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Thanks bud! It'll be up soon. He's interesting, the weakest of the 8, or formerly of the 8 in his case as Taison defeated him and took his throne. Speaking of, after I'm done, I'll be updating Siddha, giving him his portfolio abilities and such
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Hey everyone, sorry it's taken so long to post this, I had a lot of things I had to fix from my rough, paper, draft. Without Further Adieu, Lord Gongen, formerly of the 8 Deities, recently deposed by Taison the Lord of Authority.

Lord Gongen of the 4 Grand Generals

"The Lord of Violence, The God of Strength, God of Vengeance"

“As you enter the grand chamber, your gaze is immediately drawn to the immense figure of Gongen, the Lord of Violence, Strength, and Hatred. Towering at 18 feet, his gorilla-like physique is a spectacle of raw power and opulent excess. Lounging lazily on an ornate divan, Gongen seems almost unconcerned with your approach, his massive stone-and-gold arms casually draped over the sides, a hookah by his side.

His head, wide and fat, large enough to eat a man whole, is adorned with a mane of golden hair styled in goldilocks like curls with a huge matching golden beard also styled in soft coils, it shimmers softly in the dim light. Between his huge, toad-like lips, he languidly pops grapes, a symbol of his indulgent nature. His beady black eyes, set in a face of burnished bronze skin marked by zen-like patterns, flicker towards you with a hint of arrogant amusement.

"You dare to seek an audience with me?" Gongen's voice rumbles like distant thunder, rich with contempt and authority. "Speak, then. Amuse me with your mortal concerns." His words hang in the air, heavy with the weight of his godly presence.

As you stand before him, dwarfed by his colossal form and the splendor of his Gatsby-like attire, you can't help but feel a mix of awe and unease. In this moment, Gongen epitomizes the very essence of a deity – distant, powerful, and supremely confident in his dominion.”

Gargantuan- Macro Gargantuan Outsider (Living Construct)

Divine Rank 16 Greater Deity, Proxy of Wounded Eyes, Avatar of Hatred

{Beefer’s Note: his stats change dramatically when he shifts to his Mega Gigantic form, I’ll be using “MeG” to designate this and brackets [ ] as well.}

Hit Dice: 80d20 (Barbarian 60, Legendary Dreadnought 10, Raging Berserker 10) +1600 Epic Toughness, +8000 Supreme Toughness +1600 Paragon, +480 boons of the 7 springs, +80 toughness +7680 con (19,520 hp, 39,040 in divine realm or Vajra) [22,800 Mega Gargantuan, or 45,600]
Initiative: 44 (15 dex, 29 Div bonus and feats)[29 MeG]
Speed: 900, fly 2700 perfect (x3 Vajra form) [256 miles, fly 770 miles perfect MeG]
Armor Class: 470 (+30 Armor, +8 Shield, +15 Dex, -4 Size, +130 natural, +245 Deflection, +40 Divine/Insight/Luck) Touch 324, Flat Footed 469 [475 MeG, 298 Touch MeG, 475 Flat Footed MeG]

Base Attack/Grapple (CMB/CMD): 80/ 286 (286/314) [374/384 MeG]

Fists of Ruin:
+708 Melee: 80d20, +471 Str, +20 Luck, +60 Enchantment, +16 Divine, +240d12 Hate, +120d20 Cosmic Fire, +240d6 Kinetic, +20d10 Untyped 17-20/x4 melee (7,487 avg 29,948 Crit)
Fists of Ruin MeG: +928 Melee: 800d20, +771 Str, +20 Luck, +60 Enchantment, +16 Divine, +240d12 Hate, +120d20 Cosmic Fire, +240d6 Kinetic, +20d10 Untyped 17-20/x4 melee (23,787 avg 95,148 Crit)
Hateful Kinetic Cosmic Fire Blast (Flames of Hatred): +374 Ranged: (Speed x4) 80d20 Cosmic Fire Damage +160d6 Kinetic, +160d12 Hate, +20 Ench, +20 Luck, +16 Divine, Range 50,000 ft, 17-20/ x4 Crit, (3,716 avg 14,864 Crit)
Hametsu No Ken +865 Melee: +471 Str, +20 Luck, +157 Circumstance, +60 Enchantment, +16 Divine, +240d12 Hate, +120d20 Cosmic Fire, +240d6 Kinetic, +20d100 Transcendent, Range Line of Sight, +225 ft radius wave DC:324) 12-20/ x8 Crit (9,644 avg, 77,152 Crit)

Full Attack: 8 Fists of Ruin, 1 Hametsu No Ken, 1 Cosmic Fire Blast

Special Attacks: Hametsu No Ken, Wish 16xday, Rage, Frightful Presence Unstoppable
Special Qualities: Damage Reduction 105/+6/ (40/-), SR 121, Divine Immunities, Immunity to: Acid, Electricity, Fear, and Mind Influencing Effects, Starflight, Grab, Divine Aura (57,600 ft), Boon of the 8 Deities, Boon of Supreme Toughness, Unmovable

Saves: Fort +419, Ref +338, Will +357 [Fort +559, Ref +423, Will +457 MeG]
Abilities: Str 324 (+157) [524 (+257) Mega Gargantuan], Dex 40 (+15) [10 (+0) MeG, Con 202 (+96) [282 (+136) MeG] , Int 50(+20), Wis 74(+34), Cha 65(+27) (Vajra all stats doubled, size bonuses applied afterwards)

Skills: All skills are at 106+ relevant ability modifier.

Feats: Toughness, Deflect Arrows, etc, etc the basics for a fighter type (most used for extra divine abilities)

Epic Feats: Legendary Archer, Exceptional Deflection, Reflect Arrows, Infinite Deflection, Epic Toughness

Divine Abilities: Blood Boil, Strong Mind, Strong Soul, Strong Spirit, Legendary, Enlarge Aura x6, Divine Immensity x20, Divine Rage, Heavenly Mind, Heavenly Soul, Heavenly Spirit, Heavy Handed, Profane Mind, Profane Soul, Profane Spirit, Uncanny Kinetic Mastery, Uncanny Fire Mastery, *Uncanny Hateful Mastery, *Living Construct, *Iron Body, *Adamantine Body, Manifold Rage

Cosmic Abilities: Spirit Stealer, Legendary Strength (Esoteric), *Lord of Individuality, Abrogate, *Cosmic Fire

Portfolios: Violence, Strength

Proxy Salient Abilities: Hateful Effect, Hametsu No Ken, Cosmic Fire, Improved Portfolios

Environment: Shinkokku, Outer Planes
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: (official CR 160)
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Effective Class Level: 160

Combat: Lord Gongen, the Lord of Strength and Violence is known for being a domineering and terrible foe using his powers to smash foes to their souls with his hateful powers and burn them to the bone with his fires. A staunch devotee to the outer god Wounded Eyes, he has been granted many boons and he uses these powers to great effect in combat.

He largely relies on his Rage ability, boosting his strength to ever new heights, he uses his Blood Boil ability to force foes to fight stupid and uses that against them, simply breaking his foes into pieces, overwhelming them with brute force. He relies heavily on straight forward tactics, launching his strongest attacks at the foe who’s angered him the most. Generally this will be a Hamatsu No Ken. This is usually enough to get the job done, but he has been defeated numerous times and never seems to adapt his tactics, seeming to always throw himself headlong into battle with recklessness and abandon like a charging bull, entirely expecting to simply power out of any trap or trick sprung against him.

He will adapt his tactics on a basic level, using ranged attacks when optimal and his spell like abilities and Wish when necessary, but generally these are afterthoughts and easily mitigated by savvy enemies.

Arrogant and abusive, he cares not for mortals or other gods, only wishing to return to his hedonistic lifestyle and gain glory. He is nonetheless very powerful and has held the position as one of the 8 Deities for many eons. He is universally reviled by the other 8, and seen as a necessary evil by the others due to his overwhelming power.

His most notable power is his abilty to increase his size to unimaginable proportions. He at a whim can transform to the size of the world itself growing to over 40,000 miles in height, in this state, he will usually simply smash his foes in this form as relatively speaking his aura and ray attacks have almost no reach comparatively to his basic melee attacks. Generally he remains in his smaller form or somewhere in between for sheer convenience sake but it remains his very open trump card to be used in emergencies.

The weakest of the 8 Deities, he is both, slower, lazier and stupider than the other deities and his constant focus on size equaling strength has been openly mocked and ridiculed by the 8.

He was recently deposed by Taison, Lord of Authority, and now serves as one of the 4 Guardian Generals, ruling over the Treus Heavy Commander units, and as the High General of Shinkokku’s army, a perfumatory title as no self respecting Treus nor Taison himself would ever let Gongen ever truly have any true leadership role in anything critical.

Cosmic Might (Ex): Deal a maximum of 80d20 base damage with virtual size categories for any unarmed or weapon strike unless otherwise stated.

{Beefer’s Note: This is not applied with true size categories and will only change the base damage dice in such cases. Virtual Size Categories and Size Categories will not stack beyond the base average damage for a Mega Gigantic creature 800d20 for a slam as in this case

Boon of the 8 Deities (Su): Any 'Soul, Mind, Body, Spirit' ability also has it's respective ability modifier added as an additional layer of deflection AC

Hatred Portfolio x2, Strength Portfolio x2: Lord Gongen is the Lord of Violence (Revenge) and Strength, the ruler of might equals right and lord of Hatred. He is self serving, cowardly and pathetic when cornered, but vicious and merciless when he believes he has the upper hand.

-Spell-like Abilities: Uses Vengeance and Strength domain spells as spell-like abilities each round

-Pig’s Splendor: -32 to Charisma

-Blinded by Hate: -32 against enchantment spells and effects

-Rhino’s Cunning: Competence penalty (equal to your divine rank) to intelligence

-Death before Dishonor: You cannot renege on a personal challenge

-Hatred: Gain Favored enemy bonus +16 against all foes

-Incite Hatred: Allies gain +16 Favored Enemy bonus against all foes

-Shield of Strength: You are immune to strength damage/drain

-Greater Spirit of Vengeance: Gain +32 Competence bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls and armor class against opponents who have injured you that day

-Hate Filled: Your summoned creatures have 200% more HD if of an alignment opposed to your enemy

-Strength Ward: Allies within your aura are immune to strength damage/drain

-Greater Scion of Strength: Gain +32 to Strength

-Improved Bloodstrike: Expend up to 2 hp per HD and add that amount to your damage

-Stronger Brethren: Those summoned gain +32 Strength

-Embodiment of Strength: Ignore all damage reduction or hardness

-Superior Hatred Effect (x2 HD): Assault your enemies with Bane attacks

-Uncanny Hatred Mastery (x2 HD) Assault your enemies with Bane attacks

-Superior Kinetic Effect (x2 HD): Assault your enemies with Kinetic attacks

-Uncanny Kinetic Mastery (x2 HD) Assault your enemies with Kinetic attacks

-Bloodstained Soul: Regenerate 10 hp for every successful hit you score that round

-Stronger Soul: Gain +324 to Regeneration

Cosmic Fire Effect (Su): Blasts foes for d20s of Divine Fire damage half the damage is fire, the other half is pure divine damage. DC 324 if applicable

Beam (Ray) 80d20 3,600 ft range

Blast 40d20 3,600 ft range/ 225ft. Standard action DC 324/half

Blood 20d20 Melee Free action when struck DC 324/half

Breath 40d20 225ft. cone, 900ft line, Standard action DC 324/half

Hand 120d20 Melee Touch or Unarmed Strike

Immolation 120d20 57,600ft radius blast, DC 324/half

Storm 20d20 57,600ft radius, DC 324/half Free -

Strike 20d20 Melee (bonus) Free -

Wrath (Gaze) 40d20 225ft cone 324 Will/none

Kinetic Effect (Su): Assault foes with destructive blasts of concussive force. This can cut, bludgeon or pierce depending on Gongen’s whims. DC 324 if applicable

Beam (Ray) 160d6 3,600 ft range

Blast 80d6 3,600 ft range/ 225ft. Standard action DC 324/half

Blood 40d6 Melee Free action when struck DC 324/half

Breath 80d6 225ft. cone, 900ft line, Standard action DC 324/half

Hand 240d6 Melee Touch or Unarmed Strike

Immolation 240d6 57,600ft radius blast, DC 324/half

Storm 40d6 57,600ft radius, DC 324/half Free -

Strike 40d6 Melee (bonus) Free -

Wrath (Gaze) 80d6 225ft cone 324 Will/none

Hateful Effect (Su): Pure hatred, distilled and focused in the palm of Gongen’s Hand. A gift from his lord, The Sidereal Wounded Eyes. Treated as Bane Effect but usable on any enemy type with no resistance allowed. DC 324 if applicable

Beam (Ray) 160d12 3,600 ft range

Blast 80d12 3,600 ft range/ 225ft. Standard action DC 324/half

Blood 40d12 Melee Free action when struck DC 324/half

Breath 80d12 225ft. cone, 900ft line, Standard action DC 324/half

Hand 240d12 Melee Touch or Unarmed Strike

Immolation 240d12 57,600ft radius blast, DC 324/half

Storm 40d12 57,600ft radius, DC 324/half Free -

Strike 40d12 Melee (bonus) Free -

Wrath (Gaze) 80d12 225ft cone 324 Will/none

Blood Boil (Su): Gongen can cause his opponents to become enraged and possibly attack their allies. Anyone within the area encompassed by his divine aura must make a Will save (DC 324) or become enraged (as per the Barbarian Rage class feature) and confused (as per the spell).

Heavy Handed: Deal Double Strength Damage with attacks.

Adamantine Body (Ex): Gain +40 to Strength, Add 20/- to DR, Reduce Opponents DR by 20 points, gain +20 to Natural AC, Weight increased by 16 fold, Virtual Size categories increased by 2 (+8 Con, -4 Dex, +2 nat ac)

Starflight(Sp): Can reach any place in the multiverse in 3d20 days.

Vajra Form: The 8 Deities can increase their overall combat effectiveness by pulling upon the power of the Mantra, This doubles all stats (str, dex, con etc) triples movement speed, and doubles their HP as if they were in their Divine Realm. HP is not increased for the increase to Con in this form, nor will it double their HP in their divine realm. Gongen can only access this form now if granted permission by the 8 Deities.

Divine Immunity(Ex): Immune to all environmental effects, Immune to all natural effects

Legendary Strength: Str is doubled

Strong Soul, Spirit, Mind: Add Strength Modifier to Saves, Attack Rolls and DCs

Lord of Individuality: Gongen was perfected by the Sidereal Wounded Eyes, becoming a Paragon gaining the Paragon template, Paragon Creature ::

Legendary: Gain the Monster of Legend template,
Template - Monster Of Legend
He has taken the following abilities:
-Immunities: Acid, Fear, Electricity, and Mind Influencing Effects
-Frightful Presence DC 324 vs Shaken

Manifold Rage: +10 Strength +10 Con +5 on Will if struck or otherwise enraged in combat. Does not affect AC or abilities reliant on focus or complex thought.

Divine Rage: Can increase the power of the Barbarian Rage class feature by +10 to Strength, +10 to Constitution, +5 to Will Saves, and a -5 Penalty to AC.

-Spell Like Abilities: Caster Level equal to HD+ Divine Bonus
At Will: Commune, Dream, Etherialness, Gias/Quest, Greater Dispel Magic, Greater Teleport, Magic Jar, Sending, Tongues, True Sight

16/day: Wish
3/day: See Invisibility, Haste, Banishment
Portfolio Spell Like Abilities: 2/Round:
Enlarge Person, Bull's Strength, Magic Vestment, Spell Immunity, Righteous Might, Stone Skin, Grasping Hand, Clenched Fist, Crushing Hand, Shield of Faith, Bear's Endurance, Speak With Dead, Fire Shield, Mark of Justice, Banishment, Spell Turning, Discern Location, Storm of Vengeance

-Class Features:
Barbarian Rage: Mighty Rage Can Increase his Strength and Con by +8, Berserk can increase this by another +6/+6, Divine Rage Increases this by another +10/+10 and if wounded, his Manifold Rage increases this by another +10/+10 to a Maximum of +34. Finally, his Unbridled Rage increases his Strength and Con by +2 every round to a maximum of +64 Strength and Con.

Rage Powers:
-Animal Fury
-Beast Totem
-Lesser Beast Totem
-Greater Beast Totem
-Celestial Blood
-Lesser Celestial Blood
-Greater Celestial Blood
-Eater of Magic
-Elemental Blood, Electricity, Fire
-Greater Elemental Blood

Legendary Dreadnought: Can use Unstoppable and Unmovable, gain 3/- to damage reduction, gain second wind ability (can heal up to Con mod in damage 1/day)

Barbarian: Gain 25 Bonus Feats, +12 to attack and damage with primary weapon (glaive) and +12 against fear effects

New Divine Abilities:

-Divine Rage:

Your rage burns with the unequaled might of the Gods.
Prerequisites: Divine Aura
You gain a Rage like ability that allows you to increase your Strength and Constitution by +10 and gain a +5 bonus to Will saves, however you gain a -5 penalty to Armor Class for the duration. This can be triggered on being injured as an Immediate Action or can be activated by the Deity at any time as a Move Action. If the Deity is a Barbarian already they may activate this ability as part of activating their Rage class feature and the abilities stack for purposes of both bonuses and penalties.



-Focusing Bands: A pair of ring like golden bracers that allow him to focus Ray type atatcks to the standard distance of most Shinkokku heavy weaponry, 50,000 feet. He can make these attacks with no range penalty to attacks and are mainly used for attacking Ghoma from the sky, these also grant him a +20 to ranged attack rolls.

-Armor of the Gods: +30 Armor Bonus to AC, applies to touch and saves. Add +20 to all saves and deflection AC, not an artifact, a piece of custom light armor designed by the great inventor Daedalus for Lord Gongen’s personal use.

-Fists of Ruin: Gongen’s mighty stone fists doubles strength bonus to attack and damage rolls and quadruple strength damage and attack to objects, grants him the Heavy Handed Divine ability, the Grab monster ability, adds 20d10 points of Untyped Damage to his attacks and allows his attacks to deal double damage to objects, they are treated otherwise as +60 greatclubs.

-Hametsu No Ken
: Gongen has given up an artifact slot to instead develop a special attack that would allow him to use the power of his giant form even while in his smaller state. He can imbue his fists with incredible energy allowing him to deal tremendous damage and hit otherwise invulnerable foes. He foregoes a full attack but gains instead a special charge attack that allows him to move almost instantaneously from one point to another slamming into his foes with incredible force, this increases his crit chance by 5 steps from 17-20 to 12-20 and increases the multiplier from x4 to x8. He also gains a +157 Circumstance Bonus to Attack and Damage rolls for this attack and is able to deal his Immolation damage as a wave type attack (225 ft radius) to all foes along his flight path, DC 324 Reflex

2 divine artifacts liquidated for x3 divine abilities, Boon of the 7 Springs is a stacking 'Toughness' feat for various holy hot springs visited in my world, Epic toughness in my campaigns grants +20 hp per level, Boon of Supreme Toughness was granted to him by Wounded Eyes giving him +100 hp per level.
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