D&D 5E D&D Head Talks Future Plans (Sort Of)

WotC has launched a new design blog. The first edition is written by D&D head Ray Winninger, and he talks a little about future plans.


"Later in the year, Chris will return with our big summer adventure, James Wyatt will deliver a substantially improved version of a concept that I initiated myself, and Amanda Hamon will close us out with a project that was jointly conceived by herself and several other studio members. As usual, Jeremy Crawford is working with all of our leads, overseeing mechanical content and rules development.

In addition to these five major products, look for a couple of additional surprises we’ll unveil in the months ahead."

You can read the full blog here:

He also mentions that a D&D book takes 12-14 months to make, and half the projects developed don't make it to market. Winninger describes the structure of WotC's 'D&D Studio':

"The D&D Studio itself is organized into four departments: Game Design, Art, Production, and Product Management, each led by a department head. Game Design is responsible for the developing game mechanics and stories. Art establishes the “look and feel” of Dungeons & Dragons by creating visual concepts, directing our freelance illustrators, and creating innovative graphic designs. The Production department manages our project schedules, interfaces with manufacturing experts, and generally handles administrative matters for the studio. The Product Management department interfaces with sales, marketing, and market research. They also own our long-term product roadmap and look after the D&D business."

The studio has five Product Leads: Jeremy Crawford, Amanda Hamon, Chris Perkins, Wes Schneider, and James Wyatt.

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


They didn't say.
I know. What I mean is, it's got me wondering.

I think the only thing we know is that waaaay back when Princes of the Apocalypse was new, there may have been plans for a printed player's companion at one point. But that turned into a free PDF, and no subsequent adventures have had anything similar.

I remember Kate Welch saying she was working on an adventure compilation book, I think it's safe to say it died in that stage.
I thought the consensus was that it turned into Candlekeep Mysteries?

I thought the consensus was that it turned into Candlekeep Mysteries?

I thought some of it might have, and others have pointed out, and that blog post pointed out, that at least a good chunk of it came from leftover Avernus stuff. But Welch's book was supposed to be an all-female project, which Candlekeep is not.

I strongly suspect they aborted a Dark Sun release at some point, probably due to the poor reception of their various attempts to implement psionics. Hopefully they have another go down the track.
Yeah I'd honestly be shocked if they hadn't. They seemed to be gearing up to do DS, then all that stuff petered out and three psi-archetypes went into the random bucket of Tashas.

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