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5E Deepest Darkest Jungles

Have there ever been supplements that go into the heart of the darkest mysteries of a fantasy jungle?

I mean ToA is good to a point. And Heart of the Jungle and Secrets of Xendrik are fine as well. I do not necessarily want a fantasy darkest Africa.

What I am after is something more like Pandyssia. Where you are changed while exploring. And you are changed when you return. That place is heavily cursed I am sure.

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X1 Isle of Dread, X6 Quagmire!, X7 War Rafts of Kron, X9 The Savage Coast, the 2E Red Steel stuff set on said Savage Coast, I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City are about it AFAIK for older stuff. Not sure if any of that material is more of what you are thinking of than ToA, though.


Jewel of the North
You may want to check on Mirkwood Campaign setting (Cubicle 7) and Tales from the Old Margreve (Kobold Press. Both are setting in mythical, cursed forest. You would need to change the type of vegetation from northen-ish forest to jungle, but I think those two are great for any forest adventures.

Isle of the Ape from 1E Greyhawk. It's a demi-plane that has a single island surrounded by endless water. Somewhere on this island is a magical artifact, the Crook of Rao, that will change the course of world events depending on the actions of the PCs. However, there is also the D&D version of King Kong on the island who's stats were only slightly less than the Terrasque. Ideally you want to find the first before the second finds you...

David Howery

I ran an adventure once based on "Heart of Darkness". It worked pretty well for the trip upriver/encounters in my fantasy version of Darkest Africa. The end encounter didn't go so well... the PCs knew right away that my stand in for Kurtz was nutty as a fruitcake, so it all degenerated into a gigantic brawl in his compound. Not quite what I had intended, but it worked. One of the players afterwards said that he thought I'd based it on Apocalypse Now, which wasn't exactly right, but not exactly wrong either....


Some articles/adventures in Dungeon magazine might fit the bill: Are you looking for more D&D adventures in the jungles of Chult?
  • The Elephant Graveyard in Dungeon Magazine #15 (1989)
  • The Leopard Men in Dungeon Magazine #22 (1990)
  • Rogue, a one page side adventure that appeared in Dungeon Magazine #34 (1992)
  • The Land of Men With Tails in Dungeon #56 (1995) and
  • The Dark Continent, which was an eight page supplement in Dragon Magazine #189, designed to bring Africa to your campaign setting.
Hot Springs Island is also worth a look.

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