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New video on the future of the playtest.
  • Ardlings are out but might be in a future product
  • They look at written feedback for things that score well to see if it aligns. For example, the Jump action is cut, it scored well but written feedback for it said that it was mediocre.
  • Eldritch Blast might be a warlock class feature, however this that might change when the playtest that includes the warlock comes out.
  • Next playtest in a few days, but future playtest will be further apart, but include more stuff.
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I was just wondering how this was going.

Ardling is out (but not perma gone. Just not their time) and Druid/Paladin for next Playtest Survey! (New UA in a few days. April is the next one after that and will be "Chonky." UA is basically every other month now).

Eldritch Blast potentially becoming a Warlock Class Feature and not a Cantrip anymore. By the time the Warlock UA happens, Eldritch Blast's position as a cantrip spell/feature will be set in stone.

People enjoyed/liked the Cleric Holy Orders aspect.

People enjoyed/liked the new Goliath.
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Also: Ardling was pretty much saved by the "amount of fan art" that players made and sent. (Good Bois and Girls Ardlings so dogs). Showing the love for the animal folk was there. Context for the Race was one of the key aspects in determining that it wasn't their time yet. Will not be in the 2024 PHB handbook.

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