D&D 5E D&D Beyond Previews Flying Pigs, Space Hamsters, And More!

WotC has previewed a few Spelljammer monsters over on D&D Beyond, including Scavvers, Space Eels, Space Hamsters, Space Mollymawks, and Space Swine.

Scavvers are 10-ft space sharks, space eels are ethereal serpentine critters, the infamous space hamsters ar about the size of a bear, space mollyhawks are birds which travel in flocks, and space swine are winged boars. Yup, flying pigs.



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I feel curiosity about the possible future playable races lineages: the xixchills (I can imagine a player revamping the biohacker class from Pathfinder), the rastipedes (what can these offer?), the drakon (they were there before the dragonborns were so popular) or the gromman (with a great potential in the hands of the right designers).

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