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5E Dark sun Times of change

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GM: You guys win ini the room is a 60ft square with a 10ft raised section in the center steps lead up to the top where a stone slab sits. The vizier is at the top the two templars at the bottom of the stairs the templar you snagged in the net is at your feet.


First Post
Kanna immediately charges one of the two templar at the foot of the stairs, letting loose a bloodchilling sound known to most travelers of the wastes...the shrill shriek of a halfling war cry.

That shriek changes into a feral howl though, as from one step to the next the halfling seems to shimmer and blossom into something else. Something bigger. MUCH bigger. A massive beast made of rough hide and plates, and sword-like jagged teeth and eyes that burn with singleminded malevolence. Some monster of the desert walks where Kanna had; the very face of the savagery she had hidden!

(Wildshape into 'dire wolf' equivalent and move to engage nearest templar)
Bite [roll0] to hit, for [roll1] damage. On hit templar must make DC 13 Strength save or go prone.


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Kimet gave a roar herself, feeling the rage stirring her blood. She charged at the other Templar not attacked by the desert beast that the little halfling had become, swinging her heavy maul. Unfortunately, he was too quick, sidestepping her overhand chop.

[sblock=Rolls & Actions]
Action:Maul rage: 1D20+5 = [1]+5 = 6
2D6+5 = [2, 1]+5 = 8

Move: Charge Templar
Bonus Action: Rage
Free Object Interaction:
Reaction: Opportunity attack: 1D20+5 = [13]+5 = 18
2D6+5 = [4, 1]+5 = 10


[sblock=Kimet Mini Stats]
Inspiration: 0
AC: 17
HP: 29/29 HD: 2/2d12
Rage: 0/2 LR


GM: Just waiting on [MENTION=6873909]texastoast[/MENTION].

Sorry I never posted a proper break down of init so here we are
Group A is everyone bar Armalian
Group B is me.
Then C is Armalian.


Kanna latches onto the templars arm attempting to drag him down all though he remains in his feet his armour is dented and blood seeps through the gaps. Chick attacks the companion with a flurry of blows catching him a glancing hit with his first strike but missing with his second. Tarsin curses the vizier before launching a crackling bolt of eldritch energy ripples through the air striking the vizier. Kimet misses her mark Prehaps a more finessed approach would yield greater results.

The templar engaged with the savage dune wolf raises his shield and adopts a defensive posture. The templar engaged with chick swings his sword at the annoying bug catching him a blow to the arm as chick readjusts his stance from the failed strike. The templar caught in the net manages to force his way out taking up a combat stance. The vizier weaves a magical light in the air that entrances those that witness it.

OK we have kanna engaged in melee with a Dodging templar. Chick and Kimet have the other locked In melee, Tarsin now has a templar close by now free from the net.

Chick takes 4 damage
If everyone would like to make a wisdom save or become charmed. Taking actions from everyone.

Halloween Horror For 5E