CSI: Sharn (Help create 100 corpses)

Hand of Evil

57. The body before you looks healthy, young man between 18 and 25, and he looks like he died happy with that stupid wide grin on his face, ear to ear. The other strange thing is all color has gone from his face leaving it a stark white. Seach (DC 10) finds a small bottle of some purple syrup, some loose change, and a number of flyers for the play 'The Laughing'.

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Hand of Evil

58. The ally was dark and normally you would have avoided it but tonight you had business in the area and this was a shortcut. The body or bodies before you must have been going at it, both have their hands around the others neck, both faces purple from lack of air, bottles of 'Mad Dog-Rot Gut-Red Eye' by their feet...


59. A shifter bar is found with its door broken, the clientele savaged as if by wild animals. All of them have a few gold coins in their purses, but of a strange design. The front side shows a tiger's head, and the back side a coiling dragon.

60. Something tells you this isn't just another mugging. The unassuming man is missing his purse and has bruises typical of a severe beating, but a Heal check (DC 15) reveals fine crystal shards embedded in his wounds. More can be found scattered about the crime scene.

61. A cousin of the ir'Tain family is found floating through the sewers, his pockets stuffed with apples. Alchemical analysis of the apples (DC 20) reveals the presence of arsenic, and a heal check (DC 15) on the body tells you that the victim has symptoms of arsenic poisoning as well.

62. One of the city lifts stops working suddenly and crashes into Lower Dura. Its walls are plastered with bloody feathers, and several goblins were killed by stone fragments. Inquiries are met with stony silence by the witnesses, and a Knowledge (Religion) or (Planes) check reveal that the feathers came from a celestial native of Syrania.


63. A young Kalashtar male lies crumpled near the entrance to an alley. He's dressed in casual clothes and has three shallow gashes on his right wrist. A search on his body will reveal that he works in the history department of Morgrave university. A DC 15 Heal Check will reveal that he is not dead but his heartbeart is so slow as to be non-existant and his body temperature is way below normal. A DC 25 Knowledge (psionics) check will reveal that he is in some kind of psionic coma


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64. A young man is found hanging by his arms, his body covered with blood. What makes this very mysterious is that the body is found hanging from a immovable rod 100 feet above the roof of the House Cannith compound. A Heal Check DC15 reveals the victim bleed to death from 'a thousand' cuts. His tongue has been removed, explaining why no one had heard the victim. The representative of House Cannith refuses to make comment on the crime or the identity of the victim - only that the victim was a minor member of the dragonmarked house.

Wraith Form

BlackMoria said:
...What makes this very mysterious is that the body is found hanging from a immovable rod 100 feet above the roof of the House Cannith compound...
Quick clarification request: Do you mean the rod is hovering (presumably magically) above the roof?



65) A partial corpse is found protruding from the exterior wall of a local merchant's vault. Normally, this would be an open-and-shut case of a failed teleport, but the corpse belongs to a member of a prominent family who has been believed dead for years.

66) A corpse that is an unholy blend of male and female body parts (including a face that is half-and-half) fell from the sky to land in the fountain of the city's largest bazaar. Clasped in one of the hands is the token of a noble house, and a fragment of unidentifiable metal.


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Quick clarification request: Do you mean the rod is hovering (presumably magically) above the roof?

Clarification - as in Immovable Rod for the Rod section of the DMG's Magic Item chapter. So, yes, the rod is 'fixed in location' in midair 100 feet above the roof.

Given the value of the rod in and of itself being left behind, and the obvious statement of hanging a House Cannith minor lordling above the House Cannith compound itself, the conclusion one should draw was that someone is making a very powerful statement to House Cannith. Now what that statement is... :]


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Captain Howdy said:
No... The Black Dahlia murder. One of the weirdest ever. You can read about it at crimelibrary.com, I think.

Heh, there was a picture of her in one of White Wolf's Wraith books as a 'topless dancer'. I wondered if anyone else got the joke. The cigarette burns and tatoos were left out of the description.

67.) The corpse is pale, the abdomen grotesquely bloated. A funnel juts from the mouth and a large number of meat pastries have been shoved down the funnel with a pestle.

67.) the skin on the corpse hangs loosely on the bones, through the still supple integument you can see movement as though many small creatures are writhing beneath the skin.

68.) The head hangs from its haur from the tavern sign, a pool of coagulated blood, perhaps as much as a gallon, lies beneath it, yet the lips are still moving.

69.) Blowfly larva have hatched in the mouth and eyes of this corpse. The wrists bear the scars of the manacle, but are long healed. The left ankle bears a manacle still, the flesh around it callosed, from it depends a chain, the last link deformed.

70.) The buttocks of this corpse can barely be seen above the murky ice of the frozen river. becoming grotesquely visible as the snowman that previously hid it melts.

71.) Ropes run from the figures wrists and ankles to the walls of the alleyway. Yet another rop is situated so that if the victim relaxed his arms strangulation would ensue. The bulging tongue and blued cheeks indicate that this is indeed what happened, yet there are no ligature marks on either the wrists nor the ankles, and a faint smell of almonds hovers upon the lips.

72.) The flesh of this corpse, laid across the top of a cenotaph, is crisscrossed with fine cuts, while on the forehead a brand reads 72.)

The Auld Grump

*EDIT* And one more - I know someone who found one of these
The Auld Grump :]
73.) A black, grey, and white stack of coarse ash is nearly completly hidden under the shrubs of this pleasant park.The only thing indicating that this pile of calcined ashes is human are the teeth, something has pulverized these burnt remains until nothing larger than the teeth remains.

No foul play, except that you really aren't supposed to deposit your loved ones cremated remains in a National Forest...
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74) The body was found in at the stables to the sports arena. The victim is middle aged. A fine rapier is found near the scene.The killer is unknown, leaving a man's severed head lying next to his own decapitated body. A head, at this time, with no name...

He probably killed himself due to the lousy wrestling... :)

Hand of Evil

75. This was the work of a professional, the gnome was up against the wall of the ally, the only thing holding him up was the crossbow bolt through his forehead and a good six inches into the plank. From the look of him he was a tinker and more than likely an artificer (DC12). Seach of the body turn us (DC 15) the plans of a strange device in the lining of his hat.

Dark Psion

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76) A body sitting against the wall, the skin is blue and the face looks like someone who was strangled and suffocated, but the body, escpecially the neck, shows no sign of abuse.

77) The body is covered in coating slimy ectoplasm. the moment a PC touches the body, the flesh and bone all dissolves into ectoplasm.

78) At first you think you have found a rather fine set of clothing, but then you realize that there is the intact and undamaged skin of an human male within the clothing.

79) You are brought to see a body of a dead changeling, but what is truely disturbing is that he is wearing exactly the same clothing you are wearing right now.

80) Before you is a beautifull gown, but within it is a woman made entirely of ash.

81) At first, you cannot see the body. Then somone points out what you mistook for a child's doll. It is the missing person you have been looking for, shrunk down to the size of your hand.
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82) Arriving at work you find the body of one of your colleagues with his throat slit, crucified to the door with his eyes cut out. He had recently been investigating a case that was leading him to suspect a prominent member of House Cannith.
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83.) A deliscious smell of roasting pork wafts from the window of the little widow ladies pastry shop, while in the barbershop above the barber strops his rasor.

The Auld Grump,
In Fleet Street, that's in London Town
When King Charlie wore the crown,
There lived a man of great renown
'Twas Sweeney Todd the Barber.

One shave from him and you'd want no more,
You'd feel his razor sharp,
Then tumble, wallop!, through the floor
And wake up playing a harp, and singing . . .

Sweeney Todd the Barber, by God he were better than the play,
Sweeney Todd the Barber, "I'll polish 'em off" he used to say.
His clients through the floor would slope
But he had no fear of the hangman's rope
"Dead men can't talk with their mouths full of soap,"
Said Sweeney Todd the Barber.

Now underneath the shop, it's true
Where the bodies tumble through,
There lived a little widow, who
Loved Sweeney Todd the Barber.

She made her living by selling pies,
Her meat pies were a treat,
Chock full of meat and such a size
For she was getting the meat from mister

Sweeney Todd the Barber, by God he were better than the play,
Sweeney Todd the Barber, "I'll polish 'em off" he used to say.
For many a poor orphan lad
The first square meal he ever had
Was a hot meat pie made out of his dad
From Sweeney Todd the Barber

It was Saturday night in Old Sweeney Todd's shop
And the customers sat in a row.
While behind a screen Sweeney shaved some poor mug
And his sweetheart made pies down below.

Though none were aware, it were "cut prices" there,
They were rolling up in twos and threes,
And his foot got quite sore pressing knob on the floor
And his voice went from saying "Next please!"

Well in came a swell and he asked Sweeney Todd
"Just a shave and a perfumed shampoo,
For I've just got engaged." Sweeney just pressed the knob and
"There, now it's all fallen through."

Well a bookmaker sat with his mouthful of soap, said,
"They're all backing favourites today,
So I 'spect I'll go down," Sweeney said, "Yes you will,"
And he did, he went down straight away.

But what rotten luck, the darn trap went and stuck
For the hinge he'd forgotten to grease,
And a customer started calling out "Police!"
Just as Sweeney was shouting, "Next please!"

Yes, he ran to the door and he shouted out "Police!"
He shouted out "Police!", nine times or ten
But no policeman came, it wasn't no wonder
Police weren't invented by then.

But up came the bold Bow Street Runners (Hurrah!)
And he had to let many a pie burn
And they dragged him to Quad, and next day Sweeney Todd
Was condemned to be switched off at Tyburn.

And there on the gibbet he hangs in his chains
And they do say a little black crow
Made a sweet little nest in old Sweeney Todd's whiskers
And he sang as he swang to and fro . . .


Sweeney Todd the Barber, by God he were better than the play,
Sweeney Todd the Barber, they buried him underneath the clay
And Old Nick calls him from his grave shouting,
"Wake up, Sweeney, I need a shave,
And Mrs Nick wants a permanent wave from Sweeney Todd the Barber."

It can be argued that George Dibdin Pitt's "domestic drama,"
Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street (1842), was the
first true crime play. Critics have speculated, without success,
as to the historical characters upon which the hero and heroine
were based. Stanley Holloway credits R.P.Weston, a prolific
writer for the Halls, with the creation of this cante-fabel which
pokes fun at the melodrama which was so terrifying to Victorians.
Recorded on 'Ere's Olloway, Columbia Records, 1956 and on An
Evening At The English Music Hall, Front Hall records FHR-030,


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84.) The sky carriage hovers about 5 feet above and 5 feet to the north of a bridge running east-west between two towers. There is no sign of a driver. Inside sits the body of a male changeling dressed in expensive woman's clothing. The body has no head. A pool of blood is coagulating on the floor and on the seat around the body.

On the seat across from the body is a large, expensive wooden coffer. Inside the coffer is the severed head of a male changeling. Inside the mouth, lodged well down the throat, is the chrysalis of a moth.

Dark Psion

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85) As a garbage collector is picking up a dead dog from the street, the dog suddenly shifts into the corpse of an elven male.

86) A favorite Halfling inn is found with everyone in it dead, torn apart as if by Clawfoot Raptors. Only one survior is found, he has no wounds, but is covered with blood.


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87) The High Abode is a cheaply priced three-level inn on the middle level of Lyrandar Tower, located on the Central Plateau. In a suite on the inn's top floor is the corpse of a naked, male half-elf. The body is lying face-down on the bed, with the wrists tied together and to the metal headboard with silk scarves. A bolt from a hand crossbow sticks out of the body at the base of the skull. There is semen on the bedsheets beneath the corpse.

Atop a nearby dresser is a very expensive music box, magically enchanted to repeatedly play an old Karrnathi love song. The lid is open, and the song is playing. Some gaudy clothing lies in a pile on the floor. Inside an inner cloak pocket are indentification papers identify the corpse as a gigalo employed by The Stocking and Gown, a brothel on the lower level of Lyrandar Tower.

Hand of Evil

88. What corpse? What is before you is the empty clothing of someone, could have been a man, the clothing looks as if the person laid down on the street and just disappeared, just a few feet away a toad was stepped on, flattened into the pavement.

Hand of Evil

89. A trail of blood, then the tell tail sign of a body being dragged lead you to the corpse before you. The wound is ulgy, the throat torn, the shifter did not die an easy death but that is not what stops you, it is the foam from the mouth (DC 12 spot), the dehydration of the corpse (DC 15 Heal), and the appearance of wildness. Rabies (DC 20 Heal) could start a panic, any shifter would be seen as a carrier...


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90. Two corpses are found, entwined in the tomb of one of the prominent dragonmarked houses. The younger, daughter of the house, was 14 at the time of her death, apparently by poisoning, a few days prior. However, she lies here, with a dagger wound through the stomach, and enough blood to indicate she was alive when stabbed. Her hands are on the hilt of the blade. Lying next to her is a young man, son of a rival house, whose face is ashen, and whose breath smells of almonds. A small bottle lies on the floor nearby.

(Gotta throw one out there for the Bard...)


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