Every step you take, you hear whispers over the roar of the storm. Could the rusted sign for "Forest City Amusement Park" pointing down an abandoned road lead you to at least a little shelter from the storm? Or will it only lead you to madness.

A game of modern horror for 6 players. Expect Sanity loss. And lots of it.

Annnnd... damn. Beaten to the punch by FCWeasel. Guess I'll sit wherever there's room. :)
(Unless of course he has an unfortunate "accident" and can't make it to the Gameday, letting me take his room..... *whistles innocently*)
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sounds like fun!

put me down as tentative for that morning Agon slot. you know how I dig the indie games.

well, okay, you probably don't know. but I do. so... there. or something.

Nev the Deranged said:
sounds like fun!

put me down as tentative for that morning Agon slot. you know how I dig the indie games.

well, okay, you probably don't know. but I do. so... there. or something.


You didn't read the rules. You can't sign up yet.

Now we aren't going to let you sign up at all :p

(Just kidding, you can still sign up. But look for the thread in a few weeks. :) )


buzz said:
I'm afraid your post has exceeded the allowed TEH AW3SOM3!!1 quota for this thread.
Wait for it...


Game 1: The Iron Heroes vs. The Tomb of Horrors
Iron Heroes d20

"Go back to the tormentor or through the arch, and the second great hall you'll discover. Shun green if you can, but night's good color is for those of great valor. If shades of red stand for blood the wise will not need sacrifice aught but a loop of magical metal - you're well along your march. Two pits along the way will be found to lead to a fortuitous fall, so check the wall. These keys and those are most important of all, and beware of trembling hands and what will maul. If you find the false you find the true and into the columned hall you'll come, and there the throne that's key and keyed. The iron men of visage grim do more than meet the viewer's eye. You've left and left and found my Tomb and now your soul will die."

This is an Iron Heroes d20 adventure for up to six 9th-level pre-generated characters. No experience required, but familiarity with D&D 3.5 is helpful.

Download an Iron Heroes Primer (.doc, 66 kB). Pre-generated characters coming soon.[/bq]
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Trevalon Moonleirion said:
You didn't read the rules. You can't sign up yet.

Now we aren't going to let you sign up at all :p

(Just kidding, you can still sign up. But look for the thread in a few weeks. :) )
What Trev said! I'm guessing official sign-up will start at the beginning of Feb.
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