D&D and the rising pandemic


Still no community transmission but 2 more cases for 10 active cases.

Alldrom overseas.

Aussie started to open up but looks like they're gonna get community spread.

Wouldn't be surprised to get more community spread.

Looks like the only way to contain it is drive it down to functionally zero and gave strict border controls. And enforce said border controls.

Military here is involved with Quarantine after Ministry of Health dropped the ball.

They're using the large hotels. Easier to lockdown specific locations I suppose.

I'm at the other end of the country but only takes one.

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We're down around 50 cases/day (give or take). The country has largely opened up, schools are open, most businesses and soon amusement parks are opening too. They're taking the perspective that this is pretty much like any other virus now. It's in controllable numbers, so, we can relax a bit. Mask wearing is still nearly universal and most people seem to be taking personal precautions fairly seriously.


The Governments of the world needs to put "war on pandemic" on the same scale as "war on drugs".

And yes, this means treating social-distance refusers like street level drug dealers. People who organize group meetings, like drug kingpins.

(I'm ok with this going either way actually; either "treat the war on drugs as lightly as they are treating pandemic spreaders" or "treat pandemic spreaders very harshly". I know it won't happen, because pandemic refusers are oftne from the dominant social group, who get treated with kid gloves, while drugs are usually a business done by marginal social groups.)
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My country has been averaging seven hundred deaths per day for the last few days. There is no sign of this slowing down anytime soon.


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Fired employees telling "what's really going on" should be checked against a third-party source. Have you ever gone public to say nice things about your ex-boss?


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Fired employees telling "what's really going on" should be checked against a third-party source. Have you ever gone public to say nice things about your ex-boss?
Except she’s the one who blew the whistle on Florida fudging numbers and producing misleading infographics & charts while she was still employed. As in, graphs released to the public showing a decline in Covid numbers because the dates had been rearranged to manufacture that false trend. After that, Florida huffed and puffed apologies and produced the real trend graphs, whole she quit BECAUSE they were doing this and other stuff. She decided she didn’t want to be part of the government gaslighting program.


That particular employee was running a much lauded website which, as she was fired, had its data censored.

The official reason she was fired was "insubordination", aka disobeying orders.

She then set up a duplicate website without the censored data, the difference being consistent with what she said she was fired for wanting to publish.

She seems pretty forking credible.

Little things, like listing which counties UNDER FLORIDAS OWN RULES shouldn't reopen.
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Here's Florida getting ready to open up further.


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