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I'll probably reskin him as a fallen demi-deity who's trying to re-ascend by amassing divine energy through his cult and draining artifacts and patron deities (a 20-level class version of the IH's various templates and portfolios [yeah, I've been creating the playable class version of the deities] which I will post in the next few days after I finish polishing it)
Interesting, I look forward to seeing it

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"Patricians, Families of the Gods, Citizens of Shinkokku"

A group of beautiful people stands out to you within the crowd of physically perfect demigods. Seemingly similar they are nevertheless smaller and more, for lack of a better term, basic looking.

They look almost human.

Dressed in the same fineries, the same otherworldly make up and timeless fashion as the demigods, they look somewhat blemished, aged, and mortal. These appear as girls of only 25, but compared to the demigods themselves they stand out. These are the Devas, the Patricians as they’re called, the once mortal families of the gods, the great mortal heroes summoned to serve the gods forever, the friends and travelling companions of the deities. They hold a similar yet somewhat lesser position within Shinkokku society. Blessed with immortality, granted the same civil liberties as any other deity, they are nevertheless frailer, weaker, and less capable than the gods they call peers.

Medium Outsider (Deva)
Divine Rank 0

Hit Dice:
20d10 (20 Expert) +140 boons of the 7 springs, +40 Con (380 hp)

Armor Class:
33 (+9 Armor, +2 Shield of Gold, +1 Dex, +5 natural, +3 Deflection, +1 Divine, +2 Cover) Touch 24, Flat Footed 32
Initiative: +5
Speed: 60ft, fly 60/ Perfect

Base Attack/Grapple (CMB/CMD): 15/ 19 (19/30)

+19 Melee: 1d6 +3, +1 Divine, + Throwback Bracer: 20/x2 Crit (6 average damage)

Golden Gada: +6 Knockback Merciful Blast Heavy Mace of Concealment, +25 Melee: 1d10+4 Str, +6 Ench, +3d6 Merciful, 10ft Knockback and prone on last hit DC 24 Reflex Save +1 Divine, 20/x2 Crit (24 Average Damage)

Chilikar: +6 Windrazor Blast Returning Triplethrow Chakram, +23 Ranged: 1d4 +3 Str, +6 Ench, +1 Divine, +3d6 Piercing or Slashing damage, splits into three attacks when thrown 19-20/x2 Crit (21 Average Damage)

+6 Blaster of Fiery Blast: +23 Ranged Touch, deals 3d6+6 plasma damage +3d6 fire damage. 20/x3 crit (24 Average Damage)

Masterwork +6 Throwback Bracer: +23 Ranged Touch, 0 Damage, knocks opponent back 2d3x10 feet, x2 range on crit 20/x2

Masterwork +6 Gravglob Gun: +23 Ranged Touch, 0 damage, increases weight on opponent exponentially for 4+2d4 rounds, Crit means it’s stuck to the floor immobilizing the target. DC 17 base DC goes up by +2 (+2,+4+8, etc) increasing exponentially for the duration shown above, remains in place until removed with either Universal Solvent or Freedom of Movement 20 Crit

Full Attack: Slam +19/14/9 Melee, or Golden Gada +25/20/15 Melee or Chilikar +23/23/23/18/18/18/13/13/13 Ranged, or Blaster 23/18/13 Ranged Touch, or Throwback Bracer or Gravglob Gun +23 Ranged Touch

Special Attacks: Throwback Bracer, Neural Blanker, Gravglob Gun, Spell-Like Abilities

Special Qualities: Deva Traits, Damage Reduction 35/+5 (10/-), SR 32, Fast Healing 5, Immunities: Transmutation, Energy Drain, Ability Drain, Ability Damage, and Mind Influencing Effects, Electricity, Acid, Cold and Fire Resistance 20, Immortal, Adaption, Autoport, Hoverpack, Multitool, Extranet Access, Psychosurgery Kit, Telekinetic Shield

Saves: Fort +12, Ref +11, Will +19
Abilities: Str 16(+3), Dex 13(+1), Con 14(+2), Int 16(+3), Wis 15(+2), Cha 16(+3)

Skills: Acrobatics +25, Bluff +43, Climb +27, Craft +8, Diplomacy +43, Disable Device +25, Fly +25, Heal +26, Handle Animal +26, Intimidate +27, Knowledge Arcana +13, Knowledge Geography +13, Knowledge Computers +43, Knowledge History +13, Knowledge Planes +13, Knowledge Religion +23, Knowledge Local +23, Linguistics +13, Perception +42, Ride +25, Stealth +25, Swim +27, Use Magic Device +27

Feats: Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative, Skill Focus: Knowledge Computers, Skill Focus: Pereption, Skill Focus: Diplomacy, Skill Focus: Craft Alchemy

Epic Feats: Augmented Alchemy, Epic Skill Focus: Knowledge Computers, Epic Skill Focus: Diplomacy, Epic Skill Focus: Bluff, Epic Skill Focus: Craft Alchemy

Environment: Shinkokku, Outer Planes
Organization: Solitary, pair, group 1d3+2, crowd 2d3+4
Challenge Rating: (official CR 20)
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Any
Effective Class Level: 25

The Devas are the children, relatives and friends of ascended gods whom that god did not want to leave behind. They are granted an extremely limited form of true immortality and a blessing that makes them extremely hard to harm. The devas make up the bulk of the civilian population of Shinkokku’s Divine Cities. They work most of the jobs, make their lives and are the working man and common folk of the Lower Divines.

Devas who are born or related to high ranking demigods hold a position similar to nobles and are known as Patricians.

Combat: The Deva are by nature generally not combatants, however there are many great heroes elevated to the position due to their valor so this may be a bit misleading.

Most Devas are civilians and thusly the majority take up NPC classes, they can fight but are generally not as robust combatants as others of similar challenge rating.

If forced to defend themselves or if they feel they must get involved to help another they rely on their Throwback Bracer to blast enemies back attempting to throw their enemies into walls and such or over cliffs if they seem truly malicious, if forced into melee their first reaction is not to kill so they rely on their Golden Gada to deal massive subdual damage to attackers, if this is not enough or the enemy is immune to subdual damage they’ll try to slow it down with their gravglob gun attempting to pin the opponent in place until authorities can arrive, and use their Neural Blanker to repeatedly stun the foe, if they get around this or there is no other choice they attempt to overwhelm their foe with their Chilikar trying their best to just to take the foe down, if the opponent is too hard to hit with their chakrams they’ll pull their blaster as a last resort and fire.

If all this fails, they’ll attempt to flee relying on their Autoport and Hoverpack in conjunction with their spell like abilities to escape primarily relying on Teleport and Ethereal Jaunt, and Healing when necessary.

They rely flatly on their natural defenses, their Kevacha and their Telekinetic Shield to defend themselves and will try their best to diplomacy or bluff their way out of combat if there is no other choice however they will try their best to survive and will fight as hard as they can.

Fast Healing: Recover 5 Hp per round

Throwback Bracer: A typical nonlethal weapon of the Triastrum. Fires a pulse of gravitic energy up to 200 feet reversing the polarity of gravity under a person’s feet horizontally sending them flying back 2d3x10 feet and they are knocked prone. If they slam into a hard surface they take damage as if they fell the same distance, If applicable the enemy may attempt a DC 15 Acrobatics check to avoid being knocked prone.

Neural Blanker: A metallic rod that creates a flash of bright white light creating a psychic feedback loop causing a total mind blank in a target. Can effect even those immune to mind influencing effects. Enemies within 10 feet of the device must make a DC 15 Will save or be stunned for 1d4+1 rounds.

Gravglob Gun: Another nonlethal weapon, a small gun-like device that fires small blobs of a rapidly expanding high density adhesive metallic nanites at a range of 500 feet requiring a ranged touch attack. These hit the target with some force but deal no damage but rapidly grow in size and weight going from fine size all the way to small size and their weight goes from 2 lbs to begin with up to 16 lbs doubling in weight each round and continue to grow for an additional 2 to 8 rounds (2d4) continuing to grow in weight to a potential maximum of 8,192 lbs. This gravglob is fairly tough to remove requiring a DC 17 Strength Check to remove, this check grows rapidly increasing by +2 each round for the first 4 rounds and then increases exponentially (+1, +2, +4, +8, +16, +32, +64, +128) every round thereafter. For each additional gravglob the target is struck with the Strength Check is increased +2, the exponential growth is not cumulative. If a foe is hit with a critical hit the glob also sticks to the floor requiring a DC 15 Reflex Save to avoid being stuck in place and flat footed, a successful save reduces this to half movement speed. A target who becomes overburdened due to the extreme weight becomes unable to move from their spot. A Universal Solvent, Freedom of Movement, Turning Ethereal or Teleporting/ Dimension Door, or the Eternal Freedom Divine Ability or Epic Spell will negate this effect.

Telekinetic Shield: A small lightweight plate of Old World Brass, usually worn as a belt buckle or bracelet. When activated, an immediate action, it places itself between the deva and incoming ranged or melee attacks granting a +2 Cover Bonus to AC. Cannot be used as an immediate action if the Deva is caught unaware.

Autoport (Ex): The Deva use an embedded device to travel vast distances quickly. This allows the Deva to Dimension Door as the spell up to 1000 feet as an Immediate Action, but must charge for 5 minutes before it can be used again. This can be used as a full round action during it’s charging phase but shuts the Autoport down for 1 full hour if used in this function.

Hoverpack (Ex): The Deva Flightpack allows a Deva to fly at a 80/Perfect flight speed for 12 hours a day and perfect maneuverability in outer space. This is a series of gravitic generators on their wrists belt and feet.

Multitool (Ex): A wrist mounted computer looking much like a bracelet made of 4 plastic plates. This creates an advanced construct made of force working like a wrist mounted computer, manufacturer, storage space and 3d printer. Drawing from pure divine energy, this allows the Deva to manufacture any basic material into any basic shape or tool it might need or at least a facsimile, allows extranet access, allows for advanced scanning of magical, psionic and mundane energies, allows the creation of basic alchemical items, and allows the Deva to do any modern day function a smartphone might provide. Extranet access allows the the deva to use a limited form of Omnicompetence and Maven, allowing him after 2 minutes of effort to attempt any skill check with a +3 bonus as if it were a class skill for that roll for the next minute and allowing him to use the Message as the spell but instantly and without a range limit to any other multitool user as a limited form of telepathy.

Psycho Surgery Kit (Ex): A psionically charged AI that automatically detects different forms of trauma and heals the Deva accordingly until it’s energy is spent. It has 20 Power Points which recover after 24 hours of use. These are not part of the Deva’s actions and happen as an Immediate Action following a source of trauma it’s abilities are as follows:

-First Aid: Restore 1d4 HP (3 Power Points)
-Surgery: Removes Bleed, and ongoing damaging effects and heals 1d6 HP (4 Power Points)
-Provide Long Term Care (4 Power Points)
-Cure Greivous Wound: Heals 1d3 Vile Damage or Permanent Damage, restores ability damage and ability drain, restores lost levels (4 Power Points)
-Remove Dazed or Stunned Condition (3 Power Points)
-Stabilize Dying Character or Remove Unconscious Condition (3 Power Points)
-Treat Poison or Disease (3 Power Points)
-Treat Magical Sickness: Grants saving throw against Magical Illness or poison, Dispels Curses, Compulsions, Mental Control or Domination or other enchantments (4 Power Points)
These work as the Heal Skill check unless otherwise noted, Treating Poison or Disease grants an immediate additional saving throw with a +5 Circumstance bonus to the save and all other saves made that day.
This Psycho Surgery Kit can be used continuously if the Deva has a constant source of power for the Kit to leech off of. Generally Deva are fed pure divine energy from the cities they live in this will keep the kit fully charged with power points immediately replenishing them until they are taken out of the city or the signal is disrupted by something like an antimagic field.

Shield of Gold (Su): The Devas are protected by a divine shield at all times unless lowered by the deva on purpose (a free action), this provides a a special +2 Shield bonus to AC that applies to both Flat Footed and Touch AC, this also grants the Devas a Divine Grace like bonus to their Saving Throws equal to their Charisma Modifier and treats them as if protected by a Protection from Alignment type effect that can be moved from one alignment to another as a standard action. This ability does not stack with Divine Grace or any other ability that grants Shield AC such as the Shield spell or actual physical shields.

Adaption: The Deva can adapt to the planar environment of any dimension or plane they travel to within 1 round.

Deva Traits: The Deva are beings who have been granted immortality via a Deity’s sponsorship or through some other process that grants immortality (such as eating a golden apple) but not true divinity. This gives them a Divine Rank of 0, This effectively gives the being a single Quintessence Point, this grants them Immortality, Low-Light Vision, Darkvision 60, a Damage Reduction of 35/+5, a Spell Resistance equal to 12+ Hit Dice, their Charisma Bonus as a Deflection Bonus to Armor Class, a +1 Divine Bonus to AC, Attack, Damage, all Rolls, Saves, and Checks, Resistance to Fire, Acid, Electricity and Acid of 30, and Immunity to Transmutation, Energy Drain, Ability Drain, Ability Damage, and Mind Influencing Effects and grants the Adaption ability and allows the Deva to select Epic Feats if they qualify. This is not treated as true Divinity, meaning they cannot increase their QP and must ascend to true godhood (which replaces the Deva Subtype and all associated powers) to ascend further.

-Spell Like Abilities: Caster Level equal to HD +1 (CL 21)
At Will: Commune, Dream, Etherial Jaunt, Greater Dispel Magic, Teleport, Sending, Tongues, True Sight
3/day: Heal
1/day: Limited Wish

-Class Features:

Expert: Expert’s Knack: can successfully make 1 skill check that you feasibly can make 3/ per day, Choice of Skills: Choose 10 skills that are class skills for you



Golden Gada: +6 Knockback Merciful Blast Heavy Mace of Concealment. A huge golden mace usually worn on the belt in a highly reduced state. It’s concealment enchantment allows the mace to go from a massive two handed mace to the size of the palm of a hand, these maces are made not to deal real damage but instead to cudgel a would be attacker down with subdual damage until they can no longer fight back. These are the first resort of most deva. The last attack landed unleashes a blast of repulsive energy sending the enemy flying back 10 feet and knocking them prone on a failed DC 24 Reflex save.

Chilikar: +6 Windrazor Blast Returning Triplethrow Chakram. This is the usual weapon of a deva trying to truly do someone harm. This is a +6 Returning Triplethrow Chakram with a Windrazor Blast Enchantment dealing an additional 3d6 Piercing or Slashing damage. When thrown the blade splits into 3 Chakrams allowing the Deva to make 3 times the attacks, it can also be used in melee without penalty.

Kevacha: +6 Elysian Gold Parade Armor of Exceptional Arrow Deflection, This armor also has a microcomputer and various other kinds of technology worked throughout it and is made of Elysian Gold, a more lustrous variety of Elysian Bronze and is encrusted in embossed carvings and jewels. This armor is functional and strong, it is enchanted that if any ranged attack such as bullets, knives or arrows but not unorthodox ranged attacks like boulders, lasers or magic rays can be deflected with a DC 20 (+ the attack’s enchantment bonus) Reflex Save.

Blaster Pistol: +6 Blaster Pistol deals 3d6+6 plasma damage +3d6 fire damage, 500ft range 20/x3 crit

(Boon of the 7 Springs is a stacking 'Toughness' feat for various holy hot springs visited in my world)
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This is a standard ability for all deities to be added into their basic statistics.


Create Deva (Ex):
The Deity can make Devas by sacrificing small amounts of Quintessence.
Effect: The Deity can spend 1 Quintessence per hit dice of the chose mortal, this awakens a single point of Quintessence within the chosen being and grants them the Deva Traits Special Quality and their type changes to Outsider and their Subtype to Deva and grants them a +4 bonus to a single Ability Score and +2 to all other Ability Scores.

The deity may create a maximum amount of Deva equal to his Divine Rank x10, at Hero Deity this increases to 100x his Divine Rank, at Lesser Deity it increases to x1,000, Sidereals can create 10,000x their Divine Rank, Demiurges may make 100,000x their Divine Rank, and Time Lords 1,000,000x their Divine Rank. High Lords multiply that 1,000,000x by thier Highlord level (a Highlord Rank 2 could create 2,000,000x their Divine Rank)

Once chosen the effect is permanent and cannot be altered even if the Deity wishes to chose a different person to ascend at a later time. Only if a Deva is permanently killed will the Deity be able to create new Devas.
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So in my campaign I have a floating nation of technologically advanced gods known as Shinkokku.

This civilization rules over a continent of humans below called Shinto. These gods (called the Demigods in campaign) also have intermediaries called The Casted who are between god and human. Commanding power over the elements, animals, holy energy or fate itself, they are the main line of defense against the constant Ghoma menace with each Casted holding more authority than a King.

These powerful beings are often spoken of but unless one is in the right locale, they are rarely seen and the responsibility of defending the cities of Shinto from Ghoma and the threats of the world, falls onto the shoulders of mortal men.

The Ghoma are obscenely powerful, and their tough bodies and aggressive defenses make them very difficult to fight for human beings. As such, humans rely on canons, magic, and gunpowder weaponry largely to fight the Ghoma, but these tactics take time and the humans need people on the front lines fighting the Ghoma directly. For this purpose the people of Shinto use a battle harness (inspired by Attack of Titan) to stay nimbly out of the Ghoma's grasp while allowing them to fight the Ghoma directly.

This is the 3d Movement Gear:

3-D movement gear

-Allows 1 active dodge per round doesn't stack with tactical step. This allows the user to dodge a single attack roll made on them once per round as long as they move at least 10 feet in the round they are attacked.

-Allows the use of Dodge, Mobility, Combat Reflexes, and Spring Attack without penalty

-Allows the use of the Pounce ability

-Grants the Evasion rogue ability

-Has 2 Keen +2 Tungsten Blades (1d6+2 15-20/×2 crit) used for slicing into the stone hides of Ghoma, these blades ignore Hardness up to 15 similar to Adamantine, and have a hardness of 15, but more importantly these weapons ignore the Ghoma's immunity to critical hits but only when used in conjuction with a Charge or Spring Attack.

-+4 Dodge AC while Charging or Spring Attacking, ignore the -2 Dodge Penalty to AC for Charging

-+2 Dodge Bonus to AC

-+2 Equipment Bonus to Reflex Saves

-Allows the user to ignore attacks that trigger on being attacked like heat and raging blood on a Charge or Spring Attack and allows weapons that would be damaged on attack to ignore the damage that would have been dealt to them on a charge as well

-Treated as light armor equivalent to leather armor with a +2 enchantment bonus to AC (+4 AC total)

-Has 4 grappling hook mechanisms that can be used to attack or move the user around. These have several uses:

-Can grapple onto any surface and pull themselves towards it within 40 feet as a swift action 1/round, can be done multiple times per round twice for a movement action, or 5 times for a full round action. Movements must be made in rectilinear or swinging archs when using the gear. This replaces your base movement on any round its used as a full round action. A climb check must be made 1/round any time the gear is used at a +20 modifier and an Acrobatics check must be made to change directions mid swing or to make an arching movement also at a +20 bonus.

-Can make 2 grappling hook attacks at any foe within 40 feet as a standard action. These attacks deal 2d4+2 Piercing damage and ignore hardness up to 15. Those struck can be either stabbed or grappled. Those stabbed take the above-mentioned damage, those grappled instead have the tungsten wires of the device wrapped around them dealing 1d4+2 points of subdual damage and are considered entangled. Those entangled may make a Strength Check DC 25 to break free or a Reflex or escape artist check of DC 20 to escape. Those entangled can be pulled, tripped, or dragged with a standard CMB vs CMD check with the grappler at a +4 bonus and the victim losing his dex bonus to CMD

-Jets turbines on the harness can slow a fall by 40 feet reducing fall damage by 4d6. This applies against any kind of falling damage and can also allow the user to levitate for a single round no higher than a 5 feet up though the levitation may be maintained as a full round action.

-System is powered by an endless compressed air tank, compressed air cartridges, ethanol combustion engines or, rarely, a modified Mantra engine. In the case of compressed air cartridges or combustion engines the system must recieve fuel every 8 hours to continue functioning. If the system runs out of fuel it loses all functionality being treated as +2 leather armor until more fuel is added. The fuel tank can be sundered having a 15 hardness and 20 hp.


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Very beautiful, come questions.
Has +2 tungsten blades used for slicing into the stone hides of Ghoma, these blades ignore Hardness up to 15 similar to Adamantine, and have a hardness of 15.
The blades works as longsword for stats or some other weapon?
+4 dodge ac while charging, ignore minus to ac for charging

Allows the user to ignore attacks that trigger on being attacked like heat and raging blood onna charge and allows weapons that would be damaged on attack to ignore the damage that would have been dealt to them on a charge as well
Only with charge, not also with spring attack?

Very beautiful, come questions.

The blades works as longsword for stats or some other weapon?
I fixed it, it was pretty rough draft when I posted it lol. They're like scimitars basically. 18-20/×2 crit 1d6 damage.
Only with charge, not also with spring attack?
That's an oversight on my part, it should work when they're charging or using spring attack but honestly I've always allowed the two to work in tandem. Being able to only Charge or Spring Attack is some dumb Rules As Written crap. It makes no sense, the point of Spring Attack is to allow you to Attack and move, with Charge you're already doing that.... 🤷🏻‍♂️
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Hey @Beefermatic this is great, do you plan on posting more info about Shinkokku, maybe a bit more on how they are governed? I would also love to see the stats for the rest of the 8 Deities.
I am, I just got a second job so I've been busy as Hell recently. We're going into the slow season here in a week or so so you all can expect some new stuff in the near future.

I'm surprised you're interested in the way Shinkokku is ran and all of that. I nerd out hard on my own storyline and have, I mean like a thousand pages written out on all the ins and outs of society in shinkokku as a whole. I mean I won't inundate you all but I'm happy to provide some of it if you all want. No problem! 😎 legit, it makes me really happy to hear that, most that technical stuff I write for sheer campaign mechanical purposes, I didn't realize there was any interest.

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