Critical Role Announces Two New RPGs

Critical Role’s publishing arm, Darrington Press, has released a ‘State of the Press’ video announcing two new tabletop RPGs.


Two new RPG systems we’ll be releasing: Illuminated Worlds, optimized for short story arcs and adaptable to myriad settings, and Daggerheart, a fresh take on fantasy RPGs with emphasis on longer campaigns and rich character options.

At Gen Con this year, you’ll be able to play AND purchase Queen by Midnight, and you’ll even be able to take our two upcoming RPGs for a spin. We hope to see you there!

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The CO numbers are not a good comparison. CR is intentionally delaying the releases to push Twitch subscriptions. CR hits YouTube four days after airing. CO hits YouTube a week-and-a-half after airing.

Look at Ashley’t one-shot. Almost 2 million views. On par with the closest main show episodes.
What are the comparative Twitch numbers?


I know I personally don't interact much with their non-DnD games not because they aren't DnD, but because they're often in a genre I'm just not as interested in. I've never been big on "Spooky Victorian," which is the vibe I get from CO marketing. Daggerheart being a fantasy adventure game that isn't DnD has me much more interested than their not-Blades-in-the-Dark.

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