D&D 5E D&D Beyond Reveals New Golden Vault Details

Over on D&D Beyond you can read more about Keys from the Golden Vault, including information on 3 of the 13 adventures, the Golden Vault organization itself, and an overview of how the heist adentures within work.


Four of the adventures include:
  • The Stygian Gambit (for 2nd-level adventurers): Case a Nine Hells-themed casino and steal the prize for the Three-Dragon Ante tournament that's currently taking place.
  • Prisoner 13 (for 4th-level adventurers): Infiltrate a remote prison in the tundra of Icewind Dale and extract information from an inmate.
  • Vidorant’s Vault (for 7th-level adventurers): Break into the safe of a renowned thief, bypassing its many security features en route.
  • Fire and Darkness (for 11th-level adventurers): Navigate the grim fortress of an efreeti and retrieve an artifact of unimaginable evil, the Book of Vile Darkness.

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Some of it is just bizarre like the level of detail on Prisoner 13's badass tats, most of which would be absolutely never be visible to PCs, because it even specifies that she's fully clothed when the PCs meet her.

the art shows her arms and hands free…the tatto is visible if the players notice it. I could see a good Dm doing the finger trip tracing thing as a visual clue to see if the players pick up on it.
I'm still wondering HOW anybody would know about the Hip Tattoo details since she's not wearing short shorts or the fact that there's no obligatory prison shower scene.

I’ve been reading a lot of OSR adventures and I’m not sure I’m able to enjoy these ( 5e) anymore. Upon reading all that occurs to me is:
Why is the layout of this Prison so simple? Why do they give you a prescribed infiltration plan? Isn’t the fun in these making your own plan and having it go wrong? Why so much boxed text? Why is the layout so verbose?
The layout of the prison is simple since it's a panopticon, so that the cells can all be observed from one central location. It was created to hold only a very few high-security prisoners, so it doesn't need that many cells, but the cells need to be observed at all times.

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