D&D 5E D&D Lore Changes: Multiversal Focus & Fey Goblins of Prehistory

WotC's Jeremy Crawford revealed a couple of the lore changes in Monsters of the Multiverse.
  • The big shift is toward the multiverse as the game's main perspective rather than a specific setting. The game is shifting towards a multiversal focus, with a variety of worlds and settings.
  • Universe-spanning mythical story beats, such as deep lore on goblinoids going back to 1st Edition, and the gods they had before Maglubiyet. Prior to Magulbiyet unifying them, goblinoids were folk of the feywild in keeping with 'real-world' folklore.
  • Changelings aren't just Eberron, but they've been everywhere -- you just don't necessarily know it. Their origin is also in the realm of the fey.

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Don't worry, I don't suspect WotC is going to get too "realistic" with their lore. They still have to keep it D&D.
Oh for sure. For example, these are how hobgoblins appear in my book. Still a far cry from the way WotC is going forward with them.

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B/X Known World
I like them coming from the Faewild and obviously they are different enough from each other to merit different racial mechanics. But lorewise, I prefer them to be one “lineage” or whatever we want to call it, that just happen to be incredibly physically diverse. But, I like my goblins to be more like this

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Than like this

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Those aren't goblins. These are goblins...



B/X Known World
Just a thought...

Why not have the "default" version of creatures have some basic general fluff and then allow more specific (or different) versions of creatures to be adjusted by their respective world/campaigns?
That's exactly what they're doing. The default is the basic, general fluff and specific setting books will add details like culture and, as always, DMs are always free to change whatever they want.

I'll say it plainer then.

It being 66 paragraphs doesn't mean anything. You said it like it was a lot of text, but it isn't. I'm not commenting on if the 2 paragraph model is good or not, but you basically tried to spin it into being a lot of text, when it isn't.
I think my he was just being a bit cheeky, it just sounds like your trying to start a fight to me

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