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This was the first Munny custom that I didn't have to scratch an idea or concept. Everything went according to plan...if not better. I'm quite excited on how this one came out. I've loved D&D for quite some time and was stoked to be able to represent with some artwork. I hope you D&D nerds out there feel the same! :D

If you like it and have Facebook you should jump over there and Vote for it because it is in a Contest for "Scariest Design" by Kidrobot. Show some D&D Love!!!

Here is the Link: BEHOLDER


You can check out other customs of mine here:

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First Post
I was kind of thinking about an Encounter using this as a Gargantuan Beholder haha. The thing is about the same size as a few miniatures I have in my collection. That is if I don't sell him :p

Thanks for the compliments too!

Magnetic Base + Floating Beholder would be off the hook!!! I might have to look into something like that. Sculpey isn't TOOOO heavy but weight would be a bit of a concern if I couldn't find strong enough magnets. Not even sure where to begin there lol.

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