Spelljammer Crazy over the top spelljammer

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Stargate (all of them)
this is super easy... run a game with a series of self powered arcane teleport circles that anyone can use if they know the runes. have 1 on each 'world'

I did something like this in my island hopping game (but they were on 3pts of teh main land and 17 islands...then a secret 2 1 in shadowfel and 1 in artic)

taking this to spelljammer you have a weak race/planet that knows the mindflyers or the werewolf fleet is coming... they need allies and/or there own spell jammers.

heck make it a martial only game and say they don't have magic at all and watch as the arms race to find magic starts.

okay here is another one (and you are going to think you know it but it isn't that by itself)

a dwarven clan that lives on a ringworld around a star... they are VERY unlike other dwarves though being highly magical (artificers, wizards, sorcerers and warlocks are common, with bards and clerics being uncommon). they draw power from the star at a level close to 100% (level 2 on Kardashev scale) and use it to not only power there MASSIVE defense grid and society (that uses magic so common it make Sharn on ebberon look LOW magic) but also to power these special crystals.

they send these crystals out to other spheres... and there they choose champions to become warlock/palidens that work for these dwarves as a police/peacekeeping force...


Flash Gordon. Both the old serials and the 1980 movie.

The 1980s cartoon felt very D&D to me as well.


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