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CSI: Sharn (Help create 100 corpses)


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One of the many cool things about "Sharn: City of Towers" is Table 8-2: Corpses. It is a table of corpses a DM can use as an adventure seed for his PCs.

Unfortunately, there are only 13 corpses on the table. That's just not enough for a campaign primarily set in Sharn. Plus, there's not much variety to the corpses in terms of race, class, etc.

So let's create a much larger table, with 100 corpses. We already have the first 13; we just need 87 more. I'll start.

14. The victim is a human male wearing expensive-looking clothing, which is soaking wet although there has been no recent rain. A successful Knowledge (nobility) check against DC 10 will reveal the clothing to be common among Aundair nobles. The victim's identification papers show he is an agent for the Royal Eyes of Aundair. By all indications, he died by drowning.

15. The victim is a female elf bearing the Dragonmark of House Phiarlan. She is dressed in an entertainer's outfit, and a broken lute lies next to the body. Searching her clothing reveals two different sets of identification papers: one for an entertainer, another for a licensed inquisitive. A stiletto dagger is buried to the hilt in her back. A slip of torn parchment inside a pouch contains a single word: "Shamukaar"

16. The victim is a female gnome dressed in clothing common to people from Zilargo (DC 10 check, Knowledge (local) required). Her tongue and eyes have been cut out. There also are rope marks around her wrists and ankles. Lastly, her throat has been cut. Her indentification papers indicate she worked for House Sivis.

17. The victim is a male dwarf dressed in the uniform of the Karrnathi military. He has been stabbed numerous times by large blades. At his waist is an empty messengers pouch with a claw insignia on the broken clasp. On the back of his right hand is a criminal mark inscribed with a pen of the living parchment.

18. The victim is a male hobgoblin. His travel documents show he is from Darguun, and his indentification papers indicate he is a member of the Defenders Guild. Sticking from his neck is a small dart; the dart's tip contains traces of a powerful, fast-acting poison. Nearby, a doll resembling a small human girl with long, blonde hair lies on the ground, with a smear of blood across its face.
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19. A medium-sized humanoid, this corpse is notable for having no face whatsoever, just a patch of blank skin. The identification papers show the deceased to be a traveling stage magician.

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20) A human clad only in a green vest and pantaloons lies face down in the gutter. A check for identification reveals him to be Shanear Fefelar, a 2nd level ranger in the employ of The Aurum. A sroll with a map of Sharn lies in a pocket on the inside of his vest.


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21) The smoking boots of the victim are found standing in a pile of ash. Inside the boots are a pair of feet, with barbwire tattoos around the ankles. There's a mishmash of soil and junk stuck to the bottom of the boots. A Search Check, DC 15, will reveal a tooth. A Knowledge (Anatomy) Check of DC 18, or a Heal Check of DC 21, will reveal this to be an elven bottom molar.

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22. The corpse before you is your best friend from childhood, clothing torn and in tatters, finger nails cracked, dirty and claw-like, in one a letter...

23. The corpse before you is a family member...

24. The corpse before you is the bar maid you had a torrid love affair a few months ago, it hurt when she left town... (note: add baby ripped from belly)


25: The corpse is that of a halfing tribal, face tatooed in the style of his people, but his once proud scaly-hide garments are in tatters. One hand holds a torn piece of cloth - purple, with fine gold threads interwoven, obviously from an expensive garment - and in a pocket on his body, a curious bone wand inscribed with words...

26: The body of a lady of the evening from the firelight district lies dragged into a back alleyway, savagely mutilated by a sharp blade.. closer inspection however reveals that the cuts were performed by someone skilled in the healing arts - or butchery... (can't have a corpse table without old Jack making an appearance!)
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27. The corpse of the warforged was battered and crushed, a broken shell, dented and mangled. A quick search turn up only a few copper pieces, no weapons and a ring bearring the Silver Flame.

28. The body is that of a young, half-elven woman: blond hair, bright green eyes, with a tattoo of a half-moon below her left eye. She has severe bruising about her neck and shoulders. Her clothing is unremarkable, and she is not carrying any identification papers or money. A DC 10 Heal check will determine that the cause of death was suffocation. A DC 25 Heal check within 4 hours of death will determine that, in addition to being strangled, she was also poisoned with a paralytic agent (pick a poison "to taste;" any that does Dex or Str damage is suitable). After 4 hours, the DC for determining that she was poisoned increases to 30. A DC 20 Search check will reveal a band of slightly miscolored skin around her left ring finger, as if she had worn a ring often enough to tan differently, but had only recently begun wearing it.

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29. The elf, if that was what it was, was dark of skin almost black, its hair white and long. The body looks that have been stab, cut, broken, and burned. By the body two broken scimitars and a crushed figurine of some type of cat...



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30. This young male human minor nobles corpse was found in a seedy tavern, stabbed between the shoulderblades once, at the exact point to cut the spinal cord. A tiny amount of green liquid can be found on the clothing around the wound.

31. This successful dwarven merchant was found strangled to death with a garrote, a strange symbol of two lightning bolt lines imprinted on his throat y the murder weapon.

32. This armored, armed human male is petrified as if by a cockatrice, medusa, etc. He is 6' tall, wearing studded leather armor and holding a handaxe and a battleaxe, ready to strike. A normal (non-petrified) dart sticks out of the back of his neck.
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