D&D 5E Cubicle 7 Shares Victoriana’s New Cover

Last week Cubicle 7 announced that it would be releasing a new edition of its ‘Victorian Shadowrun’ style RPG, powered by the D&D 5E rule set. Today they’ve revealed Antonio De Luca’s cover of the book!


Fancy a trip back to 1887? Then look no further, peer through your monocle and read on.

Last week we announced a brand new version of our Victoriana setting using the 5th edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game. This week we’re incredibly excited to share the stunning cover for Victoriana for 5e and an overview of what you’ll find in the book.

The Victoriana Player’s Guide gives players everything they need to create characters ready to take on the challenges of the fantastic, magical, steampunk world of Victoriana, powered by the 5th edition OGL rules.

Victoriana’s penny dreadfuls (what we call adventures) typically involve heavy doses of action, investigation, and social interaction. Jam Packed with useful information, this guide will ensure your character is prepared for any situation.

Find out exactly what's in the book here: Victoriana Player’s Guide for 5e – Cover Reveal! – Cubicle 7

Cover illustration by Antonio De Luca. Logo design by Rachael Macken.

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Jack Daniel

Whew lad, a true steampunk setting for modern D&D at long last. Hard to believe it's taken until 2021 for something like this to come along. If it had existed five or six years ago, I might've actually bought into 5e.

Lucky thing for me, I guess, that it's coming out years after I've already given 5e a fair shake and found its combat mechanics to be intolerably boring.

Steampunk, a genre than can drinks as source of inspiration all the fiction from the XIX fiction: Emilio Salgari, Jules Verne... but also with space for sad stories as Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist. Have you thought about getting any idea from "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"? Have you read Legenderry, the steampunk mash-up by Dinamyte comics?

Was "Carnival Row" only a season?

How to controll firearms and armors in urban zones from steampunk settings? Some classes (and subclasses) could be rejected or become useless in a steampunk setting. Maybe there is a mystical taboo, a ghost can attack his killer with the same type of weapon used for the murder. Then everybody would try to avoid firearms, but the own gunslingers willing to a new shooting. And the power balance with the steampunk exosuits?

I am guessing it was just artistic license having both protagonists apparently be left-handed, as those are the hands that hold the pistols. But being left-handed was heavily suppressed in Europe and the US until some time into the 20th century, with people born left-handed being forced to learn to do everything with their right hand and to not use their left hand. I still like the cover, but being left-handed myself, that little thing really jumped out.

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