CSI: Sharn (Help create 100 corpses)

Wraith Form

Frukathka said:
Inspecting his skull reveals a tiny daimond in each eye socket and if they are disturbed the body lurches up lets out a guttural mona and attacks the closest PC.
I'm quite certain this is a Freudian slip. :p

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Before you lie two corpses, embracing each other as if they were lovers. One is a warforged, the other a human male of about 30 years. Interestingly, the human's heart has been removed and placed in the warforged's chest. The man's clothing is nondescript, and no identification papers can be found; you find no valuables whatsoever.
At first glance you notice that the warforged was obviously beaten to death with a heavy bludgeoning weapon while the human died from his chest wound. A closer look (Heal check DC 25) reveals that the human was still alive when his heart was removed (at least, he lived until that moment), and you can see that the 'forged was hit by at least three different weapons, namely a heavy flail, a morning star and a warhammer.



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Kylearan's was 126.

127: The corpse belongs to a human male, apparently in his middle years. By the look of his clothes, he is some kind of magistrate. The probable cause of death was severe bleeding, judging by the ammount of blood around him. The disturbing thing is... the bleeding was caused by the tearing out of his eyeballs, which he torn out himself (he still holds them).

Anyone care to assemble the entries so far into a printable table?


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128. A group of three bodies. These men were all well known thugs, cowards, but sucessful, if only because they chose their victims carefully.

One is dead with his chest caved in, the ribs peircing his vital organs, his hand still clenched around his dagger.
One has a broken back, from where he was thrown hard against the corner of the building he lies next to.
One has a shattered skull, and a destroyed sword hand. It's obvious it was his sword hand, because the wooden hilt of the sword is also damaged.

All have been left otherwise untouched. No monies or personal effects seem to be missing.

Angel Tarragon

Dawn Dragon
129. The body appears to be female because of its clothing: it wears a white gown covering the majority of the body. Inspecting it reveals that it is a male, most likely in its mid-30's. The corpse is less than an hour old and it reeks of fecal matter. Identification papers reveals the man to be Professor Theurjian of Morgrave University.

130. The bones of an orc are arranged to be in a sitting matter up against a tavern wearing a sombrero, a brown vest and tan pair of pants. A tin cup with a couple coppers glued to its bottom is grasped in its left hand and it grasps a fake cigar by the fingerbones of the right hand. The skull almost appears to have a euphoric look on it. Anyone that touches the skull activates the permanent magic mouth placed on it: "Howdy pard'ner come on in to the Bones of the Happy Orc and have a rootin' tootin' heckuva time!"

Dog Moon

I remember this thread. Don't think I participated though. Some pretty gruesome stuff. Good thing no one decided to grace this thread with pics.


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Captain Howdy said:
40. There is a naked human female body, cut completely in half at the waist. She is lying on her back with her arms over her head, and her legs spread-eagle. Her legs are placed about a foot away from her torso. Her body and face have been violently slashed, including a long cut across her cheeks forming her mouth into a grotesque smile. Perhaps she was killed somewhere else and brought to this location, because there are rope marks on her ankles, feet and neck. Also, she has apparently been washed clean of any blood that would have been on her skin.

... lets see if the players can solve one of the great unsolved crimes. ;)

It was recently solved. Ironically enough, the guy who started investigating found out that his father had been the murderer.

131) The charred ashes of the orphanage contain the corpses of seven children and one elder. A search check (dc 15) will reveal a pearl-handled razor, undamaged by the fire.

132. Two nobles of rival (Dragon Mark?) houses have been missing for several days. Discovering that they had intended to meet, the secret location reveals only a Gelatinous Cube, containing their signet rings and other non-organic personal effects. With the room completely cleaned by the cube, and their house throwing accusations, it must be discovered who killed who. Or were both betrayed? (Or did they succeed where Romeo and Juliet failed? :))
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133. A body lies broken, having fallen from a good height. It could be ruled a suicide, but a closer investigation reveals that the victim had recently had his ankles hobbled.

Captain Howdy

Slife said:
It was recently solved. Ironically enough, the guy who started investigating found out that his father had been the murderer.

Wraith Form said:
Was that the Black Dahlia?

Yes. It was solved a couple months after I made that original post. You should really read the story about the murder and how the case was eventually solved. Really interesting stuff, if a bit... Creepy.


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134. A room that's been stripped of furniture save for one chair in the center of the floor and a large oval mirror in a wooden stand directly across from the sole window. In the chair sits the body, though there is no apparent cause of death. Fine metal wires bind him to the chair at the wrists, ankles, and shoulders, keeping him upright despite his slightly post-living status. His blank eyes stare straight ahead at the opposite wall. Notible as the only blank wall the room has.

Each of the other three walls are covered, score upon score, with severed hands each nailed to the wall with an iron spike driven thru the palm. Trails of blood stain the wall where they've oozed from lost wrists, some long since gone to dust, others still retaining some of their colour. Further examination reveals that each and every hand making up this sinister collage is a left.


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135. In the storeroom of a seedy bar, a spilt jug oozes a thick, clotted tan-and-red liquid. Inspecting it more closely, you can see solid bits - teeth, fingernails, bone chips - mixed with the foul-smelling stuff. The jug may read "Olberman's Fine Mead," but the contents seems to actually be a liquified corpse.

Infernal Teddy

136.: The corpse... no, make that corpses of a young elf has been exploded all over the room. The walls, floor and ceiling are splattered with pieces of elf, blood and other fluids. There are at least 6 elven faces, and they are all identical.

Infernal Teddy

137: (My girlfiend sends you this one...) Nine corpses, all of them artists. Each has had one body part or organ removed: Hands, tongue, vocal cords, feet... With each mutilation matching the artist's work.

Mr. Draco

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138. You come to. Your vision slowly returns from black to leave you staring up at an unfamiliar ceiling. A man dressed to be the local constable opens the door and leads in another member of your adventuring party. As you try to sit up, you hear the officer telling your friend about the "Strange location the corpse was found at." As your limbs refuse to respond to your commands, you realize that the corpse they're talking about is you.

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