CSI: Sharn (Help create 100 corpses)


For me, a table of 100 corpses is less useful than an 'idea generator'. Make a few rolls to get a general description of the scene, then let me flesh it out on my own.

For example...

Race (d10): Human: 1-3, Elf: 4, Dwarf: 5, Gnome: 6, Halfling: 7, Mixed-breed (Half-Elf or Half-Orc): 8, Eberron-specific race (Changeling/Kalashar/Shifter/Warforged): 9, Exotic race: 10

Possessions (d10): Nothing (nude): 1, Looted (nothing valuable remaining): 2-5, Poor (unlooted, but only a few coins/ragged clothes/etc): 6, Working-class: 7-8, Merchant: 9, Noble: 10.

Apparent Manner of Death (d10): Natural Causes: 1, Mugging (knife/club wounds): 2-4, Combat (swords/maces/other 'warrior' weapons): 5-6, Poison: 7, Magic: 8, Accident: 9, Exotic (unusual means of demise) 10.

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Meh, random tables of that sort have never enchanted me. (And I have made more than a few of them myself.) Using a description to springboard a plotline from is more fun. (Even I ignored the tables I had spent so much time working on...)

108.) It was the smell that was noticed first, seeping out of the cracks in the poorly constructed brick wall, a mixture of putresence and souring wine. When the workmen cleared away the bricks the corpse was lying in a heap just beyond the wall, fingernails torn in a desperate attempt to claw free from this living tomb. A stout casque, its top removed occupies the furthest corner of the chamber, two tankards lie on the floor, their dregs spilling across the stones. A comfortable chair completes the ensemble...

The Auld Grump


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109. The corpse is that of an Elven youth. He has been stripped to the waist and has been cut open lengthwise from his throat to his belt. His insides have been completely removedand are nowhere to be found. Any inspection of his extremities will reveal extensive bruising at the wrists and ankles. A silver ring with an oak leaf seal is on the middle finger of his left hand.

110. The corpse is lying facedown and is still warm. A stiletto protrudes from the base of the victims skull. His right hand and left foot have been severed. The stumps have been cauterized. He has a full money pouch containing 81 silver and 5 gold coins, yet he is dressed like a beggar.


Fedifensor said:
For me, a table of 100 corpses is less useful than an 'idea generator'.

Maybe it's just me, but reading just a few of the entries posted on this thread generated a lot of ideas for me, and far more than I can ever use in an entire campaign. Very nice work, folks :cool:


112. The body of a fit middle aged human male is spreadeagled 15 feet up a wall. He appears to have been pushed into the wall by great force, except that the body seems remarkably intact.

blargney the second

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I started my current campaign like this:

113. (PCs make DC 15 Listen check to hear someone screaming, result of 20 or more lets them know that it's above them.)

A body SLAMS into the ground beside their campfire, splattering blood and viscera across the clearing. (Reflex save to avoid being covered in it, which requires a Fort save to avoid being nauseated.) When the body impacts the ground, a flood of water is released then magically shrivels up into a golf-ball sized pellet. A split second later, a small sword shatters as it hits the ground, releasing a cloud of greenish vapour, and a distinctly evil-looking head with wings appears. (Roll for initiative, monkey boys!)



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Hmmmm, 111 is missing, so...

111.) There should be a body here, you were told that there was a body here, but all that is there now is a pool of blood already turning black. And a trail as though the body has been dragged from the pool, leading straight up the wall to the roof...

The Auld Grump

112) 8 bodies are arranged in a circle, alternating head-in and head-out. Anyone with 5 or more ranks in Survival can immediately tell that the head-out bodies are aligned with the cardinal points of the compass (N, E, S, W), while the head-in bodies are aligned with the intermediate points of the compass (NE, SE, SW, NW).

Anyone capable of seeing magical auras (via detect magic or the like) can see a snake-like aura winding it's way through the bodies clockwise - out the head of one, into the feet of the next, out of its head, etc., forming a somewhat lopsided cross.

The aura is strong transmutation and weak conjuration, and will persist for two hours, or until a body is moved from its place in the circle, at which point the aura will fade within 5 rounds.

The bodies are all of young, relatively attractive, elven women.

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
113) The body is still warm and smoldering. A dried green substance leaks from the orifices and wounds sustained instead of blood. Upon further examination, the substance is discovered to be green slime, cooked by an intense heat. The victim was turning into green slime from the inside out before apparently being attacked and eventually being the subject of some sort of heat or fire-based spell. There are no other signs of green slime in the vicinity.

Angel Tarragon

Dawn Dragon
115) Twelve elven bodies lay together forming a circle, between a balck stone with numbers 1 to 12 on them. Inside the circle lay another two bodies, one large, one small. The large body is pointed at the stone labeled 12 and the smaller one pointing to the stone labeled one.

If the characters happen upon these bodies at midnight the stones will begin to glow and the one labeled twelve will change to 13. The characters can act freely for one one hour, but they notice that everyone in the city is frozen still. After an hour is up the people that were frozen will resume their activity as if nothing had happened. Unbeknonst to them (the people that were frozen) they have lost an hour of time.

Angel Tarragon

Dawn Dragon
116) The body of a male orc is bound to a slab of wood and is propped up against a building. Around the neck of the orc is an gilded amulet that glows faintly. The orc shows no signs of decomposition and does not smell of death.

117) A young human male lies on the ground face up, without a face. Blood and bone are revealed where his face would be and a tiny sparkle catches your eye. Inspecting his skull reveals a tiny daimond in each eye socket and if they are disturbed the body lurches up lets out a guttural moan and attacks the closest PC. Treat the corpse as a human commoner zombie.

118) A bloody vest lies on the ground, a trail of blood following off into the wilderness. Inspecting the vest reveals a piece of torn parchment and a large tooth. A Knowledge (wilderness) check at DC 15 reveals it to be a T-Rex tooth.

119) The skull of a mind flayer lies on the street. At every five foot interval another bone that belonged to the illithid lies on the ground.

120) A book lies on the ground next a the corpse of a female dwarf. Within the book is an assortment of various cantrips.
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A suffusion of yellow
Here's one I used many years ago

121. You find a severed hand half buried in sludge about 300 meters south of the sewer outlet. The body is nowhere to be found. The hand has been roughly torn and has a tatoo (of some group) on the base of the little finger however it is not the hand of any identifiable race...

Angel Tarragon

Dawn Dragon
I've ported this info over to MS Word, cleaned up (spelling & grammar errors) and made a nice little (74.7 kb) PDF out of it. If anyone would like to have a copy of it drop me an email and I'll send a copy your way:

frukathka [at] yahoo [dot] com


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117 or 122) A landslide has recently occured in the area, evidenced by the scatter of large, dog-sized rocks and the presence of dust in the air. A corpse, or rather, the top half of a corpse, lies haphazardly near the site. The body is missing its lower half, apparently torn and removed from the waist down. The lower half is unaccounted for. The body appears to have a single diagonal stab wound on its back, very near the heart of the victim. Searching (DC 20) the area reveals a dagger in a pool of blood... but the dagger is ethereal and only partially visible. The victim's head is caved in, apparently crushed by some sort of blunt trauma. The victim's blood is present on the pile of rocks nearby.
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The man with the probe
Hand of Evil said:
23. The corpse before you is a family member...

24. The corpse before you is the bar maid you had a torrid love affair a few months ago, it hurt when she left town... (note: add baby ripped from belly)
Those two should be interesting for the all warforged parties.


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Dont have Sharn, but here's my try at it

123: You stumble across two bodies in an alley, you would think they were once lovers but on closer inspection they are not. The female is a girl, no older then 13 or 14, the front of her cloths are torn apart. The man is in his late twenties, the marks of lightning striking his back. A (DC 15) search check will show that the man was killed by magic. Magic will show that the man died didnt die from it but from a dagger, straight into his heart and through the spine.

Nothing will show how the girl died, through autospy or magic, but there seems to be fear in her eyes, not of the man raping her but of the killer. There are also no papers on identification.

Jack of Shadows

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124. The body of a male Kalishtar slowly tumbles floating in midair high above the streets and between the great towers. It wears dark cloths and lacks foot wear. The hands and feet are blackened and shrivelled. The eyes are wide open and the mouth is locked in a rictus-like grin.

125. The body is of a young human woman dressed in merchant wear. The head has been severed from the body. Nearby two identical heads lie on the ground each with the same wounds and a match for the body.

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