CSI: Sharn (Help create 100 corpses)

Hand of Evil

33. The body before you was old, old even for an elf. It is not like you have not seen a body before but this one had a stake through the heart and its mouth stuffed with garlic. Around the neck you notice a chain, maybe there is something of wealth left to be had…

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Hand of Evil said:
27. The corpse of the warforged was battered and crushed, a broken shell, dented and mangled. A quick search turn up only a few copper pieces, no weapons and a ring bearring the Silver Flame.

Have you been reading my campaign notes? :D


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34. The corpse is of a middle aged man who bears a number of old scars on his arms and face. He lies face up, his neck slit from ear to ear and his shirt has been torn open. Scrawled on his chest, in what you assume to be his own blood, is a single word - 'Traitor'.

35. The body appears to be of a human male, sans head. The victim appears to have decapitated, but the lack of blood and the head itself implies the victim was killed elsewhere. No identification papers or valuables are found on the body, but a tattoo on the right forearm identifies him as a member of a former elite military unit of the Breland military - now since disbanded since the war.


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36. The corpse at first appears to be that of a young human schoolgirl - pigtail braids, plaid skirt, knee socks. Further examination shows that it is not, in fact, a human child, but rather an adult halfling woman. A Gather Info check (DC 17) reveals that she used to work at the Dancing Rose, a brothel on the wrong side of the tracks. She disappeared a few days ago. Bruises on her throat indicate that she was strangled by someone with very large hands.
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Wraith Form

LOve love LOVE these! I'll be back a little later to make a contribution, but please keep this thread alive (pun semi-intended)!!

Good job!!


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37. A broken carriage lies wrecked on a dark bridge between two towers. Within the wreckage you find two bodies, and a baby carrier. Upon further examination you discover the two bodies are dragonmarked, one Cannith male, one Orien female. A DC 20 Heal check reveals the female was recently pregnant. The body of the baby is nowhere to be found...

38. In the back room of a small-time winesink, you find a body seated at a small, round table. The three other seats are empty. The victim is a half-orc, male, young adult. He has a jagged scar above his right eye, and is missing two fingers on his left hand. He is transfixed by a length of metal pipe, which passes through his body just below the rib cage and into the chair behind him. The table is covered with the remains of a card game (pick "to taste"). A DC 20 Search check will reveal two concealed cards (appropriate to the game) in his stockings. Alternatively, stripping the body will automatically reveal the cards. A DC 27 Search check will reveal a concealed alchemical silver stiletto, hidden in the lining of his cloak.


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39. The body of this human male lies half concealed behind a pile of crates, old broken furniture and other debris. He has been stripped to the waist, and his ragged, torn shirt wadded up and stuffed beneith his head, propping it up. The man's chest has been split open, and his ribs cracked and peeled back like some gruesome roast, exposing his insides to the night air. His organs themselves are all quite easily accounted for, as they have all been indivudually removed, each wrapped in their own now blood-soaked cloth, and stacked in a neat pyramid beside their former owner. Judging by the expression frozen on the victim's face, he was likely alive for at least part of the process...

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