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I had this conversation with a friend of mind playing a centaur in another D&D game:

Me: A centaur? I guess that campaign won't be spending much time in dungeons or climbing mountains?
Him: Huh?
Me: Centaurs are large and awkward creatures. Just going up and down stairs, ladders, doorways, anywhere the party might need to crawl, turning around in very narrow passages, all of that is going to be a recurring obstacle. So I am assuming the game will be a more pastoral vibe.
Him: Centaurs are medium in 5E and you can worry about that stuff or you can just, you know, handwave it and have fun.
Me: Handwaving that stuff is the opposite of fun to me. 🤷‍♂️

So that's where I still stand, but I'm glad some folks will have the options for their own style of game.
I once played in a game where the DM allowed a centaur character. At first he made it a point that the party would have to figure out how to help the centaur get into places and traverse obstacles that would be difficult for them, but eventually he got bored with enforcing it and we just handwaved things from then on.

What do you mean? He's clearly also wearing Pan Pipes and a scabbard on his hip! That's two more articles of clothing! Practically over-dressed for a satyr!
Well, everybody complains about Cheesecake and objectifying women. Now it's time to make an uproar about naked Goat Men in our DND. At least the women have clothes on. This guy just swinging it around all out there in the wind with a smile on his face.

Equality is demanded.

Level Up!

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