3.5 Cleric build (no DMM) tips


Hi there, I need some advice to build my cleric please.

Level 10, PHB + DMG + Complete Arcane/Divine/Adventure/Warrior, no Divine Metamagic allowed
I can have any two domains instead of a God
30.000 gp for the equipment
I can choose between these two series (I can re-arrange the single scores):

I was thinking about Cleric 4 / Church Inquisitor 6 since I like that PrC and to use the second stats-set because I think is better on average and can be a good/balanced melee cleric. I don't know the other PCs in the party (dont'ask -_-) but we will be 5 PCs in total. I'm thinking to get Contemplative at Level 11.
Str 16
Dex 13
Con 15
Wis 16 (+2 stat advancements)
Cha 9

Domains: Travel & Celerity
Power Attack
Weapon Prof: Greatsword
Domain Spontaneity (to use mainly with Haste/Blur from Celerity)
Extra Turning (to fuel Domain Spontaneity)
Lighting Reflect (to make an even more balanced character, but I'm not convinced about this, could swap for another Domain Spont. to use with Travel)

Magic Items:
Option 1:
Periapt of Wisdom +4 (16000) to have a total of 22 Wis and 1 more level 6 spell at day (at next level)
GS +1 (2350)
Animated Shield +1 (9170)

Option 2:
Periapt of Wisdom +2
Animated Shield
Cloak of Charisma +2
???? (Ring of Protection +1)

I know this is a mess so I really appreciate some help, I started with the idea of using Turn Attempt to fuel both Domain Spontaneity and Profane Boost for some Inflicts in melee, I really like a "bad touch cleric" idea but it seems really subpar.

I have the feeling to waste the rolled stats if I use the first series and maybe make a full Caster since I can do that with worse series (1-2 good stats are enough for that).

Help me please XD
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I really like a "bad touch cleric" idea
If that is what you want, maybe you wanna try some different approaches:

a) dip monk1 and go for Sacred Fist prc. It progresses unarmed strike with a divine 8/10 spell progression. You get Wis to AC and can fight unarmed and have your bad touch feeling^^.

other way would be to convince the DM to allow Tome of Battle:
b) Swordsage (unarmed strike like monk adaptation) / Shadow Sun Ninja
The "Touch of the Shadow Sun" ability is imho what you are looking for. The first round you use it it does a melee touch attack with negative energy damage as your base unarmed damage + Wis modifier . On the next round you can use the ability to touch an ally and heal for the same amount. Rinse & Repeat.
If you still want cleric lvls you could just dip Swordsage and Shadow Sun Ninja each 1 lvl and go Cleric / Sacred Fist for the rest lvls.

edit: while a single lvl dip in Swordsage is enough to qualify for Shadow Sun Ninja a 2nd lvl is recommend for the Wis to AC bonus.
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