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Chthulu Mythos Deities in the original Deities and Demigods 1st edition book -help



Anybody here have a copy of the original Deities and Demigods book and want to do me a favor? I'd like to know which Chthulu Mythos deities were featured and what their divine ranks (i.e. "lesser god", etc) and alignments were, so I can compare with my 3e book and see if there were any changes (besides the obvious, like increased hit points/die). Any help would be much appreciated! Or at least point me in the right direction to find the info... :cool:


Sure, but the stuff in there doesn't fit well with other sources.

Cthullu -- Greater -- CE
Azathoth -- Greater -- CN
Cthuga -- Greater -- CE
Hastur -- Greater -- CE
Ithaqua -- demigod -- CE
Nylarathotep -- Lesser -- CE
Shub-Niggurath -- Lesser -- CE
Yog-Sothoth -- Greater -- CE

*edit: didn't notice the alignment part of the request. Adding now
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