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Dark Netflix (Season 2 launched a few weeks ago)


Anyone else here watching Dark on Netflix?

It's a German Netflix show, so that might be a bit of a turn off because it means dubbing or subtitles. (I've heard the Season 1 dubbing was bad, but they might have reworked it and season 2 is allegedly better. I haven't tried.)

It involves missing kids and time travel.
It came out around the same time as Stranger Things, and involved also the 80s as a time period, so comparisons were made - but it's very different, a different style and atmosphere. (and speaking of 80s, it's not Back to the Future either). It can be challenging to get all the characters straight, as you don't have just one version of them, but for many 3 different ones, one for each time period. But it's worth it, and I have the feeling it becomes easier as you watch (but getting back in after a longer pause can be hard). It helps also that the casting is really spot on, people that are related (or the same at different points in their life) look surprisingly similar.

Part of the tension of the comes from the implied question with time travel and all the paradoxes possible with that. -
Particular in season 2 - do we have free will? Is there a way for us to do things differently? Or does everything happen as it always happened, and as it always will happen, and hence we can't undo anything in our past, and our future is already decided?

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My spouse enjoys it though to your point, she had to rewatch the first season to remember/understand the situations the various groups found themselves in at the start of season 2.


Watched the first season, bad dubbing and all, and loved it. I've got the second season on my list to start at some point.


Similar to lowkey13 - watched 1st season with subtitles, don't like dubbed. Realistically will only start the 2nd season this weekend.

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