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Spelljammer Dark Sun confirmed? Or, the mysterious case of the dissappearing Spelljammer article...

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Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
The thing is, over the course of those 3 UAs, the demographics of people playing D&D changed. The people who were in the majority aren’t any more, and the new majority doesn’t care about psionics having a separate system than spells. They do like the concepts, but they just want those concepts to be easy to learn and play, instead of having to learn new casting mechanics.
So they waited to pull the trigger until it didn't matter anymore. Brave move.


The Psion class has at least five subclasses:

• Telepath: telepathy-charm-illusion
• Prescient: divination-teleportation
• Shifter: shapechange-healing-psychometabolism
• Forcer: telekinesis-fly-force-constructs
• Psionicist: half-caster (swap out spell slots for nonspell effects and alternate mechanics)


why not you got telepathy, people smashing things around, masters of flesh people who deal with the soul in the non-currupt make an undead army way, would it not be fun?
would you rather port it into sorcerer who barely works, graft it on top of the bloated mess of wizard or would you rather do it right?
That's not what I asked. Do we really need a levels 1-20 psionicist class?

I'm perfectly happy with my kalishtar psi knight.

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