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OK, time to get things moving on new conversions again here at the Creature Catalog! I realize that I just don’t have the time to pump out conversions the way I used to anymore, and as I’m the only one still doing this I figure I need some help from you all. I like the way the 3.5e Overhaul Project thread has been working out so far, so I will apply that method to conversions for the foreseeable future.

This will be the first in a series of threads where I will be working on converting a series of monsters from similar sources. For this thread, we will be focusing on First Edition monsters that first appeared in Dragon magazine. You may feel free to make suggestions (go to the first post in this thread to pick from eligible monsters), but ultimately I will pick what to convert and when.

What I will do is first post the creature’s original stats and flavor text. Then, I will post a basic outline of the things I think it needs, and then I will give you an opportunity to suggest stats and ideas on how powers and abilities should work. Then, I will add more to it and we will continue to discuss it until I feel it’s done and time to move on to the next. As we work on these creatures, they will be posted in this thread, and after 10 conversions are complete they will be added to the Creature Catalog. You may comment on monsters already finished, of course.

Here are some examples of monsters not yet converted:

26 - Lower soul, lost soul, vampire-spectre, sea bonze, Celestial stag, goat demon (Chinese Undead, David Sweet)

28 - Satan, Belial, Astaroth (The Politics of Hell)
28 - Slinger (Dragon's Bestiary, Jake Jacquet)

31 - Ukuyatangi (Dragon's Bestiary)

34 - Vilkonnar (Dragon's Bestiary, Charles Carson)

35 - Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominations, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels, Angels of the Ninth Order (Angels, William Fawcett)

37 - Prowler, jarkung, elemental demons, the Oracle (aka the Stalker) (The Pit of the Oracle, Stephen Sullivan)
37 - Vulturehounds (Dragon's Bestiary, Chris Chalmers and Dan Pollak)

38 - Brown dragon, yellow dragon, orange dragon, Tiamat, Bahamut (Leomund's Tiny Hut, Lenard Lekofka) Tiamat and Bahamut are first given diety status here, and appeared previously in the Monster Manual. They later appeared as the first 3rd edition creatures in Dragon 272, then in the Manual of the Planes, and Dieties and Demigods.

39 - Groundsquid (Dragon's Bestiary, Larry DiTillio)

40 - Werelion, wereleapord, werejaguar, weresabre, weredire, wereram, wereweasel, weresloth, werebadger, werebison, (The Other Were? Right Here!, Roger E. Moore)
40 - Fire-eye lizard, flitte, wingless wonder, huntsmen (Dragon's Bestiary, various contributors) The wingless wonder later appeared in the 2nd edition in Menzoberranzan.

41 - The Silkie, (Dragon's Bestiary, various contributors)
41 - Marquins (The Halls of Beol-Dur, module by Dave Luther, Jon Naatz, Dave Niessen, Mark Schultz)

42 - Saraphs, the Appolyon, asperim, Hacamuli (Demons, Devils, and Spirits, Tom Moldvay)
42 - Quatsch, necroton, well spirit, sandbats, swampbats, (Dragon's Bestiary, various contributors)

43 - Amazon, tolwar (Dragon's Bestiary, various contributors)
44 - Koodjanuk, cryoserpent, ice golem (Dragon's Bestiary, various contributors)

45 - Skyzorr'n, sand lizard, dust devil (Dragon's Bestiary, various contributors)

46 - Gaund (Dragon's Bestiary, Ed Greenwood) The gaund later appeared in the 2nd edition in MC11.

47 - Wirchler, aruchai, Phoenix, Fury, mapmaker, flard, sugo (Creatures From Elsewhere, Patrick Amory) ...I'm pretty sure Dieties and Demigods came out before this issue, and weren't the Furies and the Phoenix in it?

48 - Water-horse, sea demon, (Dragon's Bestiary, various contributors) The sea demon later appeared in the 2nd edition in Monstrous Compendium Annual 4.

50 - Kzinti (Kzinti, Robert Plamondon)
50 - Giant vampire frog (Dragon's Bestiary, Alan Fomorin)

51 - The winged folk (Al Karak Elam) (The Winged Folk, William Lenox) The winged folk later appeared in the 2nd edition as the Avariel in the Complete Book of Elves, and in Monstrous Compendium Annual 2.
51 - Dark dwellers, piranha bats (Dragon's Bestiary, various contributors)

52 - pelins (Dragon's Bestiary, various contributors)

53 - Guardians (The Garden of Nefaron)
53 - Argas, narra (Dragon's Bestiary, various contributors)
53 - Triffids (The Ways of the Triffids, Mark Nuiver)

54 - Boggart, stroan, incubus (Dragon's Bestiary, various contributors)
54 - The Jabberwock (Beware the Jabberwock, Mark Nuiver) A similar creature by the same name appeared in Monstrous Compendium Annual 3.

55 - Allosaurus, deinonychus, teratosaurus, therezinosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, apatosaurus, brachiosaurus, diplodocus, plateosaurus, anatosaurus, iguanadon, parasaurolophus, ankylosarusus, triceratops, stegosaurus, pteranodon (A Book Even T. Rex Would Like, Chris Henderson) These dinos appeared in many places, and I'm not going to track them all down. :)
55 - Devil spider, surchur, poltergeist (Dragon's Bestiary, various contributors)

56 - Shroom, colfel, gem vars (Dragon's Bestiary, various contributors)

57 - Phooka (The Wandering Trees, Michael Malone)

58 - beguiler, Magenta's cat (Dragon's Bestiary, Ed Greenwood and Roger Moore) The beguiler appeared in MC11.
58 - Geryon, Echidna, the Nemeian Lion, the Monster of Geryoneo, the Blatant Beast (The Blood of Medusa, Michael Parkinson) This Geryon is not the same as the one from the Monster Manual.

59 - stymphalian birds, (Dragon's Bestiary, various contributors)
59 - Demonic Knights of Doom (The Great Kingdom and the Knights of Doom, Rob Kuntz)

60 - Pooka (Pooka, Michael Fountain)

61 - Firetail, light worm, umbrae, tybor (Dragon's Bestiary, various contributors) The firetail later appeared in the 2nd edition in MC11 and in Monstrous Compendium Annual 3.
61 - Gan-da-yah, ga-hon-ga, oh-do-was (Jo-ga-oh: Little People of the Iriqouis, Conrad Froehlich)

62 - steel dragon, grey dragon (Our Annual Full-Blown Dragon Section, various contributors)

65 - Yellow dragon, orange dragon, purple dragon (The Missing Dragons, Richard Alan Lloyd) These dragons appeared later in the 2nd edition in issue 248.

67 - Barrel spider, boleadore spider, net-throwing/fishing spider, crab spider, daddy longlegs, jumping spider, raft/swamp spider, spitting spider, trap-door/purse spider, whip spider, wolf spider (Souping Up the Spider, Gregg Chamberlain)

68 - Koalinth, marine vodyanoi, fresh water sea hag, mottled purple worm (What's That in the Water?, Mark S. Harcourt)

70 - Werejaguar (Mechica, Gali Sanchez)

74 - Arack, scintillating dragon, night dragon (Landragons, Ronald Hall)
74 - Electrum dragon (The Electrum Dragon, Ed Greenwood) The electrum dragon later appeared in the 2nd edition in the Ruins of Myth Drannor boxed set and in Monstrous Compendium Annual 1.

75 - Bitru (From the Sorceror's Stone: New Denizens of Devildom, E. Gary Gygax)
75 - Amduscias, Malphas, Nergal, Bist, Caim, Lilis, Arioch, Biffant, Merodach, Alocer, Naome, Chamo, Balan, Bathym, Gaziel, Cozbi, Gorson, Herodias, Agares, Machalas, (The Nine Hells Part I, Ed Greenwood)

76 - Lilith, Tartach, Bileth, Baftis, Neabaz, Barbatos, Abigor, Zepar, Bele, Adonides, Barbas, Bifrons, Bensozia, Adramalech, Phongor, Buer, Bune, Morax, Rimmon, Zagum (The Nine Hells Part II, Ed Greenwood)

77 - The Devil of the Tarot (Tarot of Many Things, Michael J. Lowrey)

78 - Deryni (The Deryni, Arthur Collins)

79 - Gremlins (Blame It On the Gremlins, Gregg Chamberlain) I don't believe these are the same gremlins we all know and love... or are they?

84 - Rakshasa knight, rakshasa lord (Never the Same Thing Twice, Scott Bennie)

86 - Telperan, glissan, baltir, tabur, orrek, quark, nalg, durocib, haudhla, veeru (Familiars With a Special Use, Stephen Inniss)

89 - Killer Beetle (Aratha), Bohun Tree, Cantobele, Corkie, Explodestool, Fachan, Flailtail, Glasspane Horror, Giant Horseshoe Crab, Ihagnim, Millikan, Peltast, Giant Pitcher Plant, Seastar, Scallion, Giant Shrike, Sind, Star Leviathan, Giant Venus Fly-Trap, Vurgen, Killer Whale (Creature Catalog, various authors)

91 - Armaros, Azazel, Cahor, Dagon, Duskur, Kochibel, Malarea, Nisroch, Rumjal, Gargoth (Nine Hells Revisited, Ed Greenwood) Gargoth appeared in the 2nd edition as Gargauth (a demigod) in Powers and Pantheons.

92 - Scalmagadrion (Pages From the Mages, Ed Greenwood) The Scalamgadrion later appeared in the 2nd edition in Pages From the Mages and in Monstrous Compendium Annual 3.

94 - giant betta, phase dragon, fireball fly, firestar, flamewing, hurgeon, giant lightning bug, orgautha, rekeihs, rummele, viltch, great wyrm, (Creature Catalog II, various contributors)
95 - Chimpanzee, giganopithecus, gorilla, orangutan (The Many Shapes of Apes, Stephen Inniss)

101 - automaton, bogeyman, burbur, creeping pit, dracones, forchoreai, gargorian, gu'armori, hawkdragon, mantimera, metal mimic, pilfer vine, righteous clay, sea giant, tener, thendar, tundra beast, wind thrower, yale (Creature Catalog III, various contributors) The burbur later appeared in the 2nd edition in MC3 and in Monstrous Compendium Annual 3. The orpsu later appeared in the 2nd edition in FR13 Anauroch and in MC11.

102 - Bushdog, coyote, dhole, dingo, feral dog, fox, hunting dog, jackal, wolf, dire wolf (A Collection of Canines, Stephen Inniss)
102 - Huntsman (Valley of the Earth Mother, Lise Breakey)

103 - Domestic dog (A Dozen Domestic Dogs, Stephen Inniss)

108 - Pernicon (The Pernicon: A New Version, John Nephew) The original version of the pernicon originally appeared in the Fiend Folio.
108 - Volheller, tren, river crocodile, rivertree (The Plants of Biurndon, Eric W. Pass)

110 - Angur-Boda, Egder, Grid, Hati Hrodvitnisson and Skoll, Nidhogg, the Tempests, Utgard-Loki, Vafthrudnir (For Better Or Norse: I, Joel McGraw)

111 - Peridinium, gonyaulax, ceratium, noctiluca, paramecium, amoeba, elphidium, globigerina, dictyostelium (Microscopic Monsters, Kent Colbath)

112 - Aetosaur, ankylosaur, carnosaur, ceratopsian, marine chelonian, (rest of article appears to missing) (Dinosaurs: Mesozoic Monsters From the Mightiest to the Weakest, Stephen Inniss)

115 - King cobra, black mamba, gaboon viper, rattlesnake, flying snake, sea snake, rock python, ram python, boa constrictor, anaconda, ringed snake, saw-edged scaled snake (Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth, Ray Hamel and David Hage)

116 - Brain coral, sea centaur, giant clam, giant grouper, morana, giant porcupine fish, electric ray, sawfish/sawshark, giant sea anemone, sea titan, undine, weed giant (The Dragon's Bestiary, various contributors) The brain coral, giant clam, giant grouper, morana, giant porcupine fish, electric ray, and giant sea anemone later appeared in the 2nd edition in Monstrous Compendium Annual 4.

117 - Gith dogs, Xotzcoyotl (Hounds of Space and Darkness, Stephen Inniss)

118 - Opilionid, spider cat, phoenix spider, polar spider, giant bolas spider (The Dragon's Bestiary, various contributors)

122 - Chepekwe, silwane-manzi, chemosit, dingonek, nzefu-loi, getiet, utuchekulu, tyerkow, nunda, ngojama, unthlatu, ingogo (Gaming the Dark Continent, Roger E. Moore)

125 - Radiance quasi-elemental, steam quasi-elemental, mineral quasi-elemental (Plane Speaking: The (Positive) Quasi-Elementals!, Jeff Grubb) The positive quasi-elementals (along with the lightning variety from Monster Manual II) later appeared in the 2nd edition in Planescape Monstrous Compendium III.

126 - Dracula (Vlad Tepes), vrykolakas, baobhan sith, ch'ing shih (Hearts of Darkness, Tom Moldvay)

128 - Ash quasi-elemental, vacuum quasi-elemental, dust quasi-elemental, salt quasi-elemental (Plane Speaking: The (Negative) Quasi-Elementals!, Jeff Grubb) The negative quasi-elementals later appeared in the 2nd edition in Planescape Monstrous Compendium III.

131 - Greater aboleth, noble aboleth, ruler aboleth, grand aboleth (The Ecology of the Aboleth, Brandon Grist)

133 Neries, diopatra, vanadis, eurythoe, glycera, sabella, terebella, pectineria (The Dragon's Bestiary, Kent Colbath)

134 - Dragotha (Lords & Legends, William Simpson)
134 - Aquatic dragon, icthyodrake, astral dragon, weredragon, fang dragon, sand dragon, stone dragon (The Dragon's Bestiary, various contributors) The weredragon later appeared in the 2nd edition in The Halls of the High King and in Monstrous Compendium Annual 3, and appeared in the 3rd edition as the song dragon in Monsters of Faerun. The fang dragon later appeared in the 2nd edition in the Ruins of Myth Drannor boxed set and in Monstrous Compendium Annual 1, and appeared in the 3rd edition in Monsters of Faerun.

135 - Tibbit "cat-were" (The Dragon's Bestiary, Scott Bennie)

137 - Antelope, bison, giraffe, hart, musk-ox, okapi, seals, tapir, walrus (What's For Lunch?, David Howery)
137 - Alticamelus, ambelodon, arsinotherium, astrapotherium, short-faced bear, giant bison, cattle (auroch), deinotherium, gigantopithecus, glyptodon, macrauchenia, moropus, sivatherium, ground sloth, uintatherium (Into the Age of Mammals, David Howery)

138 - Bloody bones, skleros, dry bones, gem eyes, shock bones, galley beggar, walking dead, hungry dead, colossus, le grand zombi, ghula, baka, gelloudes, spirit-ghoul, black annis, wendigo, callicantzari (The Ungrateful Dead, Tom Moldvay)

146 - Cobra dragon, obsidian dragon, gray dragon, rainbow dragon, draken, minidragon (The Dragon's Bestiary: All Dragons Great and Small, various contributors)
146 - Crystal drake, demon drake, faerie drake, shadow drake (Dragons are Wizards Best Friends, David E. Cates)

149 - Av, bahtel, kiita, vor, wandega (The Dragon's Bestiary: Not Quite Horses - But Perhaps Better, Kurt Martin)

151 - Sch’theraqpasstt (Major Demon), histachii (The Ecology of the Yuan-Ti, David Wellman)
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The first monster I’ve decided to work on is one requested by Grodog; the Rapper from Dragon #58.

Here are the original stats:

Undead Dwarf
FREQUENCY: Very rare
MOVE: 9”
% IN LAIR: 95%
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 2-9 or by weapon
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Insanity, loss of direction
SPECIAL DEFENSES: +1 or better weapon to hit, invisibility
ALIGNMENT: Neutral evil
SIZE: S (4’ tall)
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil
LEVEL/X.P. VALUE: V/240 x 4/HP

A rapper is the undead form of an evil dwarven thief or assassin who died in an attempt to steal something. These beings typically inhabit old mines and caverns, where they attempt to lure victims in to their doom. Rappers appear to be pale-skinned dwarves with semi-translucent skin, dressed in rags and carrying weapons or mining tools. They can go invisible twice a day for 6 turns, but will become visible when physically attacking.
Rappers will hide in small corners of underground tunnels and make a constant, rhythmic tapping sound with their tools or weapons against the tunnel wall. This sound carries in a 120’ radius through the underground corridors and rooms; it is never very loud, but is annoying to listen to. Within the 120’ radius this tapping noise will reduce the chance of successfully listening at doors by 20% (making it impossible for non-thieves to listen at doors at all).
After listening to this tapping sound for longer than an hour, a human or demi-human or humanoid creature must make a saving throw vs. magic at +2, or else develop a form of insanity (monomania; see DMG, p. 83, for effects). Those who saved the first time against this power must save again after listening to it for a second consecutive hour, again after a third hour, and so forth. There is a 20% chance that an affected character or creature will also develop kleptomania (DMG, p. 83). Rappers can keep up their tapping for an infinitely long duration.
If they are located and attacked, rappers will attack in a crazed manner and will howl and shriek loudly, possibly (40% chance) attracting additional monsters. Anyone struck by a rapper’s weapon or by the rapper itself must save vs. magic or be affected as if by the 6th-level cleric spell Lose The Path for a full day. During this time the character will be unable to tell directions and must be led by hand or by force.
Rappers guard their victims’ remains. For treasure, generate the number and types of magical items owned by 1-4 random non-player characters of 1st through 6th level, according to the tables in the DMG on pp. 175-176. Hide bodies and magic items under rubble or elsewhere in the rappers’ lair. Assume each of the dead victims possessed treasure types J, K, L, M, N, and Q as well. A victim will not automatically possess any magical treasure or gems.
Clerics turn rappers the same as wights. Holy water does 2-8 points damage per hit. Raise Dead and Resurrection destroy them, but they are immune to all poisons, paralysis, enchant/charm spells, and cold attacks.

and here are some basic stats I’ve worked out so far. discuss! (BTW, no I don’t want to convert this as a template – personal preference!)

Medium Undead
HD: 4d12 (26 hp)
Initiative: +X
Speed: 25 ft (5 squares)
AC: 18 (+X Dex, +X natural), touch X, flat-footed X
Base Attack/Grapple: +2/+X
Attack: Heavy pick + X melee (1d6+X/20/x4 plus disorient) or slam +X melee (1d8+X plus disorient)
Full Attack: Heavy pick + X melee (1d6+X/20/x4 plus disorient) or slam +X melee (1d8+X plus disorient)
Space/Reach: 5 ft/5 ft
Special Attacks: Disorient, rapping
Special Qualities: Damage reduction, immunity to cold, invisibility, undead traits
Saves: Fort +X Ref +X Will +X
Abilities: Str X Dex X Con --- Int X Wis X Chr X
Skills: Hide +
Feats: 2

Environment: Underground
Organization: Solitary or gang (1-4)
Challenge Rating: X
Treasure: Double standard
Alignment: Always neutral evil
Advancement: 5-12 HD (Medium)
Level Adjustment: ---


let me get this straight. your going to be doing 2 of these threads now?

1 converting from 3.0 to 3.5 and this from 1E to 3.5E?

sweet. more threads to subscribe to!



They are strong and some what bright as they try to find the pcs with their picks. Give them tremorsense or echolocation?

Ability is like cause disease with +2 modifier

Feats: Toughness, Weapon focus (Pick)
Skills: Listen and spot
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Creature Cataloguer
Leopold said:
let me get this straight. your going to be doing 2 of these threads now?

probably more than 1. ;) i felt the upgrade thread was moving pretty slowly, and i wanted a challenge and to get things moving again...


Creature Cataloguer
and for reference, here are those "insanities" from the 1E DMG:

2. Kleptomania: This is another mild insanity form which manifests itself in an ardent desire, in this case an uncontrollable urge to steal any small object available. The afflicted will furtively pocket small items, regardless of their worth, whenever the opportunity presents itself, and he or she will usually seek out such opportunities. There is a 90% probability of being seen stealing if the character is being observed. This desire to take things is absolutely uncontrollable, and the individual will lie to avoid being prevented the opportunity, or when caught.
Kleptomaniac thieves or assassins have a -10% on their stealing ability due to the overpowering urge to immediately steal an item.

5. Monomania: This character will seem absolutely normal until presented with an idea, goal, or similar project which seems promising or purposeful to him or her. As of then, the character will become obsessed with the accomplishment of the purpose. He or she will think of nothing else, talk of nothing else, plan and act to accomplish nothing save the fixed end. The monomaniac will brook no swerving from any friend or associate, and he or she will insist that such individuals serve the “cause” with the same devotion that the afflicted character shows. (Hostility and violence could result, and certainly not a little suspicion and mistrust if co-operation is not heartfelt...) Once the desired end has been accomplished, the insane character will manifest symptoms of dementia praecox (6., below) until a new purpose is found.

6. Dementia Praecox: The afflicted character will be quite uninterested in any undertaking when suffering from this form of madness. Nothing will seem worthwhile, and the individual will be continually filled with lassitude and a tremendous feeling of ennui. No matter how important the situation, it is 25% probable that the afflicted will choose to ignore it as meaningless to him or her.


ok then give them ranks in pick pocket or whatever it's called now and then give a will save whenever they see something shiny.

the rest is just fluff material put in the description.


Creature Cataloguer
actually, those "insanities" are what the monsters do to people. (but i think giving these guys some theif skills is not a half bad idea though).

for further reference on their capabilities, here is the 1E desciption for find the path, of which lose the path is the opposite:

Find The Path (Divination) Reversible
Level: 6
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 turn/level
Area of Effect: Creature touched
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 3 rounds
Saving Throw: None
Explanation/Description: By use of this spell, the cleric is enabled to find the shortest, most direct route that he or she is seeking, be it the way to or from or out of a locale. The locale can be outdoors or underground, a trap or even a maze spell. The spell will enable the cleric to select the correct direction which will eventually lead him or her to egress, the exact path to follow (or actions to take), and this knowledge will persist as long as the spell lasts, i.e. 1 turn for each level of experience of the cleric casting find the path. The spell frees the cleric, and those with him or her from a maze spell in a single melee round and will continue to do so as long as the spell lasts. The material component of this spell is a set of divination counters of the sort favored by the cleric - bones, ivory counters, sticks, carved runes, or whatever. The reverse, lose the path, makes the creature touched totally lost and unable to find its way for the duration of the spell, although it can be led, of course.

(1 turn - being 10 rounds - is about 1 minute)
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Cool critter! I'd propose a Strength score of 12-13, since the original damage was 2-9, which to me sounds like 1d8+1.

I'd give him dwarf traits (stonecunning, etc). Might I propose a treasure entry of standard coins, double items, standard goods to help signify the "equipped corpses" aspect of its 1E description?

Here's a first stab at the abilities:

Rapping (Su) Rappers will hide in small corners of underground tunnels and make a constant, rhythmic tapping sound with their tools or weapons against the tunnel wall. This sound carries in a 120’ radius through the underground corridors and rooms; it is never very loud, but is annoying to listen to. Within the 120’ radius this tapping noise will increase the DC of Listen checks by +5. Use of this ability is a standard action.

After listening to this tapping sound for longer than an hour, a creature must make a Will saving throw (DC 12 + rapper's Cha modifier), or else develop monomania (we'll have to determine its effects). Regardless of the outcome of the original save, additional saves must be made each consecutive hour.

Disorient (Su) A creature struck by any of the rapper’s attacks (natural or manufactured weapons) weapon or by the rapper itself must make a Will saving throw (DC 12 + rapper's Cha modifier) or become totally lost and unable to find its way for 24 hours, although it can be led, of course. During this time the character will be unable to tell directions and must be led by hand or by force. It is considered to automatically fail all Survival checks to determine direction or to track a creature, and it cannot find its way out of a maze or similar spell.
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Monster Junkie
BOZ said:
ok, posted a working version in this new thread:

tell me what you think! change, fix, remove, add, whatever!

issues left to resolve:

damage reduction

skills & feats


rapping ability: cure for monomania, and sleight of hand penalty for kleptomania

It's looking good! I'd go with remove curse to remove monomania.

I like DR 5/silver. For skills, how about Appraise +5, Hide +7, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +2, Profession (miner) +7, Spot +2, Survival +5. (These are without ability modifiers or synergy and racial bonuses).

I think most people will be disappointed when they see the rapper. They will probably be expecting a human with lots of bling-bling and scathing lyrics, not a dead dwarf. :rolleyes:

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