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This could be worked into an incredibly scary fight.

“Who sold you all those healing potions? Want to see what happens when I reverse the effects?”

“Who sold you all those magic items? Here’s what the curses do.”
"How am I so wealthy and powerful, you ask? Allow me to let you in on a little secret. It's only PCs that have to sell their items at half the book value. As a trusted merchant, I get to flog them at full retail price, and I pass the savings on to me!"

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it would help if we had a proper skill system but yeah I do want to see how it would work for all three base pillars
I am betting on a proper 6e or 5.5 getting a proper psionic caster happening first.
True. Dnd skills are soo generalized and bland. Roll a 20 (with a million ways to get pluses and advanage) to simply solve any problem.
They made skills so boring and bland so that they don't "detract from the game". Somehow everything needs to be designed for the people who can't bother to read their character sheet. Even though those people don't really play the game for long or buy products. Never understood why a detailed skill list is "bad", but having a huge pile of combat stuff isn't bad?
Imagine if the game was designed for the people who you know, play it?




Imagine if the game was designed for the people who you know, play it?
Or maybe they're made for those of us who wish to roleplay characters who have different skills and life experiences from ourselves and be able to express that without method acting our way through things and actually learn 20 years of 15th century sailing knowledge to play a sailor who is good at the boat things?

Like maybe we ARE playing, just apparently not the way that doesn't get us insulted all the time for no good reason.


Reeks of Jedi
That will work for some people. Me? Boooring. I've never really enjoyed exploring dungeons, at least not for a long, long time. For me I need more.

Then again, everybody should do what works for them.

That’s just the basic set up. Cultists here and there. Savage frontier. Lizaedfolk to the East. Crazy hermit to the north.

There’s plenty to see and build on. There is just no major plot aside from “explore and better yourselves”.

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