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Cookin again

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I’ve only seen it on a couple menus in the D/FW area since we moved here in 1982. The only one of those places still around is a really good German restaurant, but they’re a 30 minute drive away.

I occasionally find it in the little towns around Texas. There’s lots of towns founded by immigrants from Germany, Czechoslovakia, and so forth. But I don’t travel around the state as much as I used to.

So I get to have the real deal 1-2 times a year, max.

We don't travel to far. Often dissatisfied with the results.

Also plenty of Asian places. I like that food but like variety and it's common locally.

Enjoyed s ransom Persian/Afghani place. Love Persian food generally.


Random new flavour here. Nice enough but prefer normal chocolate.



Wife's been getting brave with spicy food as she has acquired a taste for Indian curries and would eat jalapeños.


Pepper, various hot sauces, peri peri Chilli powder. Cooked her up this.

She defeated me.

Ran out of that habenero hot sauce though.

Served up on sour dough pita and salad.
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Trying to cook today and running into the rules of physics.

Last weekend, I did a bunch of cooking, and among other things, decided to re-season a cast iron skillet and a carbon-steel skillet. (I usually do 3 courses of the seasoning.) Because I was busy doing other things, I simply left the pans in the oven. When I checked hours later, they were still surprisingly hot. So I left them in. I wasn’t using the oven for anything else, after all.

I checked again in the morning, and they were still quite hot! So I left them in. Now, my mind said, I’m involved in an experiment.

I checked a few times a day, and each time I checked, the pans were cooler, but not cool. I finally took them out of the oven last night. Thirty minutes later, the pans were cool and so was the oven.

It’s amazing what kind of heat retention you can get with a well-insulated oven and a couple of decent heat-sinks.*

On the exact flip side of this, I’ve been trying to thaw a big frozen chuck roast in my fridge, and after 2-3 days, it’s still a bit too firm to cube.

So tonight, we tried takeout from a new sandwich place.

I might be doing all my other prep work tonight, though, because tomorrow is garbage day. Good time to get rid of old wrappers, etc.

* there’s a couple companies using this exact principle to create heat batteries.


I love my cast iron, but I've never been confident in my seasoning. It's smooth and I've never have any horrendous accidents, but food residue still sticks to it when I cook.

Is that normal?

I've found my wok to be much easier to clean and keep in "cooking shape".

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