Critical Role Plays Zelda using pbta

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I suspect Hasbro will be unhappy if WotC can't publish Hyrule d20. Some times in the past I suggested WotC publishing licenced version of famous videogames: Final Fantasy, Warcraft, Zelda, Dragon Quest, Legends of Mana, Golden Axe..


The Elephant in the Room (she/they)
Haven't seen it yet but I will absolutely watch anything involving Emily Axford and this sounds like a lot of fun.

"...Emily is one of the best [RPG] players in the world, endlessly creative, so fun to play with. She was also sent from hell to kill me." - Brennan Lee Mulligan

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
Yeah that…definitely isn’t how the game is playing out, or how any game they’ve ever done on the channel has played out.
Eh, during Campaign 2, they once had an episode that spent an hour on hiring an NPC to work in their tower. They've also had shopping episodes and a spa episode (the spa episode may have also been the hiring-the-NPC episode).

It's not crazy for people to not be into Critical Role's extremely leisurely pace.

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