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Cleon Specials Monster Index


Over the years I've posted a fair few 3E monsters on Enworld and thought it would be a good idea to collect links to as many of them as I can remember on this forum. These monsters are not Creature Catalog conversions, either the "working versions" listed in Creatures Awaiting Upload & Current Conversions or the completed ones in the Creature Catalog Enworld Resource, but are more in the way of personal works that fall in one of three general categories:

Firstly, are "Redux" Monsters that are alternative stats for monsters with official 3E versions. Mostly I wrote these to reintroduce some flavour and/or lethality that existed in an older version of the monster, but this is not necessarily the case. The Tyrannosaurus Redux, for example,

Secondly, are alternative takes on monsters with Creature Catalog entries but no official 3E version. For example, the Infinite Staircase Conversions. Some were created before the CC version, were done as "counter proposals" to another version that won the coveted CC slot, or were simply written for personal amusement (or I just liked my version better).

Thirdly are new monsters, some being extrapolations of existing D&D or CC monsters (such as Castle-Eater the Kaiju Dire Pangolin) or original creations such as the Lumbercritter Homebrews.

So without further ado…

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Cleon Specials Monster Index

See Modifying Under Performing SRD Monsters, or "Building A Better Otyugh" for the thread that started this madness. The Dinosaurs are also in the PREHISTORIC BEASTS! sub-index.
[stats in Prehistoric Beasts! thread].
DinosaurDeinonychus Redux.
DinosaurElasmosaurus Redux.
DinosaurMegaraptor Reduxsee Utahraptor.
DinosaurTriceratops Redux.
DinosaurTyrannosaurus Redux.
Dinosaur—Tyrannosaurus ReduxPrimal Tyrannosaurus.
Dire AnimalDire Crocodileincludes Dire Huge Crocodile.
Dire AnimalDire Giant Crocodileincludes Dire Gargantuan Crocodile.
Dire AnimalDire Wombat.
Dragonnewith Immature & Advanced stages plus Great Dragonne and Gregarious Dragonne.
DragonneMystaran Dragonne.
Octopus, Deep-Dwellingincludes Big Deep-Dwelling Octopus and Giant Deep-Dwelling Octopus.
OtyughOtyugh Reduxwith Immature Otyugh stages [also see Muto-Otyugh with Cloacilli the Muto-Otyugh NPC].
OtyughNeo-Otyughwith Immature Neo-Otyugh stages.
CrocodileCrocodile Reduxincludes Large Crocodile.
Crocodile—Crocodile ReduxGiant Crocodile.
OctopusOctopus Reduxincludes Small Octopus & Medium Octopus plus Common Octopus with Tiny Octopus & Diminutive Octopus; Octopus Variants with Arm-Shedding Octopus, Elongated Octopus and Glass Octopus plus Octopus Curiosities with Coconut Octopus (Veined Octopus), Imitating Octopus (Mimic Octopus & Wunderpus) and Social Octopus (LPSO).
Octopus—Octopus ReduxGiant Octopus.
OctopusBlue-Ringed Octopusincludes Giant Blue-Ringed Octopus and Poison-Ink Blue-Ringed Octopus.
SquidSquid Reduxincludes Medium Squid & Large Squid plus Small Squid, Tiny Squid & Diminutive Squid plus Squid Variants with Elongated Squid (Whiplash Squid) [Love-Heart Squid], Longline Squid [Asperoteuthis acanthoderma], Flying Squid, Slow Squid and Smart Squid; Cephalopod Variants with Cephalopod Taxonomy, Dazzling Cephalopod, Elongated Cephalopod, Gelatinous Cephalopod (Gelatinous Squid & Gelatinous Octopus)[Vampyroteuthis], Glass Cephalopod (Glass Squid & Glass Octopus)[Cockatoo Squid & Giant Cockatoo Squid] and Invisible Cephalopod [Invisible Squid]; plus Ink Variants with Inkless Cephalopod, Decoy-Deploying Cephalopod, Glow-Ink Cephalopod, Stink-Ink Cephalopod and Poison-Ink Cephalopod.
Squid—Squid ReduxGiant Squid Redux.
SquidArchiteuthis (Giant Squid).
SquidLong-Armed Squid (Magnapinna)includes Long-Armed Cephalopod and Giant Magnapinna.
SquidMesonychoteuthis ("The Colossal Squid").
SquidTusoteuthis (Prehistoric Giant Squid).

Awakened Killer Whaleincludes Karate Killer Whale (Awakened Orca 2nd level Monk), Karate Orca Abbot (Awakened Elite Orca 10th level Druid, 4th level Monk) and Black Belt Orca (Awakened Elite Advanced Orca 8th level Monk).
Pangolin, Kaiju (The Castle-Eater).

PREHISTORIC BEASTS! (Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Animals)
Mostly from Reviewing, Revising, and Finalizing Prehistoric Animals and Dinosaur Ecology.
Individual Species/Genera
Allosaurus Reduxincludes Greater Allosaurus [official 3E stats in Monster Manual II].
CrocodileCrocodile Reduxincludes Large Crocodile Redux plus Giant Crocodile Redux.
CrocodileDire Crocodileincludes Dire Crocodile & Huge Dire Crocodile plus Giant Dire Crocodile & Gargantuan Dire Crocodile.
Deinonychus Redux.
Elasmosaurus Redux.
Megaraptor (not Utahraptor).
Spinosaurusincludes accurate short-legged Spinosaurus aegyptiacus and long-legged "Walking With Dinosaurs" style Spinosaurus [official 3E stats in Monster Manual II].
Tanystropheusincludes Large Tanystropheus & Small Tanystropheus (Dinocephalus) plus Dire Tanystropheus, Huge Dire Tanystropheus and Gargantuan Dire Tanystropheus.
Triceratops Redux.
Tusoteuthis (Prehistoric Giant Squid).
Tyrannosaurus Redux.
Tyrannosaurus ReduxPrimal Tyrannosaurus.
Utahraptor (Megaraptor Redux).
Xiphactinus (Giant Predatory Fish).
Dinosaur Families/Bauplans
ANKYLOSAURS & similar THYREOPHORA—includes Ankylosaurus as the generic Huge Ankylosaur with Big Ankylosaurus and Gargantuan Ankylosaurus plus Tianzhenosaurus (Lesser Ankylosaur) and Minmi (Pygmy Ankylosaur) plus Variants Nodosaurs and Polacanthids (Gargoyleosaurus & Gastonia).
COELOPHYSOIDS (Lightweight Carnosaurs)—includes Coelophysis, Mature Adult Coelophysis, Big Coelophysis, Juvenile Coelophysis and Coelophysis Swarm with Venomous Coelophysis variant plus Compsognathus, Dilophosaurus and the fictional Venomous Dilophosaurus.
MANIRAPTORS—(still Rough Drafts) includes Standard Maniraptors with Small Maniraptor (Velociraptor), Little Maniraptor (Dromaeosaurus), Medium Maniraptor (Deinonychus), Big Maniraptor (Achillobator), Large Maniraptor (Utahraptor); Mini-Maniraptors with Diminutive Maniraptor (Epidexipteryx), Tiny Maniraptor (Bambiraptor) & Very Small Maniraptor (Buitreraptor); the fictional Nanoraptor Swarm; Unengalid Maniraptors ("Speedy Raptors") with Large Unengalid (Advanced Austroraptor), Big Unengalid (Austroraptor), Medium Unengalid, Little Unengalid, Small Unengalid, Very Small Unengalid, Tiny Unengalid, and Diminutive Unengalid; Winged Maniraptors in Gliding and Flying subtypes with Diminutive Gliding Unengalid, Tiny Gliding Unengalid (Microraptor), Diminutive Flying Unengalid (Rahonavis), Tiny Flying Unengalid and the fictional Winged Dromaeosaurus (Little Flying Maniraptor) & Winged Austroraptor (Big Gliding Unengalid); and Double-Taloned Maniraptors with Medium Double-Taloned Maniraptor (Balaur bondoc). ORNITHOMIMOSAURSincludes Ornithomimus as the generic Large Ornithomimid plus Archaeornithomimus (Lesser Ornithomimosaur), Gallimimus (Greater Ornithomimosaur) and Deinocheirus.
PROSAUROPODSincludes Bipedal Prosauropods with Small Prosauropod (Thecodontosaurus), Little Prosauropod (Unaysaurus), Medium Prosauropod (Coloradisaurus), Large Prosauropod (Massospondylus), Big Prosauropod (Plateosaurus) and Huge Prosauropod (Yunnanosaurus); for Quadruped Prossauropods see Sauropod.
SAUROPODSincludes Brontosaurus (Apatosaurus) as the generic Huge Sauropod with Small Sauropod (Infant), Medium Sauropod (Juvenile), Large Sauropod (Nigersaurus), Gargantuan Sauropod (Brontosaurus), Colossal Sauropod (Argentinosaurus), and Maximized Sauropod; plus Variants Armoured Sauropods (Ampelosaurus), Brachiosaurs (Brachiosaurus); Diplodocids (Diplodocus); Long-Necked Sauropods (Mamenchisaurus); also covers quadrupedal Prosauropoda.
STEGOSAURSincludes Stegosaurus as the generic Huge Stegosaur plus Gargantuan Stegosaurus and Tuojiangosaurus and Chungkingosaurus.
THERIZINOSAURSincludes Therizinosaurus as a generic Huge Therizinosaur with Segnosaurus (Large Therizinosaur) and Neimongosaurus (Medium Therizinosaur).

Tales from The Infinite Staircase Monsters
See Converting monsters from Tales From The Infinite Staircase for the original thread.
Baatorian, Maturing ("Nupperibo")
Golem, Argent.
Dark Dweller Portion.
Fly, Giant Mount.
Kamerel (incomplete)
Kyton, Lesser.
Kyton, Unchained.
Land Urchin.
Nightmare Rat.
Phlegamor's Servant.
Sliver, Lesser.
Taker of Life Water Creation.
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Well that took a lot longer than I expected. Much of the time was getting the Index formatting not to look fugly.

There are still some Cleon Specials I remember posting on the boards but haven't tracked down links to them yet. I'll edit them in later.

Also, I've got some Cleon Specials I never got around to posting on Enworld or that I thought I'd posted but didn't. For example, I finished the Primal Tyrannosaurus but the one in the Modifying Under Performing SRD Monsters, or "Building A Better Otyugh" is still the Working Version. Rather than editing the Working Draft to be the "final" version I am more inclined to start posting finished versions on this forum, either in this thread or a new one.

If I'm feeling energetic (or have time to waste) I might collect some of these conversions and post them in a Zip folder on Enworld Resources, probably in Rich Text File format.


There are still some Cleon Specials I remember posting on the boards but haven't tracked down links to them yet. I'll edit them in later.

Well I would add them if I could find them! I'm sure I posted a Cachalot Whale Redux, Baleen Whale Redux and Architeuthis conversion on Enworld but have had no luck finding them. It seems simpler if I just repost them on this forum. Especially as some of the monster stats in old posts have their formatting and links screwed up by the various board reboots we've experienced over the years.


Extradimensional Explorer
Cool! I do think you're going to need to repost some of those. Can't really even get the moderators' attention to move the threads we've found back to this forum!


Cool! I do think you're going to need to repost some of those. Can't really even get the moderators' attention to move the threads we've found back to this forum!

Yes, I fear you are correct.

Haven't decided whether to post them in this thread or start new dedicated threads. I'm currently leaning towards the latter, especially as I never got around to finishing some specials that had their own threads (like the Dinosaurs).

Anyhow, I started reading through my own Specials and got distracted writing new entries for some. That's the way it goes!


Okay, reviewing the Cleon Specials some of the Challenge Rating's are a tad too low according to standard Improving Monsters guidelines.

The Gargantuan Dire Tanystropheus should be CR 14 not 13.

The Huge Dire Crocodile should be CR 8 not 7, which means the Giant Crocodile Redux should be CR 7 not 6 and the Giant Dire Crocodiles should all have CRs one higher.

Finally, the Nightmare King Primal Tyrannosaurus should be Challenge Rating 42 (!) rather than 35. CR 14 for the Primal Tyrannosaurus +26 CR for the +78 Hit Dice and +2 CR for the two size increases. I believe I used a +1 CR per 4 HD instead of the guidelines +1 per 3 HD.

Since the Epic Level rules are notoriously iffy and Monster CRs are hardly exact, that CR 42 may be very inaccurate. For a start, The Nightmare King has no ranged attack or teleportation abilities so can only injure opponents with melee attacks, meaning its enemies just need to stay out of charge range and they can attack it without any risk.

EDIT: Just noticed some inconsistent numbering in the entries - for example, one creature might weigh "1,500" pounds but another weighs "1500" pounds. I've gone through the Cleon Specials and added commas to the numbers where appropriate, since that matches the "#,###" format used in the SRD and WotC publications.
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Finally added a new entry - the Wombat!

Had this sitting around almost-completed for months after mentioning this marsupial in passing on a forum thread.

A dire version should be turning up too.

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