Could We Have Four Million Dollar Kickstarters In The Next Month?

Million-dollar Kickstarters happen so frequently now that they aren't the epic news item they once were, but a month with potentially four of them is worth commenting on!

Live right now (and launched at almost exactly the same time--MCDM slightly ahead of MCG) are Kickstarters from Matt Colville's MCDM and Monte Cook Games. Both hit a quarter million in the first hour.

Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 5.33.44 PM.png

Matt Colville's MCDM has run two successul million dollar campaigns (one at $2M+). While Monte Cook Games has not had a million-dollar campaign yet, they have a massive following and run multiple blockbuster Kickstarters every year. This could be their first million-dollar Kickstarter.

And coming soon are Free League (no stranger to blockbuster Kickstarters) with its Bladerunner Kickstarter on May 3rd which already has nearly 5,000 followers anticipating its launch, and Ghostfire Gaming, the Australian company involved with a whole range of million-dollar campaigns -- sometimes as publisher, sometimes as contributor -- with Arora, a dragon-ravaged post-apocalyptic setting. also coming in May.

Free League raised over $2M for its The One Ring Kickstarter last year. Ghostfire is behind the Grim Hollow series, which includes a million-dollar campaign, and was also involved with campaigns for Eldermancy's million-dollar Twisted Taverns book and Dungeon Dudes' million-dollar Dungeons of Drakkenheim campaign.

Will they all hit the million dollar mark? We'll find out over the next few weeks!

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


New Publisher
I don't know enough about the second pair, but I have no doubt both the others will (well, some small doubt about the MCG game, but I think it will hit a million).


Well, that was fun
Staff member
I don't know enough about the second pair, but I have no doubt both the others will (well, some small doubt about the MCG game, but I think it will hit a million).
Ghostfire usually stacks Kickstarters with a ton of accessories, which really help push the numbers up. It's worked a few times for them (including Kickstarters they aren't the publisher for but are involved with).

MCG is the only one there that hasn't has a million dollar campaign yet, but I think this is the strongest launch I've seen from them so far? It's hard to tell.

MCDM has done it twice before, of course, and also includes minis. No chance of this not hitting the million.

Free League is the current 2nd place (non-minis) record holder with a 2M One Ring campaign under its belt.

So I'd say they're all in with a chance!


I crit!
Note trust one of them is not D&D. One is probably not D&D, and one has a philosophy that differs from official D&D


Old Gods of Appalachia, for anyone who doesn't know, is based on a superb horror podcast that can be found on Youtube. Well worth the time to listen. I'm backing the KS based solely on that and despite the fact that I'm not really a Cypher System guy.
Me too. I'm so excited for this but I'm not really a fan of cypher.

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